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December 22nd 2010
Published: December 23rd 2010
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last couple days were a lot of fun, swimming, banana boat rides, kids all found friends to keep them busy and Sean and I got in 2 more work outs-a half Murph too!!

Leaving the resort was a sad day for us as it well we marked the end of our trip. Sarah and Hayden made a friend named Jacob, 5 from Chicago and Eliza, 6 from Mexico. Jacob looked a bit like Colin Hayden remarked ...Sarah pretty much dumped us at this point, joining Jacob and his parents for meals and hanging out for most of the last few days with him, swimming playing at the beach and hanging in the kids club. Lindsay and Julia finally found a friend named Emma who managed to keep them occupied for the last 2 days as well...and once again Hayden was left to mingle around.....he is use to it now but he still had fun playing with everyone including Sarah and Jacob.
We had lunch, and said our goodbyes, collecting email addresses for the kids and we were off for our last venture- a long 6 hour car ride to San Jose. We stopped for snacks along the way and in the yard were some Blue scarlett Maccaws and a baby dear and a Tucan. Pretty cool!
Finally arriving in San Jose after our drivers got lost a few times and Hayden almost peed his pants...😊. Our hotel was nice - it had free WiFi- imagine that. We changed and went for our last dinner of the trip to AppleBee's- go figure!
Today we headed off to the airport for our flight home. 12:20 from San Jose to San Salvador- who knew we would have another country on our trip....then after a small wait in the airport- and free Wii and Nintendo for the kids- we took off for our last flight (which I am typing this blog on now) to Canada, hopefully arriving early at 8:20 pm to what we understand is a lot of snow!
The trip was amazing and today was bitter sweet- none of us wanted the adventure to end (which surprised me a bit by the kids) and yet part of us are excited to get home as it is only 3 days until Christmas!
Highlights are too many to mention in the 10 minutes I have left before we land, but I polled the family and here are our top 3 rated vacation spots and adventures of the trip.

Top 3 is every where and Top 3 adventures is everything except ziplining!
Top 3 resorts #1 Beuna Vista- Costa Rica, #2 Rio Sagrado, Peru #3 the Springs Costa Rica
Top 3 adventures #1 Machi Picchu, #2 Ziplining, #3 White water rafting
Top 3 resorts #1 Beuna Vista- Costa Rica, #2 Rio Sagrado, Peru #3 The Springs, Costa Rica
Top 3 adventures #1 Machi Picchu, #2 Manuel Antonio Park #3 White water rafting
Sean & Lindsay ( cuz they agree on everything)
Top 3 resorts #1 Beuna Vista- Costa Rica, #2 Rio Sagrado, Peru #3 Casa Cartegena, Costa Rica
Top 3 adventures #1 Machi Picchu, #2 White water rafting, #3 Ziplining
Top 3 resorts #1 Hilton Papagayo, Costa Rica #2 Beuna Vista- Costa Rica, #3 Rio Sagrado, Peru & the Springs, Costa Rica
Top 3 adventures #1 Ziplining & White water rafting (tied) #2 Machu Picchu, #3 horse back riding

We had an amazing time, only fought a bit, only yelled at Julia minimal ( okay more than minimal but we are use to that -she was a big help with the other kids as usual and keeping order.) She kept us busy playing volleyball on the beach and in the pools and always wanted to get out and do something fun- though never wanting to go outfor food?
Lindsay kept order as well and also helped a lot when needed for watching the other kids while Sean and I had some dinners out and or work outs, and although she never found her second book she did manage to get most of her homework done- she is determined to pick it up on the way home tonight ( yeah right).
Hayden was his usual happy go lucky self as long as there was entertainment or an ocean around, we must have told him atleast 100 times to tie up his shoes and he was forever getting mad at us for poking fun at him with short bus jokes and calling him new nickname "the Howler Monkey" ( for reasons left unsaid- well secret reasons- he doesn't like to be reminded)
And Sarah...well everyone knows Sarah and how she can make a crowd laugh and cry all at the same time. She was pure entertainment herself, everyone loved her, she loved almost everything about the trip- but will only tell you about the beach and Jacob now as that was her favourite part - for Sarah its all about the fun and friends-who needs landmarks and foreign countries, just give her a beach, a boy friend and some strawberry margarita and she will be your happy.

Had fun keeping the log and hope you all enjoyed folowing us...if anyone did?

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23rd December 2010

I loved your blog and looked forward to reading them! Your writing was wonderful and easy to read. What an awesome experience for your family! Merry Christmas!

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