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3rd October 2018

Love it !
ufabet : po
15th May 2017

I Love tonga
I love Tonga'tapu been on top of the big stone above .... while teaching at tupou College... Toloa
27th November 2015

You are indeed lucky!
Staying in the room where Lord Mountbatten stayed, ain't that awesome. I hope all your visits to Bundi in future be filled with such awesomeness!!! Stay Cool. Bon Voyage!
27th November 2015

Thanks, it as and I hope we get back to Bundi/India again, love it!
31st December 2013

Nice journey
I like all expresion about woreta and am from there if you come back again contact with me on this number +251912196430
4th August 2013

Am from woreta now woreta is develop for everything and you can see and am like your for information of woreta
23rd August 2013

Thanks, I loved Woreta and hope more people visit
1st August 2013

expressing appreciation
Hi Sir/ Madam, I am really super exited by your diary. I was grown up in Woreta.
23rd August 2013

Thanks for your comment, I thought Woreta was great and the people were so lovely, hopefully more people will visit Ethiopia as it is a beautiful country.
8th June 2013

All over until next time!
I've enjoyed following your travels!
11th June 2013

Thanks Bob i've enjoyed reading your comments and suggestions also! I'm already thinking about where we could go next but the reality is it is going to be at least another 2 years before we might get a chance...boo!
20th May 2013
1 Cruise Day One - Leaving Miami (16)

No Mel....
DJ RAM and CHIPPY does not mean dancing followed by spam fritter and chips with extra scraps.....
19th May 2013

Sounds FUN!
However, I would have picked a cruise line that caters to the over 20's. But I'm sure you will have FUN. We had a great time on both recent cruises we've been on...only take cruises to places we can't get to by land. Don't stay on the balcony the whole time!
20th May 2013

Cheers Bob, will remember to check next time!! Going to catch up on your travels when i get home (very soon now) as writing this blog takes up all my time at the moment!!
18th May 2013

Ahoy matie,
Looks like you continue to have a great time. Keep an eye out for Blackbeard.
20th May 2013

Thanks! Yes still having a really good time, sadly only 3 days left before it's back to England for good (well at least until we can save some more money!)
15th May 2013
1 Grasshopper

if I'd have been there! that's all I'm saying! (but excellent photo) xx
18th May 2013
1 Grasshopper

Hee hee, you and me both! Howard took the picture and then had to remove it - needless to say!!
15th May 2013

Remind me.....
never to take a swig of coffee while reading your blog! First Howard's arse freezing Johnny Depp and then the room in Lima all added to coffee sprayed all over my keyboard and down my nose! hahahaha xx
9th May 2013
4 Huaca Arco Iris - Dragon Pyramid (2)

This looks incredible and as you say if they've only uncovered 2% of it I can't begin to imagine the scale of it all!
8th May 2013

La Raya
I'm guessing that Howard didn't climb to the top of La Raya to wash away his sins, if he had he'd still be there now, waiting for the Gods to finish washing, they'd need a bloody big bar of soap for that job!
8th May 2013
Casa de Avila (1)

I can so see myself here, with a lemonade or two! :D xx
8th May 2013
 Colca Valley

lovely pic, all the pics at Colca Canyon look fabulous! xx

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