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11th July 2010

hello from Cusco
Very nice for you. so we were very close to each other For the last 10 days I just made Lima, Huaraz + Santa Cruz treck, Paracas and today arrived to Cusco! see you
5th July 2010

מאושרת יחד אתכם- על מימוש החלום שנרקם בילדות -ומומש כעת!!!!! ולנכדים היקרים- אשרי שההורים שלכם מעשירים אתכם ואתם בכל אלה! תנצרו את החוויות המדהימות לאורך חייכם!!!!
28th June 2010
Panama Hats

Don't know why but this just reminds me of Pierce Brosnan for some reason lol
27th June 2010

Hello, Great to see the pictures. My mum and dad have visited Ecuador as well and love to see and read your trip. We have a backlog in reading your blogs because it was so busy here. Next week is the last week of school !!!!! And then it is my birthday, I'm going to give a party in the local swimming pool. Enjoy the Galapagos, the girls
26th June 2010

Dear friends, I have just spent two hours with your lovely descriptions and your amazing photoes. I am speechless and cannot explain how much am I proud on you and your sweet Nitzan, Omer and Shachar. Take good care and hope to seeing you very soon, Dror
24th June 2010
Lava erupting

Nice Lava!
I didn't get to see any when I was in Banos - Great blog btw - keep up the good work :)
From Blog: Action in Banos
24th June 2010

Beautiful trip to Ecuador! I will be posting my blog and pictures soon
From Blog: Action in Banos
23rd June 2010

ניצני המתוקה
נהניתי מאוד לקרואאת הבלוג המדים. אילו הרפתקאות. לא פחדתם?גם הר געש מתפרץ, גם קפיצות בנג'י וגם קופים על הראש?כל הכבוד לאומץ. אוהבת ומתגעגעת. סבתא
From Blog: Action in Banos
20th June 2010

הי עומר
נהניתי מאוד מהבלוג ומהסרטון. לא פחדת? אני רעדתי רק מלצפות...מתגעגעת מאד . נשיקות לכולם. סבתא
From Blog: Birds and Canopy
4th June 2010

הי לכולם
אני שוב נדהמת מהמראות ומהסיפורים. מתגעגעת מאוד לכולכם .נשיקות וחיבוקים סבתא
27th May 2010

Easily my favourite blog entry so far... even though admittedly the competition has been tough!!!
26th May 2010

great story
Hi Omer, Great story. Keep going on writing, you make us curious. Big kisses from all of us to all of you Sabine
24th May 2010

Muy chulo!
Qué bello lugar! hostels barcelona nest
23rd May 2010

Thank you Sapir family for your wonderful blogs. I am so impressed at the trip you are making together, it is really amazing. Avi and I are sooo looking forward to spending part of next weekend with Haddas and Ran in a very pretty place called Ross on Wye next weekend. Keep well and enjoying your incredible travels.xx
23rd May 2010

Beautiful views and a very good English by Omer! Have fun
22nd May 2010

I really enjoyed your Colombia post! Reminded me of my own time there. I wish family started me traveling that young! My blog is looking for travel photos, stories, etc, to share. Plus, we're giving away a free night in Peru or Bolivia right now, if you're headed that way. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
16th May 2010

Well Said
As a divorced father who often travels alone with my daughter since she was a baby, I completely understand what you are saying. I think it is great what you are doing. Keep on travelling and doing what you are doing and maybe our paths will cross one's a small world
16th May 2010

Wow I love Botero- lucky you! I am on a little trip myself to New York - I am hoping to see a Yankees game tonight (really working he he )Keep on having fun! Pam
16th May 2010

Congratulations on your first Front Page blog! :)
13th May 2010

M E D E L L L I N ! ! ! !
Para mi es muy emocionante, leer este entry. Lo estaba esperando hace varios dias, desde que vi las primeras fotos. YO VIVI MUCHOS ANIOS EN MEDELLIN (40), asi que para mi enterarme que lo pasaron bien, me gusta, y me da nostalgia, asi como me trae muchos recuerdos gratos de mi vida anterior. Cuando vuelvan a casa, seguro compartiremos muchas vivencias con ustedes. Los recordamos con mucho carinio, y seguimos sus aventuras con mucha emocion, deseandoles siempre lo mejor. KEEP SAFE !!!. Abrazos y besos a todos, Andrea, Candela, y Samy.
1st May 2010

wow we are so happy!!
Hallo all, we are so happy with the happy ending. We prefer to travel to Israel for meeting you alive instead of going to a funeral. Enjoy Colombia and we are looking forward to more nice stories. Big hug All 4 of us
30th April 2010

תודה לאל
תודה לאל שהכל נסתיים בשלום! מקווה שיצאתם מתחושת הזעזוע! ושזאת תהיה החוויה היחידה והאחרונה במסעכם!!! מתגעגעת ללא גבול, נשיקות סבתארעיה
22nd April 2010

Awesome blog Nitzan! I love dolphins -which are quite common here off the coasts of Florida. My favorite thing to do though (I am quite a freak about it)is to collect sharks teeth while on the beach. Did you find any there? Pam and Co.

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