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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 11th 2009

Nous pris l'avion la veille de Calama jusqu'à Santiago. Nous nous sentions plus ou moins bien alors notre journée à Santiago a été plutôt tranquille. Nous avons commencé notre journée en allant au parc métropolitain de Santiago. Un petit train funiculaire nous a mene au sommet du cerro San Cristobal (863m) pres du sanctuaire de la vierge où Jean Paul II celebra une messe et ou nous avons apprecié la vue sur la ville et les montagnes tout autour. Après la visite du parc nous nous sommes arretées dans quelques marchés d'artisanat pour faire quelques emplettes.... Nous sommes ensuite allées au centre historisque de Santiago le temps de prendre quelques photos. Nous avons finalement terminé notre journée à Santiago avec un souper dans un restaurant italien.... read more
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South America » Chile » Atacama February 10th 2009

Lever 6h30, car l’agence vient nous chercher à 7h00 à l'hotel. Notre premier arrêt et au Salar d’Atacama. Il est gigantesque, 320 000 hectares, on voit du sel partout, avec des couleurs impressionnantes et aussi tout l’écosystème qui y est associé. 1ère halte dans le salar, plus précisément  à la laguna Chaxa où on a vu des flamands roses (des flamencos chilenos et des flamencos de James).La vie des flamand roses n’est pas facile, ils sont protégés car d’après un recensement dans les salars du Chili et de Bolivie, il n’en reste plus beaucoup, car ils manquent de nourriture (ils se nourrissent d’une sorte de plancton). On a ensuite eu droit à un copieux petit déjeuner, comme la veille (pain, fromage, paté, manjar, confiture, gâteaux, thé café…) On a repris le bus direction Socaire, petit village ... read more
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First Excursion; El Tatio geysers We got up at 3:30am to be on time for our 4:00am excursion.. Tough morning... or I should rather say tough night! (When we were going to the Gerseys, I thought about how crazy we are to get up at 3:30am and go in the middle of the desert at a temperature of about -10 degrees). We tried to sleep on the bus on our way to the Geyser del Tatio but the roads in the middle of the desert are really bumby so didn't manage to sleep much. (I had no idea what a Geyser was before coming to Chile so here's the wikipedia definition: "A geyser is a hot spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by a vapour phase (steam)". In brief, it's steam ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 8th 2009

There are only 3 buses a week that go to San Pedro and they all leave at 7:00am so we got up at 5:30 to be at the bus station at 6:30am. The bus ride was amazing with rocks of 7 different colors in the first part and the desert in the second part. I was happy to see a lot of captuses! :) The landscape started changing as we were getting to Chile. We finally got to the Argentinean customs located at about 5,000 meters above the sea. I started being nauxious as I was walking around the customs. A paramedic saw me not being able to walk straight and recommended me to go the first aid room. Things started being black and blurred and fainted in the arms of 2 guards who brought me ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta February 7th 2009

After a long 12 hour bus ride we finally made it to Salta. When we got to the bus station we were surprised to realize that everyone was staring at us, children and women included. We were by far the whitest and blondest girls in the place. We couldn't wait to get out of there. We waited for about an hour to get our Salta-San Pedro ticket (I think I already mentionned companies have random open hours). We were quite relieved that our suspicious bank transfer to the bus company worked out and got our hang written bus ticket. We went to San Lorenzo to do horse riding. We rided across several nice gorges and learned the basics abotu horse-riding. We also had a beautiful view of Salta, San Lorenzo and the mountains from a « mirador ». ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 6th 2009

We headed to school for our last day of classes in Cordoba.Elena didn't seem to be sad about leaving her teacher Andrea... who asked really personal and awkward questions in class (such as were you spanked when you were young or describe your first real relationship and how it started) Oh I and forgot to mention she made out with one of the students. We spent most of the afternoon getting ready for our week of travelling. The bus was unusually almost on time, which is quite different than what we are used to. Also we were pleasantly surprised that we will be having a dinner consisting of a sandwich, rice salad and sweet desert. Half way through it they brought us hot milanesa con papas! And drinks... and chocolates! Steph exclaimed « This is my favourite ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 5th 2009

I spent the first part of the afternoon reserving the hotels and excursions for next week while Elena was writing her final exam. After her exam we walked around the city, going in some stores and eating our daily ice cream. We then had a Cordoba beer in a really nice restaurant close to a church. I unsurprisingly spilled most of my beer int he restaurant but Elena was nice enough to give me some of hers. We also finally managed to visit Cordoba's main church located at Plaza San Martin. After dinner we went to the BBQ organized by the school and had a few drinks with the other students. After some time we decided to take a cab back home. Two policemen stopped our car for about 5 minutes and started asking the cab ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 3rd 2009

We went to school, then had lunch with nice stuffed tomatoes. We searched for tasty ice cream (again) and we spent the afternoon doing more internet work ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 2nd 2009

C’était une journée plutôt tranquille aujourd’hui. Nous sommes allées à nos cours et ensuite au centre d’achat. Nous avons ensuite réservé quelques hotels pour notre semaine de voyage.... read more

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