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17th April 2010

(A little late, but) Hag Sameach
Hi all, As I wote above, Hag Sameach! (We are now two days before memorial and Independence dayas in Israel). It is nice to see you find a time to celebrate holidays although being so far away and busy with this long long trip. We are already waiting for your return (~3 months if I am correct?) Keep on updating us and send these amazing pictures. We read the entries and that keeps us updatesd. It seems like a great experience for you and for the kids. Take care, Karen and Lior
15th April 2010

about costa rica
Even though it is a beautiful country and I enjoyed every minute there - it is a primitive country. I was lucky not to use the local buses but I have seen their so called cities- just horrible. Also, I don't buy the story like they really care about the sourounding. When we went to Tartugero National Park, we visited the vilage. The beach was exteremly dirty. The guide explained to us that the dirt come from the ships passing by and the reason that they don't clean is becouse anyway the next day it will be dirty again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did love the food. The kids look great. LOVE hava
15th April 2010

go to San Gerado de Dota, Costa Rica you can see Quetzals almost everyday(best January thru April, when the tail feathers are longer). Marino Chacon is a very informed person on them.
14th April 2010

I love Trancoso
Hé Tal, Nice post. I have been there last week and i must say it was really paradise! Reading your blog made me think about the wonderfull time i had in Trancoso, i want to go back! You guys went by bus to Trancoso... waaoow i must give it to you, that's a long way to go! I took the plane from São Paulo, because i wasn't ready to make that kind of trip with a bus ... Love your blog! By the way i found a new website that has everything about Trancoso in proper English and with beautifull photos. Here goes the website: Love, Andressa
14th April 2010

Mozal tov
to Nitzan! Erez
2nd April 2010

No need to defend
I enjoyed your entry very much. I am sorry you felt the need to defend any of your decisions. I have often had to defend my decisions to live and travel abroad and mostly think that those asking the questions need to open their minds a little and think outside the box for once in their lives. We each makes decisions for ourselves and if others don't understand that's fine, they don't need to. As far as I know, travel and living abroad has done all the things you mentioned above, it has made me more patient, made me appriciate different cultures and lives and respect nature and others. It has given me a zest for life I would not have otherwise found. Travel is my reason for existing and I should not have to defend it, nor should you. Thanks for your entry
28th March 2010

happy birthday to Omer
Greetings and best wishes to omer for hus 8th birthday
27th March 2010

Happy Birthday
Hi Omer, Congratulations with your 8th birthday. You have had a very beautifull and special birthday gift. Greetings Mario, Sabine, Jessie and Mona
27th March 2010

Hello, We are thinking about you. Eastern holliday starts today and now we read that you are in Costa Rica. The dream country of Mario. Wowwww. We are not travelling this holiday, just a few days in Holland. But sara Li Cols from Spain is visiting us this week for a few days. We keep you updated about her visit. Enjoy Sabine, Mario, Jessie and Mona
24th March 2010

Tips for Argentina?
Hi Guys!! Have really enjoyed your blogs, so well written and the photos are great too. I have a friend who studied medecine here at Nottingham and is now about to leave Tobago having done a stint there as a doctor, she is planning on going ot Argentina for 7 weeks, here is her e mail address just in case you have time to give her some tips on what to do and where to go. Hadas and family are off to Israel for Pesach this weekend, I am very jealous particularly as right now I am just taking a break form Pesach cleanng and prepartion!! Hope you all have a great Pesach wherever you will be. If ever your travels take you to UK you must (that is an order as we are mishpacha by marriage!!) come and stay with us. Your cousins (via Hadas via Ran!) Maggie, Avi, Zohar and Aviva x
24th March 2010

Stop! You are making me hungry! Pam
24th March 2010

23rd March 2010

I miss you missing us
Lilach, no words to describe the variety of emotions I go through reading your entries. Kol Hakavod !!! Beautiful ! When people say they miss Israel you think - what are they talking about ? And there it is - in writing (and very well put). Things you see from there........Continue enjoying every minute and sharing it with us all. Pessach Sameach ! Love Orit
23rd March 2010

Yeah, right....
Come on... don't fool us, I'm sure you can overcome all this "missing" food with the best steaks eaten ever in most of the South American locations :-) However, I'm not arguing about the rest, I guess it's time for you to turn a bit homesick, and it's natural. I miss you all too, allthough I was one of the few lucky ones to meet you only one month ago in Buenos Aires. Big kiss from Lausanne. Love, Tamy
23rd March 2010

we miss you
We miss you all very much as well... 4 more months to go. The one thing I really miss, after 4 years in the US is having the main meal of the day at lunch time and a light meal for dinner.
23rd March 2010

I can't send you humus...
...and certainly not tapas! But I can help you with galgalatz - first, you can hear it on the web* (you can even watch eretz nehederet if the bandwidth is enough), but I will spare it from you - the traffic jams are still in road #1 west, #2 south, road #5 west and the entrance to Jerusalem... ;-) *Add to your browser: or surf to: Chag Same'ach Erez
22nd March 2010

I really enjoyed reading your Brazil posts. It reminded me a lot of our time there. My blog is looking for travel photos to post. If you have time, email us some at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
22nd March 2010

At last I caught up with all your blogs..can't wait for Costa Rica !! Pam
18th March 2010

What an amazing trip you guys are having!! Your descriptions are wonderful and the phootos. Hadas told me about safta, I am sorry for your loss.xx
17th March 2010

כיף להזכר
איזה כיף לקרוא את הבלוג ולהזכר בטיול המהמם טל,כתבת כ"כ יפה וציורי שכמעט הרחתי את הפרחים והתחממתי בשמש המלטפת ,שלא לדבר על התחושה העילאית שהרגשתי להיות אתכם בים ועוד יותר להתרחץ בלגונה הכחולה והשלווה כשמסביב עצי דקל וקוקוס, חולות זהובים ונוף מדהים. אני מצפה לקרוא גם לגבי החויות הבאות שעברנו ביחד. היה נפלא לטייל אתכם, ואנחנו לא מפסיקים לספר לכולם על כל המראות וההרפתקאות שעברנו, כן,גם על הנסיעות באוטובוס 19 שעות ... נשיקות סבתא ליאורה המתגעגעת
17th March 2010

Dear Sapir's, Tal, You managed to convey Lencois and the park's atmosphere to us, not to mentino the smell and the food.... Well done. I really enjoyed reading it and I wish you to continue enjoying the trip My condolences for Lilach's Grandpa Take care, Yuva
17th March 2010

beautifull wiews- beautifull my familly!!!
וכשתחזרו לארץ -תוכלו לראות בבריכה שבחצר שלי פרחי ביצה זהים לאלה שבצילומים שלכם!! !!! אכן נופים מדהימים, אתם נראים מאושרים ,כי לבטח נפלא מבלים
13th March 2010

Looks tasty! Erez
10th March 2010

Dearest Sapirs, every once in a while I find the time to visit your blog and must say that I so much enjoy reading your news, it is so refreshing !!!! All of you look great ! Continue to enjoy and take care, warmest regards from snowy Italy, Liat
9th March 2010

Sounds and looks soooo fun but as I have been so busy lately I still have previous blogs lined up to sort through all the pictures ..can't wait to see this one though -keep on having an amazing time! Pam and Co.

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