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Europe » Malta December 19th 2013

5 Weeks in Malta The film about my trip for those lazy readers - Being such a small country famous for it's tourist trade I wasn't all that excited to visit but it turned out to be a beautiful place with some really friendly people. I travelled with my mate Rich as we had a couple of filming projects in mind for our Modern Explorers website. The first week we stayed and volunteered (arranged through Workaway) at an eco-friendly village called 'The Vortex' - set up by butwhynot on the West of the island. We met some great people, learnt about off-grid living and did lots of filming with the intention of making a film about the village (which I am c... read more
Corn Flake Montage
A Nice Message

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur October 3rd 2013

6 Months Working in Provence At the start of May me and Steph started working for a cycling and hiking travel company called Headwater. We picked up the work van in Geneva and drove down to our new apartment set in a cherry orchard amongst scorpions and snakes. We got to know the area, visiting the countless quaint little villages and enjoying the beautiful vinyard ridden scenery. For the job we met all the hoteliers, tested the bikes, checked the walking routes and got ready for the start of the season. Our day to day tasks involved picking clients up from the train station and moving their luggage, so nothing too taxing and the majority of the customers were really lovely people, generally well cultured and traveled. The 6 months went by without any problems ... read more
The View from Our Apartment
Our Garden
The Pool

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Fareham May 4th 2013

My Corn Flakes Shots My Aim in Life is to eat a bowl of Corn Flakes in every country in the world Some of the earlier shots are dodgy as I went digital quite late. Chronological Order of Countries CornFlakified countries in italics are officially countries but I don't consider them to be countries in bold are not official countries but should be 1 England 2 Spain 3 United States 4 France 5 Kenya 6 Wales 7 Belgium 8 Netherlands 9 Mexico 10 Belize 11 Guatemala 12 Honduras 13 Nicaragua 14 Costa Rica 15 Peru 16 Ecuador 17 Brazil 18 Bolivia 19 Argentina 20 Scotland 21 Uruguay 22 Paraguay 23 Chile 24 Colombia 25 Ireland 26 Monaco 27 Italy 28 Vatican City 29 San Marino 30 Slovenia 31 Austria 32 Czech Republic 33 Germany 34 ... read more

Africa » Tunisia April 23rd 2013

To show dedication to my cause I have tattoo'd "The Corn Flake Traveller" on my arm. It is in Arabic to show the Arabic world that I hold no ridiculous prejudice and the Arabic writing is beautiful too. This was done on my trip to Tunisia. To see details of my trip I will post a blog soon. Photos and a youtube video below ... read more
The Artist Drawing
Showing me the Needle
Me and Flakes

Africa » Tunisia April 22nd 2013

12 Days in Tunisia Being a small country and not particularly famous for anything I wasn't that bothered about exploring Tunisia in great depth. For this reason Me and Steph opted for a cheap 12 day package holiday (my first package deal in about 14 years) so we could visit without breaking the bank and I could move a step closer to completing my corn flake mission. What we found was a country with a heavy influence from the outside world, with pre-historical ancient sites, Roman and Phonetician ruins and more recent influence from the Spanish, French and Islamic cultures – a mix of cultures rather than having a unique Tunisian one. and now through TV the U.K and U.S are influencing - We spent much of the time relaxing around the pool, meeting and watching ... read more
Our Hotel
The Pool
The Pool Bar

Europe March 27th 2013

I was interviewed about my Corn Flake mission on some TV and radio stations Aussie TV Ray D'Arci Radio Show in Ireland Wild FM Radio in Holland ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom March 13th 2013

"The Adventures of a Hard-up, Diabetic Traveller with a Corn Flake Problem" The description on Amazon The Adventures of a Hard-up, Diabetic Traveller with a Corn Flake Problem, details a decade’s worth of experiences from my travels in over 60 countries. I have travelled for 71.3% of this past decade, with a daily expenditure of £14.13, pretty cheap when you consider that includes everything. I have also had type 1 diabetes since I was 9 years old, which has caused plenty of problems along my journeys around the world. I have tried to travel off the beaten track and slowly, to look at places thoroughly and to take it all in. I have kept a daily diary on my travels so the experiences are ... read more
The Front Cover
The Back Cover
The Full Picture

Europe » United Kingdom March 12th 2013

U.K Megalithic Tour - 10 Days on the Road Me, Rich and Jay, my 'Modern Explorer' friends, hired a spaceship called 'Shrooms' and travelled from London to the Orkney Islands, just North of Scotland, then down to Landsend near Penzance in search of Megalithic sites such as the famous Stonehenge. Jay flew in from San Fran so I showed him around London for a few days, then on the 1st March we picked up the spaceship and Rich, to start our Tour. It was a real pleasure to be able to share my passion for megalithic sites with 2 great friends, who share my interest. Driving around the U.K, sleeping in a tent on the roof next to fields full of stones and filming a documentary matched any of my... read more
The queens House
A Street we Happened Upon

Oceans and Seas February 15th 2013

The First Week Thursday 7th Feb The week started with an interview for 'The News' my local newspaper, on Thursday the 7th Feb 2013. Saturday 9th The news did a full page article on page 3 and put a video online of me eating corn flakes. This led to a local news agency contacting me about distributing my story worldwide. Sunday 10th The Daily mail put an article online and "The Sun" did a small article on page 31 url=,d.d2kThe Daily Mail Article Monday ... read more
The News
The Sun - Pg 31
The Sun

Europe August 30th 2012

This blog post is a prelude / accompaniment to a book I have just finished writing and soon hope to be publishing. The book contains extracts from the diaries that I have written over the years, used to re-tell some of the weird and wonderful things I have done during my first decade travelling. Below I go through a trip at a time listing those interesting things I have done. Alaska to Argentina - Backpacking Flying over Alaska Hiking in Denali National Park and bumping in to 6 Bears Looking over the Harding Ice Field Taking the public Ferry down the Alaskan coast Going under the Mendenhall Glacier, in to an ice cave Enough trout to walk on them next to a waterfall Waking up in a stand overlooking an american football lesson Getting drunk ... read more
Flying Over Alaska
Flying Over Alaska
Flying Over Alaska

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