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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 12th 2009

First day of classes! On a finalement commencé nos cours. Nos cours se donnent l'après-midi de 2h a 6h et on dirait que l'école a été envahi de Brésiliens. Après avoir fait le test de placement le matin on a quitté l'école pour se promener a pied au centre ville. On suis en train d'attendre le souper (C'est à 21h30) et on est en train de mourir de faim. Il va falloir s'habituer bientot a manger aussi tard... For the first day at school we had to be there quite early. And since Davide kinda explained to us how to get there, we decided to walk. As we arrived, at the door we met Karishma (or cuchara for Steph), an Indian girl born in Hong Kong. I didnt have to do a placement test, so I ... read more
Galerias Pacifico

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 11th 2009

Enfin arrivées à Buenos Aires!!! Apres environ 22 heures à cause du retard de mon vol New-York - Buenos Aires La femme qui nous accueille est bien gentille et nous a servi un repas spécial pour notre arrivée. On a lui avait aussi apporté une bouteille de sirop d'erable mais on a eu beaucoup de difficulté à expliquer à une Argentine qu'est-ce c'est en espagnol! We then went out with our two new roommates (one from Switzerland and the other one from Italy). They don't speak any English (but we're assuming they were pretending so) so I acted as Elena's translator during most of the night. Arrival was very much anticipated, so as I went trough the passport control I was pleasantly surprised that they dont really care if you have arrived. Stef and I were ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 10th 2009

Jour 1 Grand depart prevu le 10 Janvier 2009 a 2:35pm avec Escale a New-York. It's going to be a bilingual travel blog with some parts in English and others in French. I'm too lazy to translate everything so you'll have to use your dictionary or work on your French/English. Arrive prevue le 11 janvier 2009 a 11:15am (ahhhhhhhhhhhh apres 17 heures.) I'm planning on adding comments and pictures on a regular basis during my trip to South America. You can also add comments about my entries or send me private messages. ... read more
Elena et moi

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