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Shane and Karla are taking a long trip to Scotland

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík » Kopavogur July 24th 2012

We are now sitting in Iceland waiting for the flight to Halifax. Our holiday to Scotland has had too many highlights to describe. Visiting family and friends, attending an amazing wedding and finally being true tourists. Its hard to believe we fitted so much into 15 days, we managed to explore a lot of Scotland within this time and even a small part of England. We would like to Thank all our friends and family who were able to meet up with us and treated us to meals, presents and sweeties, it was so great to see you all. We hope everyone enjoyed reading the blog, we had a lot of fun exploring the old buildings and writing about our adventures. Just wait for the next big trip!!! Shane and Karla... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Dunblane July 23rd 2012

Unfortunately Chris had to go back to work today so Alex, Shane and Karla decided to head out and go for a drive, as we opened the front door to see it was pouring rain, this did not deter us and once we jumped over the river in the driveway to get to the car we were off. On our way to Balloch we stoped at Doune Castle. It was build in 15th Century as a private home for the Kings brother, although it was not completed in time before his death so the castle was left to ruin until the 18th century when it started to get preserved. This is the only known castle in Scotland that has not been added too or built on from its original design. It was a really cool castle ... read more
One Big Fireplace
Its as big as my head!
Doune Courtyard

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Stirling July 22nd 2012

We woke up early to a nice half sunny half cloudy day, after a quick breakfast we set off to Stirling to get our guided tour of the old town jail. We were greeted at the door by a grumpy old warden who lead the very funny but informative tour around the lower level cells in the jail. After some free time to wander around ourselves we went upstairs to see the upper level cells where a female tour guide showed us around. The tour explained the old jail times when men, women and children were all imprisoned and the female prisoners were responsible for cooking, cleaning, laundry and sewing within the jail while male prisoners were kept in their cells aprat from a 15 minute exercise time on the roof. The jail got deemed the ... read more
View From the Exercise yard
Norma John and Tom
Parking Lot at Wallace Monument

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Roxburghshire » Jedburgh July 21st 2012

We drove down to the Scottish borders today to visit a few abbeys. First we visited Jedburgh which is a lovely border town, when we arrived we went for lunch at the coffee corner which is a great wee spot to refuel before going to the Abbey. Jedburgh Abbey is a stunning building, the first church was built on the site at 830, then a bishop from Glasgow built the existing abbey in 1138, vaults, undercrofts and cellars were also built in the early 1200's within the grounds. Jedburgh Abbey had to endure four major attacks between 1409-1523 which destroyed most of the complex. Now there is much conservation work being done to keep the remaining buildings in tact and what is left standing is very beautiful to see. We also walked round the ruins of ... read more
Melrose abbey
Dryburgh abbey
Dryburgh windows

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » East Lothian » North Berwick July 20th 2012

As we headed down the road towards an abandoned air strip in East Fortune on the coast of Scotland, we all buzzed as we anxiously talked about what to expect on the driving experience. We arrived at the air field and the overcast sky broke to reveal a bright blue Scottish sky to everyone’s delight. As Shane saw the cars for the first time a huge smile appeared that went from ear to ear. We were all able to have a walk around the cars as well as get a chance to sit in them all. There were five cars: a Ferrari 430, Audi R8, Nissan Rt, Porsche GT3 and a race prepped Lotus Elise. Shane had to choose 3 cars to drive and got 3 laps round the coned track in each car. Shanes first ... read more
drivig the Porche
A very happy shane
karla wishing

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 18th 2012

We drove to Edinburgh on Wednesday 18th for a three day visit. The trip started by Karla and Alex being dropped off at the spa for a pampering afternoon. Our pleasures included a hot stone massage for Karla, which was totally fantastic, Alex getting a Swedish massage and then both of us getting a manicure and pedicure. The boys went into the town centre and they went on a tour of the Edinburgh Dungeons and John Knox House which was built in 1470. They had a great afternoon learning about the history of Edinburgh’s criminal system including being sentenced, torture techniques and jails during the ages as well as a ride that simulated getting hung! We then all met up and the hotel and got checked. We unpacked and relaxed while the rain fell then we ... read more
karla playing with musckets
cocktails at hard rock
edinburgh castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Fife » Saint Andrews July 17th 2012

Today we all got up early and packed a picnic. We set out in the car and headed to Dollar to visit Castle Campbell which is set high up in the forest of Dollar Glen. We parked and walked to the amazing castle. The castle was built over time with parts being added by new owners. The oldest part is called the castle gloom which is a high tower with four floors and a roof walk, this was built in 1430. We had so much fun exploring this great building running up and down the stairs, in and out of rooms like children. Once on the roof the views were spectacular, we could see for miles with hillside and trees to one side and on the other an open valley over looking the village of Dollar. ... read more
being silly
up castle campbell
old building

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Stirling July 16th 2012

Today after a much deserved late lie, we set off to Stirling to visit a real 14thcentury castle. Stirling Castle is an amazing site as you drive into Stirling on the motor way. Its built on top of a rocky hill with a winding cobble stone road that took you to the top. On the walk towards the draw bridge was a wonderful view of the city of Stirling with the Wallace Monument beaming in the sunlight in the distance. Once through the draw bridge was the castles court yard surrounded by very tall walls designed to keep enemies out. We made our way up another hill through the inner gate where we got to see some of the amazing sculptures that were carved hundreds of years ago, to see first hand the size of the ... read more
the view from the wall
the queens chamber fireplace
the great hall

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Strathblane July 15th 2012

So after a full Scottish breakfast at the hotel we headed out on our own to let Chris and Alex spend some time with their families. We decided to take the long drive through the countryside to Strathblane on our way we drove through Karla’s old village called Kippen, we stopped at her old house and primary school for photos. Then we drove down the country roads to Strathblane where we enjoyed the views and scenery. We arrived at Karla’s Grandpa’s house. We were welcomed with a huge hug quickly followed by a cup of tea and cake. We had a great time sitting chatting and catching up on the village news. Grandpa then informed Shane on some of the villages history and local sights. After our hour and a half visit there were tears as ... read more
Glengoyne Stills
40 year old Cask

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire » Aberfoyle July 14th 2012

So we all got up with butterflies in our stomach anxiously awaiting the big moment. Shane and Chris headed to Stirling to wash the car and have breakfast then they headed to the hotel to get ready. Karla and Alex went to Stirling to collect the flowers then drove to Aberfoyle to sip champagne and get dressed. By 3pm we were all ready with pictures taken and slowly making final preparations and drove to the church. We were all eagerly waiting for Alex’s arrival, as the rain clouds moved off we noticed a wee bit of sun peeping through just in time. Alex steps out the car and makes her way to the church and we see the anticipation on Chris’s face to see his beautiful bride for the first time in her wedding gown and ... read more
getting ready

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