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10th January 2010

Atem gdolim! Thank you for making my day every time you write a blog! Keep safe xx
From Blog: A New Era
9th January 2010

Hi guys, Great to see finally Neanderthalers. Lovely views of which we qre still thinking of joining with you in eastern; Do you have any idea yet in which country qnd region (to find out the nearest airport) you will be with eastern; School holiday is from March 27th till April 11th; We really want to do this and hope we manage; I m also full time working but since I organize our travels in the Spanish way now is it no problem any more to do it within short notice. We hope that you have an idea where you will be so we can start looking for cheap flights. Big kiss and hug from all 4 of us
From Blog: A New Era
8th January 2010

Brave you all are ..we rarely camp ( I grew up with a lot of it that is probably why!!!!)We love your blog though!!! Pam
From Blog: A New Era
7th January 2010

Happy 2010 !!!
Lilach, great entry. I enjoyed reading and as a former farmer, could totally relate to bonding with nature and brushing teeth in the milking station. This seems the real deal and I'm so glad for you guys that you are experiencing this way of natural living. I can read between your lines that this is the better part of your journey (?). So continue enjoying every minute of it and tell us more ! To all of you I wish a wonderful 2010 ! Keep warm ad happy, hugs, Orit
From Blog: A New Era
7th January 2010

Hi Noa - well, organized campgrounds have toilets. showers and even hot water! only those which we find in the middle of nowhere do not have these facilities - so we use mother natre for toilets, and we wither bath slightly in the freezing lakes or we just not shower for a day, until the next one... (the smell help everyone faint and fall asleep even better in the tent).
From Blog: A New Era
7th January 2010

and what about...
After reading this posting, I guess shower and toilets are not really a necessity for you.... keep on having lots of fun. Kisses and shana tova, Noa
From Blog: A New Era
1st January 2010

Feliz Ano Nuevo
We would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a very healthy prosperous New Year in 2010..don't forget the 12 uvas at midnight !! Suerte - Familia Reyes- Florida 2009 almost 2010!
27th December 2009

Hola desde Catalunya!!!!!
Ei...familia aventurera!!!! Ya vemos que vuestro viage va todo bien...Esperamos que hagais pasado una buenas Navidades y os deseamos una feliz entrada en el 2010. Todavía no hemos hecho los picassa...pero lo tenemos presente, no nos hemos olvidado!!!! En fin...aprovechar al máximo(que sabemos que lo haceis) de los meses que os quedan.... Muchos besos de las VICuñas, jejejejeje Marta y Judit
20th December 2009

Fabulous blog as always!! I love to read is sooooooo relaxing for me too. That is always my first requirement when we go somewhere Nitzan the public library is far by far my hands down favorite is when we lived in Boston!Keep up the great writing ..Pam
19th December 2009

When we read about your great experiences it looks like a dream on the amazing family that are walking in a "Narnia-Land" for one night (when the clock is stopped for us) but takes a year for them. Instead of fighting the strange features they are surfing the earth through the most interesting cultures and landscapes. Wishing you the best and hope you will have more challanges and nice experiances. We are all waiting to hug you for ever when you return back. Nili and Dror
17th December 2009

dear nizani and all my SAPIRS!!!! i,m very glad hearing you have a good, funny/times and alot great adventures!!! Be carefull ,care your brothers.! waiting next entry . miss you all!!! alot of hugs, savta raya
16th December 2009

Nitzan y familia Sapir- Since it seems we will not go to Mexico this Holiday season we will have to live vicariously through your travels! Boo Hoo! Feliz Navidad y prospero Ano Nuevo (Hannukah Greetings as well ) Suerte - Pamela y familia Reyes
12th December 2009

חג חנוכה שמח
שלום יקרים חג חנוכה שמח,שיהיה לכם המון כיף בהמשך.נהנים לקרוא את הבלוג,לראות התמונות ועוד יותר לראות ולשמוע אתכם בסקייפ. אוהבים ומתגעגעים סבתא וסבא
5th December 2009

Hello Sapirs
I'm impressed from your output - in travel, in blogging, in photographing. You are writing faster than I can read :) Looks like you're having a great time there. The pictures are great, places looks awesome! Continue to enjoy, Erez
4th December 2009

Life on the Road
Good Morning! Wonderful Blog me Lilach I work in the public schools have done more for your kids in a week than most parents do for a lifetime!!It is called active learning! Bravo to you !! Pam
27th November 2009

היי לכולכם...מה קורה ? אתם נראים נהנים מאד שמתי המון מלח בסלט היום לאות הזדהות.....:-) לא ידעתי שאפשר גם לישון במלח - כל הכבוד עומר(סליחה - סופרמן) תמשיכו להנות
From Blog: Salar de Uyuni
27th November 2009

Hello all of you, We just came home from dinner at a chinese restaurant. TAl do you remember our first visit to the museum and then you brought us to the chinese in the shopping mall. Wow Omer, great picture with the dinosaur. We all miss you Sabine and the gang
From Blog: Salar de Uyuni
22nd November 2009

Well than Nitzan you must come to Florida one time ..lots of Gator tail here (tastes like chicken )!!! You must know Gatorade...that was created about 45 minutes away from where we live @the University of Florida for those crazy American Football players so they would stay hydrated!! Have fun ..Pam
20th November 2009

Love those hats!!!
19th November 2009

Hello Pam Here they do not eat Crocodile's tails, but they do eat Llama meat and Alpaca steak. Nitzan
19th November 2009

hello Jessie
Hi Jessie On what project are you working? Probably on the next blog you are going to see a picture of an animal that is from the family of the rabits that is called Viscacha, (I am not joking)! Love and miss you Nitzan/
18th November 2009

As always Nitzan..a fabulous incredibly interesting blog! We love caviberras!!! Crocodiles, I would probably not touch, lots of alligators here in Florida and typically if they are 4ft. plus we call someone. You are very brave! Here they serve alligator tail in the restaurants - do they serve that there?? Gracia por todo-Familia Reyes
14th November 2009

Shalev family
How are you? write us an e-mail with an update about you and how life in Barcelona continues. Its been VERY LONG since we heard from you, and we would like to also gt updates, so it will not be one sided.
From Blog: Lake Titikaka
14th November 2009

Great fun!
Hi, It continues to be a great adventure. I personally envy you guys. You set the way and I hope we will follow in a few years. Kisses, Hugs and licks from Almo... Amir
From Blog: Lake Titikaka
14th November 2009

עומר היקר ממש נהנתי לקרוא את חוויותיך מהטיול. אני בטוחה שכייף לך עם כולם. תמשיך להנות ולצבור חוויות בלתי נשכחות. אנחנו מתגעגעים ומאחלים לך ולכולם המשך בילוי מהנה. נשיקות לילך

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