Shane's early birthday presant

Published: July 22nd 2012
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As we headed down the road towards an abandoned air strip in East Fortune on the coast of Scotland, we all buzzed as we anxiously talked about what to expect on the driving experience. We arrived at the air field and the overcast sky broke to reveal a bright blue Scottish sky to everyone’s delight. As Shane saw the cars for the first time a huge smile appeared that went from ear to ear.

We were all able to have a walk around the cars as well as get a chance to sit in them all. There were five cars: a Ferrari 430, Audi R8, Nissan Rt, Porsche GT3 and a race prepped Lotus Elise.

Shane had to choose 3 cars to drive and got 3 laps round the coned track in each car.

Shanes first car to drive was the Ferrari, he started the engine and we all gasped at the roar, he pulled away and it wasn’t long before his foot was down and the car was off up the track.

Secondly he drove the Lotus, the first challenge was to get in the low cramped car but after being buckled into the 5 point harness the car was soon roaring up the track.

By now Karla being the photographer also took the role of cheering Shane on however Alex was too busy covering her face with her hands at the horror that is Shane driving fast in these very expensive cars to cheer.

Lastly the Porsche was ready to go, having the hang of the track and the race equipped cars Shane was getting the most out of the Porsche and going full speed.

As he finished the event he was beaming, what a fantastic experience. Then the organiser came round to talk to us about the cars and to ask what Shane thought of the drives he offered us the chance to buy ‘Hot Laps’ which is 10 pounds for two laps in the car our choice driven by a qualified instructor. Of course we all jumped at the chance. Shane took the passenger seat in the Nissan, Alex got strapped in the Lotus and Chris and Karla jumped one at a time into the Ferrari.

By the end of it we were ALL smiling like Cheshire cats, what fun it was seeing the power, speed and handling of these cars.

All the way home the car was full of chatter about our drives, it was great that we all got a part of the experience but most of all it was Shane who enjoyed the unique drives in the amazing cars.

We drove up to Livingston to have fish and chips with Chris’s parents at their house. After amazing homemade dessert we drove back to the house for a good nights sleep.

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