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26th November 2015

It was bought from nomadic art gallery in sel├žuk. Silk on cotton embroidered kilim
26th November 2015

Hello! I was wondering if I can show you a kilim I recently bought from a store and if you can advise on whether it's authentic or not! That would be a great help! Thanks!
2nd February 2016

not a rug expert
Hello, Sorry, I don't check this blog very often so I just saw your question about the rug you bought in Selcuk. I am not a rug expert, so not qualified to tell you if it is real or not and it's also impossible to tell from a photo. If there are any rug stores near your home they will tell you for free if you just take it in to have them look at it. Silk on cotton sounds less like a kilim and more like a suzani to me. I am not familiar with this type of kilim. Hope you can find out.
3rd September 2014

hey blogger thanks for this nice information about Trekking.
14th May 2014

Hi Mary
Loved the Blog, what was your favorite beach in Sri Lanka when you were there? Any clear water beaches there? Thanks so much! Feliz Viaje! --Greg
22nd May 2014

Sri Lankan Beaches
Unfortunately, because I was on a tour, I did not get to choose the beach(es). Not sure what you mean by Clearwater beach. Do you mean freshwater, like on a lake? I don't think there are any of those in Sri Lanka. We went to the beach at Ahangama. I cannot recommend it or the town. There were creepy guys sitting in the shade watching us and one had the nerve to talk to my friend and was just staring at her. Also, there was some type of insect in the sand that bit my legs and feet. Sand fleas maybe? I didn't go to any other beaches, but there is one called Mirissa that some other people on the tour went to after the tour was finished and they loved the beach and the town. Hope this helps!
1st September 2013

Poon hill trekking
Dear Mary, We are a couple on ours 40's and not used to do exercise. Do you think is very difficult to do the trekking? Thank you! Ana
4th October 2013

Little bit difficult
Hi Ana, I think if you are not very overweight it would be okay to do the Poon Hill trek, but one of the days would be very difficult as it is all uphill. We did the uphill section in 5 hours which is about the average time, but you could start early and take your time.
13th April 2013

Thanks for visiting my home town city. I'd like to share some of my snaps around the locality http://bipin.me/bhaktapur-durbar-square-winter/
25th January 2013

Come and cook with us again!
Mary, I loved reading about your experiences in Turkey... I feel lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to share my favorite pastime, cooking, with you... Thank you for the wonderful comments... Please come back and visit us soon... Happy cooking...
12th October 2012

I would like to know the names of the supermarkets on the Turkish side.
16th October 2012

Supermarkets in North Cyprus
The name of the supermarket I visited close to The Ship Inn is Lemar. I found a plastic bag today that had the name of it on it!
15th October 2012

Supermarkets in North Cyprus
Honestly, I cannot remember the name of the large supermarket near my hotel. I remember it was red. Probably not helpful. It was not a name I recognized from living in Turkey and it was not a European chain like Carrefour or Tesco, although one of those might be available in Kyrenia. I stayed just outside the city. Ask your hotel if they can recommend a supermarket near where you're staying. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
23rd August 2012

Re: Marco
Hi...could you please provide me more info about Marco because my Gf and I bumped into him and we bought few shawls from him. Seemed like a very nice guy and I showed interest in exporting shawls and ceramics from him. Since you have seen him closely, could you please advice more about their business practices whether it will be safe to buy large products from Marco or not or whether I might get cheated or not. Thanks!!!
30th August 2012

Marco in Selcuk
I will email you personally to tell you more about him, but just quickly I will say that he is NOT a wholesaler and he will likely not follow through with your requests for exports. Other people have tried this, and the fact is, he is lazy to read and write in English and answer emails, so he will likely never follow through with his promises. I've seen this first hand when he wanted me to answer all the emails from a woman who wanted to export bags. You need to find a true wholesaler, most likely someone in Istanbul which is where all of Marco's stuff comes from anyway. His stuff will be marked up more than an actual wholesaler because he has to make a profit somewhere. I'll send you a private email with more information.
11th May 2012

