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17th March 2016

welcome back! Thanks for posting all these interesting posts. you will be needing now to get reaclimatised!! Russell
4th March 2016

good that you have had a chance to rest a bit? Love the descriptions of local life which remind me curiously of a mix of nepal and cuba (especially the well turned out children!). Enjoy the rest of your trip.
24th February 2016

Looks lovely. I remember Periyar where we saw elephants maybe ? 8 years ago. Though we were walking through the forest and attracted hoards of leeches. Enjoy Goa. Xx
12th February 2016

VOC + Dutch East India Company - blossoming in the Golden Age!
8th February 2016

Looks great. Will be there in the 20th. Do we need an umbrella??
7th February 2016

Very atmospheric. Can see it in mind's eye and feel the air. Glad it's going well.
13th March 2015

My goodness Liz, this is an impressively professional looking website.Very interesting. I would like to have seen more of your Mexican photos but the ones of Cuba and your comments about it are particularly interesting as we have not been
there.Many thanks. Pamela
25th February 2015

Too much beer mum!!? ;)
8th February 2015

It all looks so wonderful and such a contrast to Feb in the UK where it's been so cold these last few days!
2nd February 2015

peter/lizfascinating stuff. I wonder how many road users have sat nav? Interesting also about the speed bumps. Could one argue for them on environmental grounds perhaps? But good business presumably for the car repair small business! W
hat's next for you? And how is Liz's ankle?keep safe and happy,I won't bore you with news from here - you have probably heard that we are in a cold spell with snow on the allotment. Actually I quite like it! RussellRusslel
21st October 2014

Really enjoyed reading your blog Peter ( belatedly) . Lovely to read about fact, fiction, descriptions, embellished by your own humorous observations. Sounds such an amazing trip.Welcome home .
13th October 2014

there certainly should
12th October 2014

Geoff remembers swimming in the river there!
12th October 2014

The V-sign, either way, palm facing in or out, means victory or freedom in most countries. It is only really in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand that displaying it with the palm towards you is considered rude (and it also has not
hing to do with chopping off the fingers of archers).In Iran however it is not advisable to give a thumbs up, this basically means "up yours" and this also applies to using it in Afghanistan, Greece and Italy.
12th October 2014

Great photo, love this. Should there be water running through here?
4th October 2014

A sad story. Such brutality
4th October 2014

A strange city - no people!
3rd October 2014

stunning pictures from a part of the world largely unknown to Western travellers- people seem to have been very hospitable !
2nd October 2014

Wow, that's crazy! So it just keeps on burning?
2nd October 2014

He's got a Ferrari on is top, he must be fast.
2nd October 2014

Look's like an epic drive. Beautiful horses.
2nd October 2014

This crazy chap went in it!

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