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8th April 2014

You captured Odessa well
Hi, I was assigned to Odessa for 6 weeks for the 2007 election. I loved it. I was there when President Victor... (senior moment).. came and opened the Opera House that had been closed for about 20 years for renovations. The operas are often in the afternoons and very cheap. When I went the House Manager gave me a private tour, pointing out interesting features of the decor. Thanks for bringing me back to Odessa. I'm sure you often lunch in the Athena shopping centre buffet. That place was built by the Greek government. It's the Jewish diaspora, who were driven out of Odessa by the Nazis, who are paying for most of the refurbishments in Odessa. Cheers, Sheila
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7th April 2014

Hang up your coat
What an interesting time to be in Odessa. Hope your time there is rewarding and safe.
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7th April 2014

What a time to move to Ucraine!
And what a difference it must be from living in Asia
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7th April 2014

Happy that you are enjoying your new home, I had a great time back in the Summer of 2013 in Odessa. And for info, it's not only Opera...it's Ballet too...no need to speak anything to enjoy this...don't wait...that place is just amazing. And don't over indulge on the pelmenis and borshes...I did!
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26th February 2014

it's time to move on again.
Bon voyage and enjoy smelling the flowers. Looking forward to the news!
25th January 2014

I like blogs that give a nice overview like this one. Good job. Thanks for sharing.
24th January 2014

Chicken bits and hocking up
We joke that you can tell you've been in Asia too long when you tuck into a plate of chicken feet and bones/gristle without blinking an eye! We often wonder where all the mucous comes from as well...the only time we have put a Chinese person to shame with hocking up was when we had really bad colds and chest infections. THEN we were able to do it!
24th January 2014

Even when I had a cold I couldn't manage it!
24th January 2014

Glad that you have settled into your new home. The dumplings in Shanghai are superb, and so is the Shanghai Museum. However, like Kate I suffer from Asthma, so living in Shanghai or any similarly polluted city is not an option for me.
24th January 2014

Living options
Yes, well we aren't living with the pollution any longer. There have been developments which we will go into in a later blog. Watch this space.....
23rd January 2014

Good summary...
I would add that there aren't many overt political statements such as red flags and pictures of leaders as there are in Vietnam. Shanghai is more the economic capital; the statements made by the architecture and markets speak this loud an clear. I visited in 2009, a year before the World's Fair, and they were just clearing the hutongs for the site...a year later they had completed all the pavilions and other infrastructure...they really move fast!
13th January 2014

I have to admit that when I think of chinese water towns, my mind's imagery is borrowed from ancient watercolour paintings... I think I'll have to readjust my expectations before we visit :)
13th January 2014

I am envious of your lifestyle, and hope to one day do the same! Thanks for sharing your minibreak travels, looking forward to your explores of the area.
9th January 2014

Learning the trains
You've learned to navigate in your short time there. Thanks for sharing your impressions.
9th January 2014

oh how we loved Suzhou!!! thanks for bringing lovely memories Guys B&T
9th January 2014

Train spotting
Come on, admit it...you like nothing more than hanging around Wigan station in an anorak with a flask of tea and a cheese butty ;) We remember those ticket windows in Chinese stations which are unintelligible and hoping we had the right queue!
6th January 2014

Yep - looking for a place like Hornbill Huts !! Thanks
15th December 2013

If you build it, they will come
Great to at last get the inside goss on your move to Lingang. You may recall when you were considering the move from HCMC to Lingang I suggested you check out whether it was populated before you rushed in. I'd seen an item on 60 minutes that included Lingang and plenty of film footage of empty streets of this "ghost city". Delighted to hear you are upbeat and enjoying life there and looking forward to its future. "If you build it, they will come" is a Chinese ethos as well, certainly if it reads "If you build roads, they will come."
15th December 2013

No people
Yep, you have good advice Mr Dancing. It's an interesting experience. Before and after....??
3rd December 2013

I loved reading this blog, and it has made me more determined about planning a safari trip soon. I was looking forward to more zebra/animal jokes, so was a bit disappointed on that front... :)
4th December 2013

Lack of zebra jokes...
Ah, sorry, I wrote this one and Kris is the zebra joke man. You could suggest some though. Are there any more? The safari was amazing. You should definately do it. A lot cheaper than we originally thought it would be too.
3rd December 2013

What a trip! A really nice write-up of it as well, easy to read and follow and quite humorous. I look forward to reading more about your travels. =)
27th November 2013

Exploring Africa
What a great trip! Really enjoyed it.
From Blog: Elephant country
26th November 2013
Thirsty ellies

fantastic photo!
I love the reflections, so beautiful.
From Blog: Elephant country

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