Some beautiful pictures here. Looks like a great time.
4th May 2012

Wow Excellent Pictures really nice call driver in Chennai
28th April 2012

better late than never
for a moment, thought you were flying into Lukla airport; enjoyed reading this with my morning coffee in my Boston hotel-room this morning. They say that if you've hiked the A.T., that you've essentially climbed Mount Everest something like 14 times. Not true? I bet there's nothing like seeing them in person to put things into a little perspective. Have a fun and safe trek!
From Blog: Hate to be Late
28th March 2012

Excellent -especially the contradictions.
I really enjoyed reading your travel experiences .What struck me was that most of your experiences were positive.especially the food!Sure the hotels may not have been top notch but then considering the prices in India or S.E.Asia for that matter for me it gives great value.Sure India has a problem of beggars and poverty and hygeine but one has to look beyond that.Every country has its problems and touts.We plan to take a long tour of the US in September and I have already been warned to be "ready to Tip or face abuses"!And Tipping is something we never do in Australia so it will be a 'Different system". And its great to hear that you will be back-in "Incredible India"!I think your writing and photos sums up the description though you don't quite seem to think so! Next time visit the south of India -you will find it far more relaxing and easy going.
13th January 2012

re: Enis and Marco
I couldn't find your photos of Enis, but was in Selcuk in April 2011 and met both him and Marco. Don't know anything about their business practices, as I was not interested in buying anything ... guess I did well, then. Marco was more interested in talking and trying to get some, although I did find him very attractive and entertaining. Please enlighten me re: their practices as there are other mentions on the net re same but no details! I could use the diversion. Thanks!
4th October 2011

REALLY REALLY cool!! I hope I get the opportunity to get over that way!!
5th August 2011

I'm from Tucson
Yes, this is Mary from Tucson. I haven't lived there in 5 years though. Is this the Chris I think it is? Do you have a son who thinks canteloupes grow on trees???
1st August 2011

Is this Mary from Tucson?
12th April 2011

baksheesh and bribes
Hi Ive enjoyed reading your well written experiences here - its such a true and potential series of events that I can totally believe ffrom throughout my 8 years in and out of Morocco!! When I travelled with a Moroccan fiance we were always stopped whenever we were in my rental car - but not if in his familys work car - so many many times! even though they may have asked for, as my fiance said, just small amounts of money for eg 'coffee', 'a cigarette' it would just get to the point of intolerable! If we drove off to places we didnt know for hotels that accepted us together we would end up having to pay a lot more for our accommodation so travel costs were often quite the upper end of my budget, along with other costs and then to add paying to just be there ie just because they saw us coming we should pay them some money!!?? many times we did manage to get through the checkpoints without paying anything as my guy was an excellent talker and not stupid but elevated pulse rates for the anger management. If we managed to unluckily have a light stop working, even just an indicator light that was an opportunity for more requests for money to pay for driving illegally! so we were always on the look out for that sort of thing too. Once I was speeding - I know I was - but the driver in front of me was too! We watched the police stop her and talk to her for less than a minute - but me, of course I got a lengthy ticket and lecture procedure - on and on about my licence, car papers and so on...and a request for 400 dirham cash - which am sure went straight into their pockets instead of the ticketing system. My fiance had an uncle and a cousin who were police - and very very nice - it is a pretty accepted fact that police in Morocco are not very well paid - but I do think that tourists and tourism are getting more respect in Morocco - the push for 10million tourists is helping - and for sure tourists and tourism in Morocco deserve a lot more respect too - and I think the country and its people got a knock on their heads to think about that with the recession that has affected tourism and the much needed income into their economy the last couple of years and even again with the events of the riots in Tunisia and Egypt. My present (and unintended!) Moroccan boyfriend has his own car...they can see his number plates - so we NEVER get stopped!! We have happily stopped and asked police for directions and so on and still never got asked for money...so it is a 'looking like a tourist thing' I would pretty much unfortunately say - but it is still one of my favourite countries and I still feel home when I am there and I miss it when I am not there!! and please do think about the lovely people who ARE there who will do good and kind things without any thought of reward or return!! ( I very sadly read once of an event where a bus of foreign tourists was stuck due to flood waters and a village took them in - that generally means they were poor and living subsistently dependent on seasonal provisions and harvesting and having to take care with their supplies to last through the year - they fed the tourists with all they had, including all their special almond harvest, and the tourists ate and left without giving them anything in return - and left the villagers with hardly anything to look after themselves....)

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