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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria November 11th 2017

ahh where was I? Thursday Nov 4th. Today we went on the Hop on Hop off bus. There is some interesting history in Las Palmas and lots of cool places to see along the away. We stopped at the half way point to visit Old town (Veguetta) There are a few old buildings and such to see but really not my thing so can't remember the names lol. Only one I do remember is the Momumento Espiral del Viento ( I called it a snail). It was at the entrance to the Old Town and everyone was climbing on it. We took a few pictures, stopped at the candy store (because why not?) and had a nice stroll through the cobble stone streets. Then we went to the North end of Las Canteras beach and found ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » La Palma November 3rd 2017

Here we go. ...... For those who don't know, Sean, Sarah and I have packed up our home and possessions into the "COW", shipped the truck and Cleo off to Grandma and Grandpa's, (along with anything else we couldn't quite fit), Oliver to Amber's, Hayden off to Taiwan (lol) and left Lindsay and Julia in the Big T.O as we take an adventure to the Canary Islands, Spain. Why you might ask? Well for one, why NOT? We have been toying with this idea for the past few years, knowing we would wait until the kids were all out of the house, but the opportunity presented itself 4 years early and we said what the heck. It helped that Sarah was on board and willing to leave high school behind her for a year and start ... read more
Storage wars
Naked ladies frolicking in water exhibit
Portugues Tart # 3

North America » Canada » Ontario » Newmarket December 22nd 2010

last couple days were a lot of fun, swimming, banana boat rides, kids all found friends to keep them busy and Sean and I got in 2 more work outs-a half Murph too!! Leaving the resort was a sad day for us as it well we marked the end of our trip. Sarah and Hayden made a friend named Jacob, 5 from Chicago and Eliza, 6 from Mexico. Jacob looked a bit like Colin Hayden remarked ...Sarah pretty much dumped us at this point, joining Jacob and his parents for meals and hanging out for most of the last few days with him, swimming playing at the beach and hanging in the kids club. Lindsay and Julia finally found a friend named Emma who managed to keep them occupied for the last 2 days as well...and ... read more
My new bird friend
Hanging atthe pool bar
girls swimming

Sorry for the long break but we have been sleeping, eating and drinking by the beach and not much time for internet..that and the stupid Hilton charges an arm and a leg for WiFi. You would think that a hotel of this stature would get with the times and include WiFi with the room, like every other hotel out there! NOT!!! That is just one of our pet peeves about the Hilton, but we won't bore you with those right now. We arrived at the Hilton Papagayo on Thursday after a 3 hour drive through the Arenal volcano area. We left The Springs with tons of cloud coverage, rain and humidity. The drive was quicker than thought and the weather changed quick as well, to sunny and clear. The hotel is just up from Playa Coco ... read more
Hayden's cool sandcastle
Sarah's Tiger face
Sarah's cat face

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal December 17th 2010

Our Photos from the rafting!... read more
Photo 32
Photo 33
Photo 34

Central America Caribbean December 16th 2010

We have been at The Springs for 3 days now. Day 2 we got up for our first excursion - White Water Rafting. The kids were quite excited and nervous all at the same time. Paola greeted us and drove us to the main city of La Fortune where we met some other people taking the tour. We then drove about an hour to the Rio Balsa or Balsa River! Balsa is a tree and this river has level 2 and 3 rapids. Along the drive our tour guide Jacoba explained the first half of the rapids would be to much for Sarah and Hayden and that they would only be able to participate in the second leg of the trip. There were a few tears but in the end it was a good decision. So ... read more
Volcano in morning
the view at breakfast
gettting ready for the rapids

10 am pick up and we were off…..for 6 hours in a van driving through the mountains across Costa Rica to the Arenal Volcano area. Beautiful scenery but it does get tiring after a few hours – especially for kids. They managed well, Julia especially! Me, well I tried my best, for those who know me I am worse than my kids when it comes to travel and especially car rides. The drive to the cottage is far enough for me so the thought of 6 hours really freaked me out. Surprisingly, I did survive and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. A few stops along the way and a good selection of tunes on my IPOD and I was good to go. Not sure the kids enjoyed my singing out loud but whatever gets ... read more
Sloth on our drive
Toucan on our drive

Our Villa We have a 2 bedroom villa overlooking the ocean. It is a far steep walk (one we haven't attempted yet) down to the ocean- they provide shuttle service. We are at the top of the property so great overlooking views. We are close to some restaurants outside the property, grocery store and a quaint coffee shop. At the beach there is one restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch. They have good food here and the beer is Imperial- but reminds me of Canadian so not my fave! There are 3 pools as well- all a fun walk to find! Beautiful property and lanscape. Monkeys in the trees outside the room and down at the Ocean front restaurant as we showed yesterday. There are tons of lizards and Iguanas all around. I am still a ... read more
dinner in the room
open air showers

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos December 11th 2010

Slept in until 9:30 - Nice! Went up the street for breakfast and then headed to the beach. We spent the whole day at the ocean hanging out, drinking margarita's and seeing more wild life. We saw a few Iguana's hanging at the beach and at the end of the day witnessed the white masked monkeys coming to the bar for a snack. Julia fed them some pineapple and they were very happy to be hanging around us. The kids were happy here today just lazing around the beach and not having to travel any where. Lindsay read her book a second time and wanted to go for a third try? Can someone please send her the sequel??? Sean and I are off for a dinner whilekids eat left over pizza and watch tv in the ... read more
Sarah getting ready for the beach
The beach
catching a wave

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Quepos December 10th 2010

After a good nights sleep (well 6 hours) we awoke to sunshine. We had an an early excursion at 7:20 to the Manuel Antonio International Park to see the wildlife. Lindsay and I went exploring for some type of breakfast as nothing is open until 7 and we needed to head out. We found a cafe down the street and managed to find good coffee and some light eats. Picked up by our tour guide and heading off to explore. On the drive we went past a restaurant called Hot Dogs and Beer- think Sean and I will check that one out later! The park is in a busy tourist area along the ocean and looked really cool. We started our tour with Jana and he was very informative. He had a scope that we all ... read more
our hot tub
Hot Dogs and Beer anyone?
Our guide

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