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9th November 2011

Oh to be on that beach !
All looks wonderful, particularly when you are sat in on a dark, rainy and windy night ! You even have tans ! Keep having lots of fun and thanks so much for the postcards, lots of love from us all XXXX
From Blog: Honduras
24th October 2011

Do you get commission on new bookings?
You really should have signed off Victor Meldrew and "wish you were here"!
17th October 2011

Nice to see
It's nice to see your more relaxed now, what with Iguana's trying to hit you with dead rats (mind you, better that, than a live one) and then laura scaring the be-jesus out of you, like she did to me (I have to say I actually snorted tea out of my nose (drinking as I read your comment) nearly choked and gave jack a right good laugh whilst I cleaned up the keyboard and screen.) Anyway, lets hope that your ankle is back to strength and the adventures continue, and you can keep us updated often, I really look forward to them, lots of love, and keep on keeping on. xxxx :)
16th September 2011

What no dawn or dusk at the Grand canyon!
What a disaster - I had visions of you in that glass bubble thing that hangs out over the canyon
15th September 2011

finally caught up again on the blog after my usual tame travels hither and Thurber. I am so envious it all sounds fantastic and the photos are amazing. With u both in spirit. Big hugs
4th September 2011

It is so great to read your blogs Mel. You write about things so well I can picture everything and image being there. Sounds like you are experiencing the best-worst-unusual of the USA. Wish we were there!! Miss you loads XXXXX
2nd September 2011

Enjoying the blogs, loved the Montana scenery, could picture John Wayne coming out of cascade mountains, why do these places in the wilderness have lovely names!
30th August 2011

Still following you
All I can say is what a beautiful place with great scenery and it looks so peacefull. The caves look amasing and would pull me in. Enjoying your interesting blog with human insite.Keep safe and well.
30th August 2011

I stumbled on your blogs tonight.
Really enjoyed them. Looks like you are having a great time. Very nice photography.
30th August 2011

I stumbled on your blogs tonight.
Really enjoyed them. Looks like you are having a great time. Very nice photography.
28th August 2011

Your blog has the wrong name
It should be Teesside Eaters
9th August 2011

missing you
absolutely loving keeping up with your adventures here and on facebook, i always said you have to have the adventures so I can have some fun in my life, lol. Missing you like mad but chuffed to pieces that you are out there living the dream. Have much much more fun and share it all... Love you to pieces Mrs x x x x
From Blog: Ottawa
8th August 2011

Keep travelling as there is so much more to see and we want to be there with you.
From Blog: Ottawa
6th August 2011

It all looks so wonderful, can't wait to read more ! We love the soggy Auntie Melanie photo at the falls !! Keep going and keep have lots of fun. All our love
From Blog: Niagra Falls
3rd August 2011

Trip so far
I am worn out reading all about what you are doing, your feet must need a good rest. The pictures are great and we both are following you all the way.
From Blog: Niagra Falls
25th July 2011

Farewell from us both, Sonia and Alan.XX
Have a great time we will be watching your progress with envy. Enjoy every moment of the experience and dream no longer just live it.
30th June 2011

We will be with you all the way.
Can not wait for you to start as we want to follow your travels and secretly wishing we were there too.
30th June 2011

Good luck
Wishing you happy, healthy travels, enjoy every moment and grab every opportunity, the only things you will regret are the things you didn't do! Love you both dearly xxxx

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