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5th April 2013

oh Mel, it looks so beautiful x x
5th April 2013

It is!
Hi! Glad you've been able to see the blog, it is soooo beautiful and i just loved it! Can't wait to see you and tell you more xxxxx
1st April 2013
Montevideo (6)

Now that's a beautiful building!
27th March 2013
San Nicolas Metal Gig

I would......
have been in my element! hmmmm :D xx
27th March 2013

I will stick to the Brazil side then....... lol xx
26th March 2013
Urca sunset overseen by Christ the Redeemer

What a fabulous photo at sunset!! :D xx
27th March 2013
Urca sunset overseen by Christ the Redeemer

Yes it was amazing xx
18th March 2013

Incredible Iguazu
I think there is even more water coming over than when we were there. I'm so glad the butterflies were still there but why only on the Brazilian side? Perhaps they don't speak portuguese!! Careful with your camera in Buenos Aires.
15th March 2013

Weight loss programme urgently needed!
Ha ha yes it does seem to be a bit of a recurrent theme!!
14th March 2013

Have hunger will travel
Glad you liked Rio as much as we did. I see you are back to the cafe travelog!
11th March 2013

london .beautiful place
London is an awesome place .....If you have friends or family staying there, it is well worth it to vist it and them ...
12th March 2013

Yes you are right it is indeed a wonderful city, we know it well and it's always a pleasure to visit
11th March 2013

It's always time to hit the road...
when you have the time. I'm looking forward to reading your blogs...where to now?
12th March 2013

Very true!
We are now visiting South America for 3 months, obviously we can't see everything in that time but hopefully we will get to see lots of amazing places, people and things! Hope you enjoy the blogs.
15th January 2013

Visas are a bit of a problem...
I can't mail my visa application to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago which serves my area...it has to be hand delivered. I think they want you to use their visa agents. Fortunately, my sister lives outside of Chicago and has agreed to deliver the application. I'm just starting to look into the Uzbekistan visa as a heads up for when I get my passport back from the Chinese Consulate. Visas, and their cost, is one reason I decided no to visit Kazakstan. I am transiting Almaty for four hours. I'm going to count that as a country visited even though there are TBers that disagree! Thanks for your response.
10th January 2013

Finaly caught up with you.
Wishing you a Happy New Year here in the UK. Hope all your plans sort them selves out soon so you can be off again Love from us both.
14th January 2013

Hi and a Happy New Year to you both too! We are really struggling with being stuck in this limbo but hoping it wont take much longer. We are trying to spend the time waiting by planning our south america leg but not knowing when we can go means we can't buy tickets yet. Lots of love to you both and please pass my love onto Aunty Joyce also x
9th January 2013

Thanks for the update...
hope the house purchase comes to a successful conclusion. I'm looking forward to your SA blogs. I'm also getting itchy feet. I just made reservations from Colorado Springs to Beijing where I will join my son to take the train along the Silk Road as far as Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand, and then via Air Baltics to Riga, where we will visit the Baltics and Finland before I fly to London and back to Colorado Springs...all in a round the world trip between March 21 and April 16. That will be the extent of my travels in 2013. 2014 is reserved for South America...so I will take good notes from your blogs.
14th January 2013

Hi Bob, thanks for your comments, the waiting is awful (house buying in England is really really slow) but we are trying to fill in the time by planning for south america. Your trip sounds fabulous, have you had any problems getting all the visas you need? It is something we considered doing as part of our trip but ruled it out as getting all the visas was going to be very tricky and we decided we would try and do it as a holiday from home instead. I believe i also have you to thank for nominating me for the blogger of the week! I was so chuffed and as I loved Ethiopia it made it all a bit more special so thanks very much for that. I have missed blogging, which was a surprise as at times it was hard to keep up with it when we were on the road, but hopefully you will find something of interest/use once we finally get going again. A Happy New Year to you and your family!
5th December 2012

......this is Ziggy, your guide in the Simien mountains and thanks for posting such an amazing note and awesome photos! I enjoyed reading your well written piece, line by line and the photos very much and so more..... and please let me know if your friends or any one coming to Ethiopia and I would be so happy and very excited to show the Simien Mountains, the African Green Grand Canyons! Most people in Europe and the West know very little about Ethiopia and have very bad images, as we are starved and just a drought country, very bad reputations traced back from long times ago, and that is what the media like CNN and BBC still feeding you people wrongly, but we have a lot and untaped resources, a real wisdom and so tangible. ...pls just come yourself and see how very good, green, fertile country, nice and very friendly people we are and the Simien mountains will leave you speechless and amazed! I am a Trekking Local Tour Guide in the Simien Mountains and Tour organize based in Debark, very good, cheap tours compare to other big tour companies! visit my facebook here; http://www.facebook.com/browse/page_fans/?page_id=266363646819694¬if_t=page_new_likes#!/pages/Trek-the-Simien-Mountains-with-Ziggy-your-private-Guide/266363646819694?fref=ts or reach me through my email; mountainboy.ziggy@gmail.com
6th January 2013

Hi Ziggy
Hi Ziggy Thanks for your comments about my blog, we had a fantastic time and if we or anyone we know are thinking of comming to Ethiopia i would be more than happy to put them in touch with you. Good luck with your guiding Mel
18th September 2012

For chocolate...
you need to head to Hershey. The chocolate factory there gives out free samples.
9th September 2012

Sorry to hear about your lousy time in New Orleans...
I hope the medicine works.
14th September 2012

Thanks, he is slowly improving!

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