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5th April 2011

I used to be from Kuching and I remember years ago when they had cat drawing competitions at the old cat museum before they moved it across river. And you used to get these typical 4 year old Asian kids doing incredible masterpieces. The competition was pretty damn stiff. Two balls and six whiskers just didn't cut it as it would for regular 4 year old English kids. Yet despite all that, you're dead right about the cat statues. They could've been so nice, I've always wondered why they suck ass when the city is full of people that can sculpt em real good like. AND THEY MADE SO MANY OF THE BASTARDS!!!! ARGH
31st March 2011

iam citizen of hp.it's lovely to see that the foreigners like u love my city.cheer
28th March 2011

I hate cockroaches too, and those ratlike lizards are much like what we have here in the Philippines. Lol. they do feed on cockroaches --- a great dinner that one had right in your hut. And yes, I can imagine the noises they make. Yay!
28th March 2011

Gili Air is our favourite!, we were there for 5 days and we found it the perfect combination: not as busy as Trewangar and not as quiet as Meno :o) we didn't have trouble with bugs, though!! (that was in Gili Meno)
15th February 2011

That's true.
I never considered a rich tea.... Now a good coffee enema sounds all the more believable.
14th February 2011

Some photostory!
Laughing while reading and viewing your photos. The depressed monkey is my fav. And thanks for that photostory on the dance. Never quite figured it out myself when I went there in 09. Never tried all that wheat grass and colonic irrigation. Not me. Na ahh.
14th February 2011

Little monkeys!
We once had a monkey steal a packet of BBQ hoop crisps from a partially open rucksack, scamper up a tree and open them and sit eating them! They really can be scary especially when they crowd around and go a bit crazy. Luckily as fellow Brits, we too know the danger of rabies and carrying bananas and avoid wherever possible ;) You have to laugh at the wellbeing bullsh*t spouted in Ubud...would be an interesting colonic irrigation with 2 sugars, milk and a Hobnob, but maybe Rich Tea would be better to try as they do dissolve more in tea/coffee? Have fun on the rest of your trip!
13th January 2011

Sunderland doing a light show?!
hahaha, the thought of Sunderland doing a light show like Hong Kong had us laughing...can you imagine that? Hong Kong is a great place, like you say a real mix of cultures - gives you a nice taste of home! Great pics, we have been to HK loads and always forget to take the camera out with us, so we must try harder! Hope you are both ok and still enjoying Vietnam. Donna and Neil x
From Blog: Hong Kong Phooey
13th January 2011

Kris and Kate, you had me in stitches while reading this blog. Hongkong is not new to me, but I found your blog hilarious. Imagine the evil empire's Isle of Wight being taken over ! lol Cheers!
From Blog: Hong Kong Phooey
16th December 2010

Hi both of you, We enjoyed the blog and photos - thanks. Thought that we would wish you a Happy Christmas & everything you wish for 2011. I am very slowly recovering from the pneumonia but still get exhausted very quickly. Having to limit what I do. It's going to take quite a while for my energy levels to return to normal - having to be patient - not one of my virtues!! We are still planning to host the family get-together on Boxing Day and Claire & Dan are coming for the whole weekend with the little boys. Wish you could be with us. We will think about you anyway. Lots of Love Auntie Lizxxx
23rd November 2010

I liked your blog...
Great blog which I found as I was researching Hai Phong and trying to get a feel for the place. My husband, Andy and I have to decide if we want him to take up an offer of a job as a civil engineer on the road between Hai Phong and Han Oi. We Are English and have worked overseas quite a few times...Tanzania, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malawi and if you call them 'overseas', Wales and at present the Irish Republic, so we are fairly experienced expatriates. We are possibly en route for Hai Phong in the New Year and so are wondering if you are able to help us with a few questions. Seemingly there doesn't seem to be much accommodation in Hai Phong unlike Han Oi...but as we will be on section 1O of the road, Hai Phong is where we will need to be...do you have any advice? Also, I am taking quite a few different tablets for a medical condition, how easy might it be to obtain these in Vietnam? And...Andy says 'are there any squash courts in Hai Phong and can he play tennis at the hotels?' Many thanks and look forward to meeting you both if we make it to Hai Phong! Best wishes, Carol.
16th October 2010

I have just read through all of your adventures. Amazingly epic! I suggest investing in some ear plugs though? ;) Thanks for the suggestions for Vietnam. Wishing you many more happy travels, Michala
From Blog: Giving alms
23rd May 2010

NOBODY resists Thai affections ...
"the oddest sight was the boy bars" ... "We walked past and they all enthusiastically invited us in for a drink cos there was a special offer on. We politely declined and walked on......." Yeah sure you did ... lol
From Blog: Scary Pattaya
22nd May 2010
Kris at a bus stop in snowy Pudsey

did ya make it !
haha I made the leeds-horden journey amillion times as a kid ...hated it but was worth it ...family lived and still live there ...there is coaldust in my veins :)
10th May 2010

Yes, the front of the hotel opens onto the beach.
9th May 2010

question regarding Royal Park Hotel
Hello, I would like to ask if the front of the hotel is the beach itself? Since i wasnt able to find pictures of this hotel. Thanks, Sho
13th April 2010

Do we know you?
9th April 2010

Holy crap your blog is amazing. I will enjoy looking over this when I have the time.
19th March 2010

I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!
It´s so nice to see some pictures of places where I have already. Been. I have good memories from Cambodia, mainly Siem Reap and an orphanage I visited once there. Love from Argentina.
19th March 2010

Yep, happy hour at the FCC is great! Half price gin and tonic? Can't be bad. Moved to Saigon now and start work next week.
18th March 2010

Operation clean up!
Wow the riverside area has been cleaned up a lot even since our last visit in May 2008. Did you manage to get to the FCC for the happy hour cocktails? When do you start work again and are you still based in Haiphong? Happy travels! Donna and Neil
6th March 2010

I've been in Hai Phong a week, and would like to meet other expats. You've given the names of places in photos, which I will try to follow up on,but an address and/or phone number to get there would be useful! Regards
18th February 2010

in Vietnam
I have been there last October/November and it has been wonderful to see those pictures you took. The central highlands is an area full of beauty not to be missed. Love from Argentina. Graciela
From Blog: Back in Vietnam
20th January 2010

The travel agencies were all open over Tet.....but banks and shops were closed.

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