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30th November 2017

Really interesting to hear how a similar authority in Germany operates its committee system very differently to Durham, and the UK model.
28th November 2017

Tübingen looks great. . . .might add it to my holiday destination list
Tubingen looks great, certainly very different to what I expected and far from what I envisaged. Take plenty of photos folks, this blog is really good.
28th November 2017

Great stuff
Any information on how apprenticeships are ran in Germany, and how they actually work in practice, would be great folks.
22nd October 2016

Globe trotters
Hej all, Really pleased the journey went well, bet those floor escalators at schipol were a god send. It's Saturday night in one of the biggest cities in Europe so I am sure you are catching up on some sleep following your long journey 😁 enjoy
From Blog: We made it!
9th October 2015

Youth Employment
The idea of a Young Persons Advisorary Board, made of young people within the workplace is really interesting - never heard of antyhing like this in the UK
8th October 2015

Alan Partridge
Peter you have just made my day! Your Alan Partridge imagine is going to keep me smiling for quite a while :-)
7th October 2015

Nearly there
I can't believe that its all nearly over and I'm going to miss reading these blogs every evening. I might ask Peter to keep them going with news from Durham! I hope that before you all leave you take a few moments to reflect on the things you have learned, the places you have been, but most importantly the people you have met. In your own words your hosts have been warm, informative and patient and i hope you take any opportunity left to let them know how grateful you are for their efforts. Also don't forget to enjoy your last few days.
3rd October 2015

Peters very interesting but some input from the rest of the group would also be nice
Whilst Peters commentary is amusing, informative and very, very well written (more reports will be coming your way when you get back) it would be nice to hear the views and experiences of the rest of the group. As it looks as though you are continuing to get the royal treatment i expect you have lots to relay to your friends family and colleagues in Durham. I love to hear from you all even if its just the funny bits. Keep enjoying it. Ray
2nd October 2015

Really enjoying your daily blogs. The programme seems to be very informative and inspiring for both the apprentices and us back here reading enviously! Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend and look forward to reading how you are getting on next week. Would be great for the apprentices to put on a bit of a talk as a group when they get back for those interested in hearing all about it (no pressure on them!)
1st October 2015

Sushi you say.....
Surprised to hear you couldn't finish the Sushi.....sounds like my kinda place ;-)
29th September 2015

Do you think you will ever come back?
Hi all it looks like you are all joining in with a well arranged programme of activity (at least during work hours!). Don't forget to have some fun
28th September 2015

Enjoy !
Looks like you are having a goodintriduction to Sweden. I hope that the visit goes well. Don't be afraid to say if you want to spend more time on placement and less time in formal talks and presentations.
28th September 2015

Hi Folks! Pleased you made it safetly to your destination! Hope you all have a fab time and enjoy the experience, including you Peter you lucky man! Keep the photo coming, stay safe guys. x
27th September 2015

Durham has landed!
Good to see that all is going to plan and you haven't broken Sweden..yet. I hope you all enjoy your experience and have as much fun as possible.

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