Durham County Council Erasmus+ Germany 2017


Durham County Council Erasmus+ Germany 2017

Following a successful European funding bid Regeneration and Local Services part of Durham County Council have been given the fantastic opportunity to send 5 apprentices over to Tubingen, Germany to participate in a 2 week work placement with our German colleagues.

I will be accompanying our apprentices to ensure they maximize their experience and are safe throughout their stay, this blog will be updated regularly to keep everyone involved in our experiences.

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 9th 2017

So the placement comes to an end and the journey home starts, all the group have had a fantastic time but agree they are all ready to see family and friends and enjoy some home comforts. Its been an amazing experience both personally and professionally for everyone involved and we all feel like we have not just established some excellent working relationships but also made some friends for life - some of the group have even mentioned coming back over on holiday maybe in the summer months to enjoy some of the summer activities that this place has to offer. The weather has been as expected in Europe in Nov/Dec but its given us the chance to experience some things that wouldn't be taking place normally especially the chocolART festival, the twinned photography exhibition and the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 8th 2017

Over the past few days we have been working on the presentation that we were to give to those which we have been introduced to and worked with during our time here. It was important that we all gathered our notes, and experiences together to discuss what should be part of this. After deciding on the factors, we then went through, together, what we believed to be important to that particular point. After the team effort of producing presentation, we then decided who would be speaking about what parts, and whether some points were a group focus. We were then able to go through and refresh our knowledge on our specific points. All in preparation for today’s presentation! We introduced the presentation by giving some background information about where Durham is located and in relation to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 6th 2017

Wednesday started with an early morning. Something that a few of us had forgotten how to manage. Bleary eyes led us to the bus stop at the bridge near the centre of town with the aim of getting to a local school or Gimnasium. One bus later and we were all the way around the corner at the main bus station. Wrong bus. Take two seemed to be taking us in a different direction. Hopefully the correct one this time. Seeing our stop name appear on the screen meant we could all breath a sigh of relief. That was until we were given the task of trying to find the correct building. After some assistance we were in the correct place, in an environment that felt strangely familiar to all of us. We were greeted by ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 5th 2017

This morning it was work experience with the apprentices of Tübingen. We went all went off to different offices with one of the German apprentices. Firstly I worked with Anna Lina in the Rathaus to look at how she inputs data into the system for the amount of people who voted in different villages. She said for elections the age is 18 but for council voting people could vote at the age of 16 although she said not many young people vote for the council ones. She also showed me other tasks, like putting applications on for the ‘Bundesverdienstkreuz’ which is translated to ‘Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany’. Only 200,000 individuals in total have been awarded this and it is for the recognition and gratitude of deserving men and women of the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 4th 2017

We ended our week with a relaxing, quiet Sunday in which we went for lunch down the road. After this we then had time to ourselves before meeting again later for tea. The second week (Monday) began with the group getting together to discuss the presentation which we are presenting to the people we have met over our time here. The main reason for this meeting was to discuss any issues or concerns we had, and just to bring the information together so that we can get started on the PowerPoint presentation for Friday. The main points that we are going to include in the presentation are about what we have learned. For example, there will be slides about planning, tourism, local government and transport. As well as our whole impression of the area. We still ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 3rd 2017

On Saturday morning we made an early journey across town and to the train station to head to Stuttgart. After buying our tickets we managed to catch our train fairly easily and began heading through the snowy German countryside to Stuttgart. Upon arrival we tried to work out which underground train we needed to take to try and get to the other side of the city where the Mercedes Benz arena (football stadium) and the Mercedes Benz museum were situated. After a few wrong trains and an hour of confusion we had to follow a group of the Stuttgart youth team who were going to training so that we could board the right bus and get to the ground. After having a look at the huge ground we ventured to the club shop where we bought ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen December 1st 2017

Our first week in Tübingen was coming to an end. In some was it seemed like we had blinked and missed the first week. With some more homesick than others, the week had seemed a little longer. We started off the morning by meeting two people working in the tourist industry within Tübingen promoting various different aspects of the town in different ways. The company involved in this were a limited company with heavy links to the authority. This meant that they had a great idea of the way this part of Tübingens tourist industry worked. The group promoted new and upcoming businesses as well as supporting already established businesses within the area. The ongoing task that they face is targeting the European market and trying to make these tourists stay for longer than the usually ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen November 30th 2017

Firstly we walked into the city in the snow and went to a cafe to discuss the presentation and who would be taking on the specific areas of research needed. We also planned our next research trip to the University hospital and clinics as we would have gone today had the weather been more suitable for the amount of time we would spend there and to take photographs. Furthermore, we discussed a lot about the differences between Tübingen and Durham and some of the similarities regarding planning and traffic as we have been looking into it this week. We then went to the Culture Museum at Tübingen’s Castle, Hohentübingen, to see their collection from Paleolithic figures that are 40,000 years old to some of the modern day technology we have today. One of the most famous ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen November 29th 2017

Since we arrived in Tübingen we have all noticed the number of different ways of getting around the city. What particularly stands out to us is how easy it to travel around, without the need for a car. There is a good bus network, and many shorter distances can easily be covered on foot or by bike. Our morning began with a introduction into the city’s public transport system with Mr. Schleupen. He is part of the traffic planning team in Tübingen. This teams responsibilities look at the planning concepts of both public and private transport. He discussed the concept of a new scheme which is to be implemented which is the Regional Light Railway Train, how this would improve the transport around the city at peak times, however implementing it has disadvantages such as the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen November 28th 2017

Day 4 in Tübingen - We began our morning with a short walk to the centre of the town, where the group would then all get on the bus to the French Quarter of Tubingen. Once we arrived in the French Quarter we met with Mr Nassal, a well respected architect from the area of Tubingen. After meeting Mr Nassal for the first time, he took us on a tour of the French quarter explaining about the architecture of the area and how it has progressed. He mentioned how the area used to be home to a French army barracks (a no go area for German's at the time), but it was then left in 1990 when soldiers from countries such as the USA and France left the country. As well as this he mentioned that ... read more

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