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22nd August 2012

The Natchez Trace was the cross country short cut in the 1800's for the rivermen...
who transported goods by raft down the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. It is managed by the National Park Service and has lots of history. Vicksburg was where a great Civil War battle was fought at the same time as the Battle of Gettysburg. The Union won thus dividing the Confederacy in half.
23rd August 2012

Thanks for that! It sounds interesting, we will have a look and see if we have time to fit it in
18th August 2012

I hope you didn't forget your netbook charger when you left Seattle this time!
I'm looking forward to more blogs about your travels all over the States.
21st August 2012

It's top of our check list each time we move on!!! and thanks
18th August 2012

Wow! What a story about bumping into the lady who knew Elvis is high school.
I hope you do visit Tupelo. We visited there in 1997 to see his home and then take the Natchez trace to Vicksburg and on to New Orleans. Last year we stopped briefly in Memphis, but left right away since it has really gone downhill as the lady confrimed to you.
21st August 2012

I know it was amazing!! Yes we are definitely going to Tupelo, i can't wait to get to this part of the trip! Is the naztec trace the 2nd longest road in the states?
18th August 2012

Roses and The Oregon Trail!
What heaven - all those westerns I used to love! Green with envy!
21st August 2012

Yes Mum you would have loved it! We have a million more photos of this area that you can look at ha ha xx
21st August 2012

Yes Mum you would have loved it! We have a million more photos of this area that you can look at ha ha xx
25th July 2012

Although we didn't do our cruise with only backpacks as part of an RTW...
we also prefer the casual...hence having to miss the formal dinner. We don't do cruises as a general rule, but only where this is the only way to see the places we want to go to. It's hard to do Ketchikan and Sitka other than by ship. Likewise, it's hard to do South Pacific islands other than a cruise. Anyway, I look forward to you being back on land again.
24th July 2012

What ship were you on?
We did the Inside Passage in 2008 on the Celebrity Cruise Line. We ate in the formal dining room every meal as we liked quality over quantity, but only had to dress up two evenings. I didn't bring my black suit so skipped the really formal dinner...room service brought me two lobster dinners! Anyway, I learned my lesson and will take my formal suit with me on the 19 day cruise from Honolulu to Sydney in September.
24th July 2012

We were on the Zaandam - Holland and America, when i can get the rest of the cruise blogs uploaded you will see more about what i thought of it. We have been travelling for nearly a year now and our 'luggage' is 2 small rucksacks and we dont possess any formal gear (and its just not our style), it was really a cheap means to get to see places in Alaska we would have struggled to get to by ourselves and it was great value for money!
15th July 2012

We will be in NZ the second half of October and take your identical route (almost)...
starting in Christchurch (16 Oct) and Akaroa (staying with friends in Lyttletonon 17 Oct), then to Mt Cook, Queenstown (18 Oct), Te Anau (19 Oct), Milford Sound, Wanaka (20 Oct), Fox Glacier, Greymouth (21 Oct), Kaikoura (22 Oct), Blenheim, Picton, Wellington (23 Oct), Taupo (24 Oct), Rotorua (25 Oct), Paihia (26-27 Oct), and then the west coast back to Auckland (28-31 Oct, one of these days could be used earlier in the trip to cut a long day in half). However, we only have two weeks, so given that we have seen glaciers in Alaska and we don't like sand flies, we were thinking of skipping the west coast of the South Island. Do you think that is a good idea? Also we will be traveling on a tight budget, too, so were planning to stay in B&Bs. Are hostels cheaper and do they have private rooms with bath? We've budgeted NZ$100 per night for lodging for two. Are there any hostels/B&Bs on this route that you highly recommend or strongly advise against? As for food, what were you able to get by on per day in NZ$...we've budgeted NZ$60 per day for two. We are sharing a rental car with another couple so that should cut down on transportation costs.
23rd July 2012

Hi you are sure to have a great time! We reckon you shouldn't miss Te Anau or Milford Sound but having just left Alaska and seen the glaciers there i would give FJ. Fox and Greymouth a miss if you are short on time. We stayed mainly in motels and a few hostels (you can get private rooms with showers but they aren't necessarily cheaper than motels if you check around, but can be in good locations in town centres) unless i specifically mentioned a motel/hostel we stayed in, in my blog im sorry but i can't remember - we've been through too many countries and accomodations since then lol, but your budget for accomodation was the same as ours and we did manage to get by on that. Eating out was expensive but if you are going to make your own or just have fish and chips or burgers you should manage on $60 NZ a day. We found NZ to be generally a very expensive country but it was well worth it! Hope you have a great time! All the best Melanie
17th June 2012

Green Eyed monster
Oh why didn't we join you in Hawaii!
From Blog: Kuau'i
20th June 2012

Ha ha ha, i knew you would think that! Wish you had, it would have been fun!
From Blog: Kuau'i
27th April 2012

Many thanks for your comments, I felt honoured to have had the opportunity to go there and see the pups, downside is i guess now more people will have heard about them!
26th April 2012

Great photos
Glad you got to see the pups. Great photos. I have been going there for ten years and due to the darkness back in there the photos are hard to get. I used to be the only one back there up until a couple of years ago. So many people now go there by the bus load I am afraid it will be closed down to the public.
20th April 2012

Climbing up Franz Josef Glacier
Where is the copy of the certificate for climbing up the glacier like what your aged parents got when they did it? (with photos to prove it)
22nd April 2012

Ha ha you got us there! We couldn't afford to do that trip - even if i had been fit enough!!
23rd January 2012

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31st December 2011

I came across your blog and enjoyed it very much. I am a nurse and a single parent of a 12 year old boy. We are considering an adventure. I thought him and I could live in Jodhpur for a year. I could take a LOA from work him from his current school. I could nurse in Jodhpur if they would have me and he could go to school. In your blog you mention an english speaking school. Do you know anyone or any school that would suffice for a 12 year old english speaking child. I am not looking to shield him from culture.
13th November 2011

Just read your page on Monteverde, as we will be going there in a few months. Great blog. Can't wait to read your next page.
From Blog: Costa Rica!
14th November 2011

Thanks for your comments, hope you have a great time and make sure you go zip lining!
From Blog: Costa Rica!
14th November 2011

Thanks for your comments, hope you have a great time and make sure you go zip lining!
From Blog: Costa Rica!

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