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2nd July 2022

The book
I just came from cave lodge and wished I had seen your blog first. I started reading the book on the first night, and because it’s the rainy season, there was only 2 people staying there- me and another solo lady traveller. It poured the entire time and the electricity kept going out from the rains. I’d love to go back in high season and see more of the caves. The herbal sauna was amazing and it’s a great place for r & r as long as you read the book after!
24th December 2016

A decade of fun, memories and adventures!
Good luck on the new blog....we will miss you being a part of the travelblog family. All the best! Live life to the fullest.
25th December 2016

Travelblog family
Oh we don't plan to leave the Travelblog family! We'll still be around. Merry Chrismas to both of you.
16th December 2016

10 years and still kicking goals
Dear Kris & Kate. I still think you have the best blogging name...but you know i think that! Keep kicking goals and dancing the fandango. Web masters...gotta check that out! Always dreamed about teaching English in China when I hang up my shingle. Best wishes from the Dancing Ones.
19th December 2016

Cheers Dancing Guys
Well if you decide on teaching in China, hopefully we'll have the resource to help you. Have a great Christmas and New Year!
16th December 2016

Congratulations on your tenth year of...
traveling the world, teaching English as a second language, and sharing your adventures and advice on Travelblog. I've "liked your FB page" of you new blog and hope your future entries get to me. Best wishes for this new website!
19th December 2016

We'll make sure our updates get to you. Have a great Christmas and New Year!
14th December 2016

Here's to 10 years!
And to the next 10! who knows where that will take you. Was it 2009 we met up in KL? - that 7 years has flown by. Good luck with the new blog, you get more freedom going the self hosted route, allows you to build out something completely bespoke.
19th December 2016

Thanks Ali
Yes, it must be about 7 years since our drinks and curry in KL. Lots have happened since then I think. Hope you and the family are well and have a merry Christmas!
13th December 2016

Congratulations and another thank you
Hi Guys, A very happy fortieth... that now - sadly - seems so young. Total respect, of course, for your traveling longevity. Sorry for our slow response to, and more thanks for, your second response re teaching abroad. They were much appreciated. Here's to so many more years. We'll be back back on the road at the end of next year, hopefully... and pursuing those teaching qualifications... All the best to you, thanks again, Andy and Ali.
8th December 2016
Enjoying our Castro's mojitos

Enjoy life and don’t let the bastards get you down!
Great to hear your update Kris. Now for your Thai sojourn. I remember our brief meeting in HCMC in Vietnam with the Travel Camel. We toasted with a Czech beer as I recall. Say Hi to Kate from the Dancing Ones.
7th December 2016
Aerobics is still done next to the river in the evening

We were there while the boat festival was going on and the city was backed. It was fantastic.
7th December 2016

One country to go...
Well you have a couple more weeks to get over to China to complete your year of re-visits :)
7th May 2016

Wonderful to hear from you with this latest report. We wonder in Oz how it is for Kris & Kate in the Ukraine so take this blog as good news. Kiev looks and sounds great. Thanks for the update.
7th May 2016
St Michael's cathedral

Good to see you blogging again
It's been far too long since you published. Kiev has been on our list but we'll have to move it up the list a bit. Thanks for a good read.
25th April 2016

Looks like you had a great time there. We are going to Kuger in couple of days for 2 day safari and then panaroma drive. Lions on the road sound scary, I am still skeptical how they allow visitors with no wildlife experience (like us) to drive in those tiny cars!
22nd March 2015

I usually don't buy from the tourist shops...
but I had to buy a rug in Bukhara as how could I pass up such an opportunity. And it wasn't really a tourist shop...I hardly saw any in the city. The rug cost almost as much as my entire trip! By the way, how could you pass up the Turkish Delights. The Cadbury Turkish delight is not sold in the USA, so whenever my son comes home from Wales he brings us a years supply which, of course, is consumed in a week...ok, less.
22nd March 2015

Getting caught up
Glad you are getting caught up on your blogging. Every place we go I look longingly at the rugs. They are amazing. We did buy a small one in Nepal but there was a giant one in Greece that I wanted. I think Dancing Dave has bought many carpets in his travels. I would love to see them sometime. The beauty of Turkey and all the history beckons to us and we have not made it there yet. Hopefully soon.
22nd March 2015

Lovely Memories
Your blog brought back some wonderful memories for me from our visit to that area...... Istanbul airports hehehe I have now lost my Brit mentality of waiting and being patient, myself and the mammoth stick our elbows out and go for it now days!
22nd March 2015

That kinky bird man!
I must have read this wrong... so he made honking noises, then got a bunch of strangers with oiled hands to caress his hair, and then made more honking noises?? no wonder he had to have a fag afterwards! ;)
21st March 2015
The library at Ephesus

What?--no baby lamb's neck jacket?
Love your shopping style and attitude! And so glad you heeded your mom's advise and booked it to the brothel--hope you scoped out those very communal toilets, too. Hope to see you on the runway in your next blog!
21st March 2015

Carpet buying on holiday
We had to laugh at your carpet experience, because when we were on holiday in Turkey, we did actually buy a Turkish rug! Figuring out how to ship it back to the UK was a fun experience and until it was actually delivered, we didn't believe it would turn up! The turkish delight pics made us drool...love turkish delight!
21st March 2015

Really, that's mad! We did ask ourselves who did it, but now we know. However, living in a Ukrainian grandma flat means we have a lot of carpets....l
2nd November 2014

5 Stars
Always good to mix some luxury into the travel plan and it sounds like it was a real bargain. Even better. Old Town sounds lovely.
From Blog: Warsaw

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