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Africa » Mauritania December 20th 2009

Mauritania - 16 Days We crossed no mans land, the several kilometre wide area between the disputed borders between Morocco and Mauritania. It was pretty eirie at the border with so many exploded and abandoned cars and so many people in the middle of fluffing nowhere queing to enter Mauritania. Nouadhibou didnt have much to see but interestingly there were loads of shipwrecks off the coast that were used in insurance scams and we ended up staying with a really friendly guy from Senegal who gave us his house in the shanty town for a night, he went and stayed with his brother and we treated him to a plate of chicken and chips for a euro. We ended up taking the train to Choem and then a 4 wheel drive to Atar, the train was ... read more
The Shanty Town

Africa » Morocco November 28th 2009

Morocco - 7 weeks We flew the 5th Oct to Tanger and lazily began to town hop. A day in Tanger which was nothing special, 3 days in Asilah, a cute seaside town with a nice medina (old town with narrow little streets), then 3 days in Chefchaouen, Moroccos hash capital and another cute town with narrow streets but this time coloured blue and set in a cool mountain location. The first week took us a while to get used to the pushy street sellers, but it turned out to be just practise for the more pushy Fes, where we only spent a day, but this was enough time to see one of the famous tanneries and the medina. The sellers/pushers will sell you anything from fossils, clothes, lots of hash and carpets and fluff knows ... read more
The famous mint tea

Europe » Spain July 26th 2009

Catalunya I spent nearly 3 months in Catalunya, which is a country really. Most of the time was spent in Barcelona, visiting all the tourist sites and soaking up the lifestyle in Barcelona i.e. beer, food and football mainly. I also made many excursions to all over the province/country. I spent a weekend in Cadaques, visited Girona a couple of times, went to a wedding on the beach an hour north of Barcelona, I fact I went to three weddings, one of which was in the zoo. I worked a night behind the bar at the Sonar festival, worked a couple of nights in a posh restaurant saw the tour de France cycle passed and went for cycles along the beach myself. ... read more

Europe » Spain April 30th 2009

Spain - 3 months A great trip. I spent 46 days cycling anti-clockwise around Spain; leaving Barcelona and heading South along the coast until Cadiz and then returning North through the centre of the country via Sevilla, Madrid, Salamanca until I hit Santander. From Santander I cycled east along the coast and then parallel to the Pyrenees until I reached Roda de Isabena, my finishing line. I left Barcelona knowing that I needed to cycle quickly as I had only 4 days to cycle approx. 250 miles to Valencia so that I would be there in time to see the end of the Las Fallas festival. On the first day my situation became even harder as my chain snapped and I had to return to Sitges to a bike repair shop. I traveled quickly only stopping ... read more
Delta de l'ebre

Asia » Vietnam December 12th 2008

Vietnam - 4 Weeks Vietnam was an interesting place, a country that has been at war for over 50 years against the French and the Americans. For this reason they are quite aggressive people which has become a part of their culture. I found the country has been changed a lot by the western world, capitalism is in full effect, the Americans may not have officially won the war but they certainly took it over in an economic sense, the number of tourists there and the conveyor belt style tourism industry was a little bit too much for me. Despite that there were some cool things to do and it was an interesting experience. I flew into Ho Chi Minh City and here began to discover the atrocious behaviour of the Americans during the war, over ... read more
A taxi
Chu-chi Tunnels
Vietnam War

Asia » Indonesia November 14th 2008

Indonesia - 6 Weeks After waiting 3 days and paying $55 to obtain a visa I was allowed to cross the border into Indonesia and was lucky enough to be able to catch the ferry that evening, it only passes through every 2 weeks. The ferry ride was 2 days and we had to sleep in cramped conditions, surrounded by fascinated and friendly people, one guy thought I was a tattoo artist and I drew something on his arm only to disappoint him when he realised I wasn’t an artist and that I had no equipment (the language barrier aided the confusion). Sulawesi The ferry dropped us in Pare Pare on the island of Sulawesi and we visited the amazing Toraja area. Amongst the massive granite mountains and all the rice fields are villages with very ... read more
The Ferry
The Ferry
The Ferry

Asia » Brunei October 10th 2008

Brunei I spent 2 days in Brunei and that was plenty. Travelling across this tiny country it was obvious the influence oil has on the people here. Brunei treats its people well as it makes huge amounts of money from its oil industry. The people get subsidies from the state for housing, cars and are looked after, to the point that they get money for trips to mecca but the Sultan seems to be quite wealthy, the people are quite well controlled by their religious beliefs e.g they can get a tattoo or drink alcohol. The mosque was massive, the sultan's palace was even bigger, it is the World's Largest Residential Palace, and the floating village was nice to explore but apart from that there was little else on offer here, although we did enjoy using ... read more
Bandar Seri Begawan
Bandar Seri Begawan

Asia » Singapore October 8th 2008

Singapore I spent 3 days in Singapore; a city, country and island. I was amazed by the similarities with the UK, the style of the roads and signs, the type of shops, "Topshop" for example but it had an even more futuristic feel as everything was so clean. There was no smoking in many areas, no chewing gum and no eating Durian, the smelly fruit. The city was full of big tower blocks and shopping malls, visible from the 72nd floor of a posh hotel near the port, and there were many, many ships. We went to Pulau Ubin, another island to the east of Singapore and then in the evening to the famous Long Bar in the Raffles hotel to drink a Singapore Sling, perhaps the world's most famous cocktail recipe, invented by a Raffles ... read more
Shopping malls
View of the City

Asia » Malaysia October 7th 2008

Malaysia - 3 Weeks Malaysian Peninsular I crossed into Malaysia and headed straight for the Perhentian islands for some snorkelling, diving and some sun. Here I encountered a huge dragon and almost trod on a beautiful green tree snake. After the islands I took the Jungle train across the peninsular to Kuala Lumpur. KL was a big hunk of concrete, annoyingly covered in flags, the Petronas Twin Towers were quite impressive, in a capitalistic kind of way, the view from the top of the communication tower was also very impressive. We visited a mosque and I decided if females have to hide their hair then so would I. From KL we travelled to Melaka, another nice town, and a Unesco world heritage site with the Dutch square on one side of the river, and the old ... read more
Perhentian islands
Perhentian islands
Perhentian islands

Asia » Thailand September 8th 2008

Thailand Part 2 - 1 Week Then I crossed back into Thailand feeling very nervous to see the "Drug smugglers will be killed" signs, very intimidating but I crossed and, after one night in Bangkok, went straight down south to the area of Krabi. I visted the Phang Nga bay with its beautiful collection of limestone islands eroded into some cool shapes, which included the James Bond island (from the man with the golden gun). I stayed 2 nights in Railay, a beautiful peninsular famous for rock climbing before heading towards the Malaysian border ... read more
Krabi Area
Phang Nga bay
James Bond island

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