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North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 14th 2012

Geo: 46.8266, -71.3024It was an easy 3 hour drive up to Quebec, where the pine trees begin to take over from deciduous fall colours. We're now in hotels for 10 days and on our own. Time to spread out a bit, more reading and exploring, probably determined to some extent by variable weather. The dominance of French speakers, French signage and culture seems somehow misplaced in this huge American continent, but history tells you otherwise. The Quebecois language is, however, fairly impenetrable, with a strong accent and local vocabulary. They think French French rather posh. Communicating in English is a fail safe!our small hotel was walking distance from the old town and surrounded by useful shops and resturants. We followed the hotelier's advice for resturants, not knowing any better, and had two great American brunches and ... read more
Pumpkins everywhere
Liz wondering why Gandhi is here
Funny address

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal October 13th 2012

Geo: 45.5075, -73.5587Good to spend more time with Abby and JP and little Elodie of course, putting us up in their flat in a funky neighbourhood in the culturally vibrant city of Montreal. We heard more about life in this busy city from them, and about life of university academics, than we observed first hand, both the all too short, busy summer past and their forebodings for the cold winter to come. We went out to eat at a great French resturant in the local neighbourhood and toured the parks on a beautiful, cold, crisp morning the next day. Bracing temperatures of 5 degrees the last few days, alternately sunny and rainy, certainly suggest that winter is not far away. We didn't envisage quite such low temperatures and we're carrying a very limited wardrobe in 2 ... read more
where they live
a Montreal street
candes in the Basilica

North America » Canada » Ontario October 11th 2012

Geo: 44.4222, -78.2734Took us six hours or so to drive here yesterday including crossing the border into Canada and visiting Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is a pretty old town situated where the Niagara river flows into Lake Ontario. It was called Newark, and was the capital town, until the British got nervous of the closeness of the French and moved the capital to Toronto (which was called York back then) and the French promptly sacked Newark and burnt it down. So the British came back and rebuilt it and its now a pretty, touristy town with lots of old buildings.Anyway, Liz's uncle lives in a modern condo in the little town of Lakefield a few miles from Peterborough, north west of Toronto.The area doesn't possess a wealth of things worth seeing but we went to see the Lift ... read more
Uncle Michael (pretending to sing)
Lizand Uncle
Niagara on the lake

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 9th 2012

Geo: 43.0955, -79.0559Really just a one day report of a trip to Niagara falls. Having spent the morning catching up on e-mails and this blog we set out about 11 for Niagara, about 25 miles away. Peter managed not to spot the sign indicating the speed limit had dropped from 65 to 55 (nothing else seemed to slow down) and found himself being pulled overby a policeman. The policeman seemed a little crestfallen when a UK licence was produced and handed over a summons - which couldn't cope with UK postcodes - and grudgingly admitted it was all pretty meaningless.Never-the-less we proceeded at a more moderate pace to Niagara where we joined a tour round the attractions, the highlights of which were the elevator ride and boardwalk near the bottom of the American Falls and the ... read more
Not as wet as some
getting wet on a boat
Peter getting wet

North America » United States » New York October 6th 2012

Geo: 44.1897, -73.7864Putnam Camp was established way back in the late 19th century by a bunch of sophisticated city folk who wanted an escape back to nature where they could pursue intellectual matters, read, play games and hike up the surrounding mountains. One of the founders was the brother of Henry James and was an early adopter of the methods of Freud and, indeed, when Freud and Jung visited the USA they went to stay at Putnam. Freud said that these Americans like to think they are roughing it but actually had all modern conveniences. Well by todays standards the conveniences aren't so modern. There is no TV, no mobile phone reception, no internet (whether or not to provide wi-fi is a hot topic of debate), heating is by wood burning stoves (there was snow on ... read more
Walking through the Fall foliage
Putnam camp
More fall colours

North America » United States » Massachusetts September 29th 2012

Geo: 41.5918, -70.9411Annie and Tim were with us Friday evening to Sunday evening and then we were left to ourselves in this house in the middle of nowhere, I tell you - seeing a car drive by on the road at the bottom of the drive is an event!Despite the less-than-wonderful weather (it has poured with rain a lot of the time) we got out and about for walks on the beach, Liz even managing a swim in the sea one sunny day - though reporting it to be at least as cold as the Lido - we went to New Bedford to see the Whaling Museum, on a walk on the local trail through the woods we found a notice telling us the annual event to tag Monarch butterfles was taking place the same afternoon. ... read more
More of us on the beach
Monty the dog walking on water
Whale skeleton (with calf)

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem September 28th 2012

Geo: 42.5224, -70.8958First priority next day was to get Peter's phone equipped with a USA simcard to avoid paying O2 £6 a megabyte for data, sounds simple but involved long phone calls and a trip to a T-Mobile store. Following which we set off for Fenway Park (the Boston RedSox venue) to make a start on Barny's shopping list - only to start off in the wrong direction resulting in a ride on the Metro (T) to get back to where we needed to be. Then we walked further to get a bite to eat at the cafe in the Isabella Gardner Museum but then, daunted at the prospect of paying $15 ($10) each to get in we crossed to the Fine Art Museum where Annies membership card got us in free. Principal interest was the ... read more
Museum of Fine Art Boston
Painted by an American, in Cullercoats
East India Room, Peabody Essex Museum

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 26th 2012

Geo: 42.3585, -71.0596This is the beginning of a seven week trip up and down the eastern seaboard of North America from Nova Scotia to the Florida Keys.Arriving at Boston airport in the middle of the afternoon we picked up our Kia (ugh) hirecar from Avis and while Peter learnt to interpret the satnav he had brought with him we made our way by a variety of confusing tunnels and motorways to the familiar street with Annie and Tim's house which we know well from previous visits and where we were greeted by Annie and Monty the dog.It was great to have a long catchup chat over tea but by the time Tim came home from work and supper was served our body time was beyond midnight and we began to droop! ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 15th 2012

Geo: 41.0245, 28.9881Having decided to fly it made yesterday a really easy day. Slow start, train to the airport, 1 hour flight to Istanbul, into Sultanahmet by train and tram. So I made up for it today by starting fairly early and rushing all over the place. First to the Museum of Innocence, for those that know nothing of it this is the museum of the story of the book same name in English), the museum of the infatuation in the book written by. Orhan Pamuk (winner Nobel prize for literature) and if you haven't read the book then there isn't much point going to the museum. Of course if you haven't read the book then you have to and then you have to go to the museum. Simple. And then you would appreciate the exhibition ... read more
st saviour in chora
dolphins in the bosphorous

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 13th 2012

Geo: 44.4479, 26.0979My tour of part of Moldova north east of. Chisinau consisted of a monastery complex set in delightful gardens but what you see are modern reconstructions of buildings that were destroyed during the Soviet period, Moldova. was part of the Russian Empire, in 1918 it became independent and joined with Romania but in 1940 they split again, Romania supporting Germany and Moldova supporting Russia and Russia annexed it. They are ethnically Romanian and the moldovan language is Romanian. Then went to a historic church complex in caves in an amazing ridge formed where a river does a u-turn when it runs into rocks it can't get through. Nice old priest let me take his photo. Then we went for lunch at the drivers home in a village, cooked by his wife. Quite primitive, outside ... read more
Me and an old cross and some other folk
Slightly odd but friendly priest
Slightly odd but friendly priest

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