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North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans November 8th 2012

Geo: 29.9537, -90.0778New Orleans (Awlins as pronounced here) was a Liz choice and it was a good call - we've had an excellent time. From arriving on Tuesday in time for a cruise up and down Bourbon Street, a decent dinner, a jazz session at the Preservation Hall then back to the hotel to watch CNN as the election results came in and see it live as Romney conceded and Obama made his speech. What a result - now it's all the post election analysis and predictions of the end of the Republican Party. If only we could look forward to a similar fate for the Tories!Wednesday morning we joined a walking tour of the French Quarter, courtyards and cemetery. Following a lunch that consisted of lots of bread (a spinach and artichoke dip served inside ... read more
Liz and Andrew Jackson
Peter in the sculpture garden
Peter and a paddle steamer

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah November 5th 2012

Geo: 32.0808, -81.0907We protested about leaving Charleston, having little idea of what was ahead, but Savannah Historic Town was beautiful and after a slightly cheesy tram car ride round the city to get ourselves orientated we walked oursleves to exhaustion that afternoon and the next day. We stayed in a comfortable row (terraced) house and explored the old squares, museums and colonial cemetery with the help of a walking tour guide. Many of the old houses (60 in total) have been adopted by SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design- which seems partly responsible for the city's regeneration, together with donations of beautiful mansions to the state by wealthy Women, fo Museums and Art galleries. I understood better how this came to pass when a guide explained that women with a wealthy inheritance could own ... read more
a confederate rose
great examle of spanish moss
out enjoying the architecture

North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston November 3rd 2012

Geo: 32.7812, -79.9316Our drive south from New Canaan was surprisingly trouble free. We got mobile phone coverage back in the first hour, the bridges at New York were free, probably because a lot of people stayed home, the only thing that was causing others problems was the shortage of gas/petrol. Queues at the service stations on the New Jersey Turnpike were over a mile to get into them to fill up but our hire car started full so it didn't bother us. A phone call to US Airways and they confirmed the flight from Washington to Charleston the next morning was good, so we even had a couple lof hours to go to the Lincoln Memorial and the various War Memorials before returning the car and getting our heads down for an early start next morning ... read more
Taking it easy on the pier
A huge 'Live Oak' festooned with Spanish Moss
Martin Luther King monument

North America » United States » Connecticut » New Canaan October 29th 2012

Geo: 41.1481, -73.493There's something odd about Amtrak trains - you buy 'reserved coach' seats (that's standard class) but they don't allocate you seats. So you get on two stops after the start and its a real struggle to find two seats together! So Liz decided we would hijack two seats for handicapped travellers and no-one, not even the conductor, seemed to mind. And we were met at Stamford station by David.Immediately the problems posed by Hurricane Sandy presented themselves. Our next train was booked for Monday, and Thursday we have a flight booked to Charleston. Should we leave on Sunday instead, as the weather got worse it seemed unlikely the Monday evening trains would run, and then we got the e-mail from Amtrak telling us our Monday train was, indeed, cancelled. So we now have an ... read more
Building the dam
The closest tree to take out power lines

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 26th 2012

Geo: 42.3585, -71.0596An early start from Belfast with a first stop on top of the hill (by car!) in Camden Hills State Park for another stunning view, then to Freeport, home of LL Bean (for the uninitiated very like John Lewis - but with extras). And finally back down Interstate 95 to Boston, watching the petrol gauge because the car has to be returned empty and I'm not giving Avis more than I have to. Annie had invited Bill and Mary (who we have known for years, Bill is also one of the organisers at Putnam Camp in the Adirondacks that we visited earlier in the trip. So that was a good evening and next day we focussed on local errands and chores (laundry and the like) and a walk round Lake Waban which sits, mostly, ... read more
The vdery same lake
Liz and a lobster
Round Mountain

