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9th March 2010

I am planning to do a similar trip, but shorter in time and milage. So I will be happy to show you my plan, and to ask you some advises, if possible. Especially about proper seasons for sertane types of trips. Have fun. itzhak
9th March 2010

I intend to make a tour in South America
שלום חמודים אני מתפאל כל הזמן מהטיול שלכם! ובא לי גם )וזה לא בגלל הבשר אלא בגלל כל היתר) האם אוכל לשאול אתכם כמה עצות לביצוע טיול דומה, אבל יותר מצומצם בזמן ובמרחקים,אולי שלשה חודשים? תמשיכו להנות יצחק
1st March 2010

Dear all of you, how great your trip seems to be! We have followed you but been really bad at sending you messages. Lester says hi to you Omer and we are all very impressed of all you have written here on your blog. We´re relived that you are not in Chile now. Thank you very much for sharing your trip and beautiful pictures with us. Big hugs from southern Spain, The Castro Nilsson family
19th February 2010

Ah Florianopalis..I worked with someone in Boston from there ....I am jealous!!! Keep having fun ..Pam
19th February 2010

Reply to Belina
Dear Belina Thanks for your interesting and fresh comment. It was truly a very special experience. We would like to add, with regards to your comment, that there is a vast community of Amish OUTSIDE the US - In Belize, Paraguay and Bolivia. He may find different viewpoints and aspects of life within these families, who fled from the US for various reasons, all would be interesting for his study, if we may say. If your husband is interested in more details and/or information, we can share over our e-mail: Thanks again, Sapir Family
From Blog: The Amish Family
18th February 2010

Hi, We are Ilan's parents (you know, Ilan who is also travelling in South America with his family). I happened to look at your Bolivia pictures, and was stunned to see that you stayed with an Amish family for 3 days. It was a surprise for us to learn that there are Amish in Bolivia. This summer we are going to stay with (or rather, in a small town nearby) the Amish in Pennsylvania for 3 months. Benni, who is a political scientist, wrote an article about them, and wants to continue doing research. I am filled with awe at the guts needed to travel with three children for so many months! And, by the way, the sunset pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Belina
From Blog: The Amish Family
16th February 2010

bravo!!!! aplausse for your writing
dear omer! it was really .interesting to read your entry blog!! but over that- i appriciate your very good english vocabulary and writing!!!!!tamshih caha!!!! kisses to you all. savta raya
13th February 2010

simply great!
12th February 2010

Dear Billy
Doing my best to show different sides of Argentina's People... Tal :)-
11th February 2010

Interesting collection of female asses Tal :)
7th February 2010

Armadillos eat roots and I think spend most of their time digging up my backyard at night!.There are literally thousands (I exaggerate) here in Flroida. Last summer I had a family staying quite a while -usually digging up all along the fence line. Great entry!!! Pam
6th February 2010

Incredible pictures! Must be absolutely breathtaking! Pam and Co.
From Blog: Torres Del Paine
4th February 2010

hi nitz we enjoy reading your entries very much, great writing. amazing pics tal, unbeleivable scenes. seems like you're having lots of fun, we're happy for you. omer, show a little more teeth in your pictures. love you all. alma
4th February 2010

beautifullllllll ! .!!!!
exiting to read and to see you from the end of the world!!!!those are the memories !!!! kisses to you all- sawta raya
28th January 2010

To My Beloved Brother!
Although we are talking twice a week, although we write e-mails each other every day or two, it was definately a very touching comment and so important for us to know how you - as well as others - think of us deep inside. Thank you for sharing your deepest feelings and thoughts with us and the forum - I [as well as your syster-in-law and Nephews] - truly appreciate that! Much Love too, Tal
27th January 2010

Although there is no new pictures shown, although there is no new places described, although there is no new stories or incidents told, although there is no special food presented nor new colors or is DEFINITELY the most touching and deepest blog you ever published... I almost cried reading it. I'm so happy I have the privilge of having such a family (brother, syster-in-law and Nephews)....I'm proud of you!!!! Much love and Kisses Adi
27th January 2010

Don't worry we never wondered "Why the Kids?" it is more like what an enormous amount of energy and will power y'all (as they say here!)have. As I have said before -I work in the public schools..what you are doing for your children is more powerful than any school 'setting' could provide.. totally awesome!! Pam and Co.
25th January 2010

This was by far my favorite blog/ fascinating! My daughter is fascinated with how you organized the trip and how you put it all together! As always we enjoy your many adventures...Pam and Co.
25th January 2010

good things..
Ah - that sounds so seems like the kids are in the right tempo now for the trip. makes everything easier. How was it to meet Tamy in Arg ..? she was thrilled after it..:-) . I heard the kids were all over her when they met - I guess a familiar face does it for them, isn't it ..? The black glacier is amazing...!! I can totally understand Shachar for not believing you about it - I wouldn't too...:-) I have one concern though - regarding the Alerces trees - the ones that can leave for hundreds of years ....- do they ever come back...??? :-) Keep safe and have fun.
22nd January 2010

Weren't you afraid of wildlife outside there, you barve ones....?
From Blog: A New Era
22nd January 2010

Great Blog Nitzan ..makes me want to eat!!! Any chance you will all go skiing?? Big hello from rainy Florida! Pam and Co.
21st January 2010

where will you be ?
Hey, we find your stories so excited that we want to join you for a few days beginning of April. Let us know as soon as you can in which country and part you expect to be teh first 2 weeks of April. Yes, yes may be we meet !!! Mario, Sabine, Jessie and Mona
From Blog: Green Chile
21st January 2010

It has been a while since I had the time to visit your blog....happy to see you are all continuing to enjoy beautiful scenes and incredible food!!! Here in Europe we are "enjoying" icey weather at the moment.....Take care and regards from Italy!
21st January 2010

It's a pleasure to read your postings, as always. Happy Birthday to Tal on Saturday!!! we miss you. Noa
From Blog: Green Chile
20th January 2010

Well luck seems to be with you - luck in the road open ...luck ...luck .luck! As always a pleasure to read your travel blog ..Happy Trails - Pam and Co.
From Blog: Green Chile

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