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North America » United States January 12th 2012

U.S.A. - 7 Weeks After a glorious year and a half in "the UK's Big Brother" we have saved up enough cash to do a big trip or two. We have started with a 7 week visit to the "Land of the Free" with the intention of spending some time with my dad, some time in the sun and some time re-exploring the West-side. The first 2 weeks... ...have been all about settling in, contributing to my dads alcoholism and letting steam come out of our ears. We arrived just before New Years eve and went for a nice meal in a posh french restaurant followed by a live band. We had the use of my dads mini cooper so were able to cruise around but basically used it to go to Venice beach, it ... read more
New Years Eve
New Years Eve
New Years Eve

Europe » Switzerland June 2nd 2011

Switzerland For our honeymoon we hired a car in Italy and then spent 9 days on the road, including 6 days and 5 nights in Switzerland. We entered Switzerland from Lake Como, so started in Lugano then travelled anti-clockwise around the country until we reached the Visp area before crossing the Simplon pass back into Italy. I was quite excited about the prospect of travelling around Switzerland, a relatively small country, so easy enough to travel around and with neighbouring countries such as France, Italy and Germany I thought there would be a mix of culturally aware, cosmopolitan people with various cuisines on offer. Well, in my opinion, I was bang wrong. The scenery was beautiful, as you’d imagine Switzerland to be; full of lakes and snow-capped mountains, with castles around every corner but this was ... read more
Lake Como
Towards the Border
The Border

Europe » Liechtenstein May 28th 2011

My experience of Liechtenstein was brief although I found time to taste the local brew, eat some corn flakes and enjoy the panoramic view of an entire country. The border with Austria is defined by a mountain range so we entered the country into Vaduz and then drove up the range to be able to see the country leading down into the beautiful Rhine valley. The 4th smallest country in the world is famous for dentures and its stunning natural beauty. It measures just 25km in length and 6km in width, barely larger than Manhattan, and it might be hard to find on a but it’s filled with quaint villages and spectacular views filled with mountains, lush forests and the Rhine Valley. It is famous for being the world’s largest producer of dentures and those who ... read more
A Tiny Country
View from Triesenberg
Watching the Locals

Europe » Italy May 24th 2011

Italy, Lake Garda and The Big 'Hob'day We flew out to Malcescine on Wednesday 18th May as part of a week long package holiday, so had a nice hotel booked for 7 nights and best of all a coach to take us from Verona airport straight to the hotel. The time in Malcescine was very relaxed, lots of wandering the cobble-stone streets, admiring the really cool castle from different angles and meeting friends and family in various cafes and restaurants. The town offers fantastic scenery, making walks along the lakeside very pleasant and there are various boat trips on the lakes and the chance to see views from the top of Monte Baldo, I took the cable-car up there for a morning view. We got married on Monday 23rd and started our honeymoon on Wednesday 25th ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom April 1st 2011

The UK’s Big Brother I have lived back in the UK for just over a year now and I have come to realise that this country has changed a lot since I left 9 years ago. As a population we are financially worse off, we are continually being given more and more laws, rules and regulations, with less and less say in the establishment of these laws and more and more policing and surveillance to enforce these laws. Therefore our freedom to live in the UK has been reduced as we can afford to do less, we are told we can do less and our privacy is invaded by surveillance, I think the changes are so big that, for my blog, I am going to consider the UK a different country, called “The UK’s Big Brother”. ... read more
More and more Rules

North America » United States » New York February 8th 2011

Me and my girlfriend flew to New York for a couple of days of pleasure and a little business. The business was to pick up my decree absolute meaning I am finally divorced and the pleasure involved alcohol, an old friend and some walking. I also chose the moment to take my US corn flakes shot, I thought that most relevant for the states was to show what the country is so proud of - money and capitalism.... read more
Central Park
Piles of snow
My Mate Marmite

Africa » Egypt August 4th 2010

Egypt - 4 1/2 Weeks My visit to Egypt was a gift to myself for my 30th birthday, and one in which I wanted to share with special people. The first month will be shared with my little brother who has just finished his GCSE's. We arrived in Cairo on my 31st birthday and spent a couple of days acclimatising to the heat, the prices and the hectic city life. From here we traveled into the desert stopping at Bahariya Oasis to spend a couple of days enjoying the White Desert area. We saw the Black desert (an area with tarnished black rock). crystal mountain (an area with crystalline rock and a natural arch) and then we camped in the white desert national park with its amazing chalk rock formations, like mushrooms. We camped that night ... read more

Africa » Gambia March 11th 2010

The Gambia - The African Jamaica The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, engulfed by Senegal. Its borders follow the Gambia River, which flows through the country's centre and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. We entered the country in the east, staying one night in Basse Santa Su, arriving from the Senegalese town of Velingara, in a taxi that had more rust than metal and carried an amzing 13 people (including 3 on the roof). We spent 4 days on Janjanbureh Island in the town of Janjanbureh, formerly known during colonial times as Georgetown. Here we met some very friendly people and were encouraged to stay just because of peoples hospitality. The slave house was very interesting. The Gambia shares historical roots with many other West African nations in the slave trade, which ... read more
Crossing the border
Georgetown Slave house
Janjanbureh Slave house

Africa » Senegal March 8th 2010

Senegal - 7 Weeks Cap Skiring After backpacking for 3 weeks in Mauritania and 4 weeks in Mali we arrived in Senegal in need of some relaxation. In fact we left Djenne in Mali intending to head directly to the beach but the journey really epitomized the difficulties of backpacking in this part of the world. It took us a day to reach Bamako, then a day to reach Kayes, then a day to reach Tambacounda in Senegal then we had to wait a day to be able to catch the 9 hour taxi to Ziguinchor and then a painful 2 hour bus ride to Cap Skiring, a 5 day journey with lots of waiting and slow traveling typical Africa-style In Cap Skiring we found a nice hotel suitable for a 3 week stay and spent ... read more
Cows on the beach
The Lobster dinner
Wildlife in the national park

Africa » Mali January 20th 2010

Mali Mali turned out to be quite a difficult country to travel around on our small budget. I left this country with a feeling of relief, my wallet left feeling as though it had been raped but now that I can reflect on my time in Mali it was an interesting place. The people are very poor and when blended with a male dominated, macho environment it can lead to some annoying and uncomfortable situations. I found it difficult to have patience sometimes and it made me feel tired of traveling when it took 12 hours to travel 130km and at the same time everyone you meet in that day is trying to get money out of you in one way or another, but as I have heard many times now "That's Africa" The food was ... read more
Standard of Vechiles
Standard of hotel
For Sale

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