North America » United States » Maine » Belfast October 25th 2012

Geo: 44.4258, -69.0069We had a great breakfast on the terrace/veranda of our Jonesport B&B and chatted with our hosts (New Yorkers), the place is for sale because their age is against them.....very tempting.This was the best B&B ever and on this brilliant sunny day, when we woke watched the sun rise while lying n bed in the spacius attic, through the panorama windows I { Liz} could move here tomorrow. But i'm told that winters are long and summers short and other than fantastic scenery everything is miles away. Cloudless blue skies certainly make the trip, even if the wind was a little chilly.Then the brother of the 'landlady' gave us a tour of the ground floor of the next door house which the Jonesport Historical Society are developing as their museum/meeting place. Much of it ... read more
liz on cadillac mountain
getting ready for lunch on Schooner Head
these beaches are too good to share

North America » United States » Maine October 22nd 2012

Geo: 44.5328, -67.5989An ample breakfast, more chatting with our hosts in Alma a nd we were off again. So far we have driven about 3,400 miles). But it was a quicjk trip into Fundy National Park and we were soon out of the car again to embark on the first of three walks, one to a waterfall, one to a beach, and one to Caribou Plains (no Caribou and no Plains but plenty of trees, a peat bog and Beaver ponds - but no beavers)Then South toward the Canada/USA border with stops at the 'La Crloix' monument - the little island in the La Croix river which was the first Frence settlement in 1604 - there are monuments both in Canada and the USA on opposite banks of the La Croix river which marks the border. ... read more
Taking the boardwalk to the waterfall
Strange timbers on the 'beach
The boardwalk across the peat bog

North America » Canada » New Brunswick October 21st 2012

Geo: 45.6021, -64.9428We left Lunenberg somewhat reluctantly having been rather taken with that South Eastern Coast of Nova Scotia though we were pleased to hear from some folk we met while walking that there are direct flights between Gatwick and Halifax which would facilitate a return at some point in the future.We were headed for the little town of Alma in New Brunswick, gateway to Fundy National Park. We would be staying at Cleveland Place B&B (and bookstore....and Gift Shop) and the friendly folks there had already told us of a couple of good stops on the way, Hopewell Rocks Country Park and Cape Enrage. Hopewell sits at the top corner of the Bay of Fundy where the tides are enormous and swepp in over tidal flats and erode the cliffs into strange shapes and stacks ... read more
The tide sweeps in over the flats
The eroded cliff...and her indoors!
A covered bridge, on the trans-canada trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg October 20th 2012

Geo: 44.3772, -64.3185Lunenberg is a pretty little town on the coast of Nova Scotia, south of Halifax. It was originally settled by the French but the English, wary of those Roman Catholics, imported a whole bunch of French and German protestants who started by farming and then got into boatbuilding and fishing and built themselvs a solid community and some beautiful fishing schooners, prominent among them the Bluenose which spent the summer fishing then took on all comers in the Fishing Schooners international sailing race and won every year, and i s now featured on a Canadian 50 cent stamp. It was eventually pensioned off and sank somewhere on the other side of the world but now they have Bluenose II which takes tourists round the bay.Seriously though they have an impressive collection of large sailing ... read more
Another lonely beach, but cold water
Taken through a telescope
Bluenose II

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Caraquet October 16th 2012

Geo: 47.7911, -64.9523The rain didn't stop pouring all day on Peter's birthday. It was a long seven hour drive to the wilds of New Brunswick at Caraquet, but at least we stayed dry. When we compained about the cold wind and steely cloud in Quebec we were told that 5 degrees is nothing. It gets down to Minus 60 celsius in Winter and is often - 30 degrees, and somebody said 'at least its not raining' which it then proceeded to do for the next 2 days. So we're getting good impression of how short the summer is here and winter is setting in. We should therfore be more grateful I suppose for the gulf stream which keeps England much milder on a similar latitide. Looking forward to going South from now on. The hotel does ... read more
they have to tie the lighthouse down
The boardwalk to the beach
Nice to have the beach to yourself

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