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22nd December 2006

Happy Christmas
Have a lovely "Christmas In The Tropics" (Registered Trademark) you two. Hope you don't miss the freezing fog and drizzle too much. Stu
13th December 2006

I like the tash Kris, think it's a look you could definitely pull off! Kind of Sherlock Holmes, suits you. Hope you're feeling better soon Kate xx
6th December 2006

Those puns are pai-brilliant!
From Blog: Easy as Pai
24th November 2006

Hi Folks, Sure you don't know me Kate, but Kris can tell you who I am- that weird bloke from rentokil who used to engage Kris in discussions about convergence or other stuff whether he wanted to or not. Hope your adventures continue good, keep your travelogue going, and maybe we'll meet up again if you ever return to wet, cold and dreary England. Best wishes, Alan T.
24th November 2006

I'll suggest the honeymoon thing to Greg, though he's just seen the picture of Kris with a bug in his mouth, might have put him off - don't know!
24th November 2006

To Kate D
Yep, having a cool time, about time you were jealous after us being jealous of you living it up in Madrid. Hope the wedding plans are going well, thought of a honeymoon in Thailand?
24th November 2006

No sliding Im afraid
We missed the sliding down rocks into fishes pool, we were looking for monkeys! Ah well. Glad you are enjoying our tales. Hope you are good.
24th November 2006

Its on its way
We have sent you a postcard, no worries, its on its way over the continents as we speak. Of course Pudsey is exciting - but obviously less so without us?? Hope all is good, dog is waggy and the wedding plans are going ok.
22nd November 2006

Hey guys!
Just been catching up on your adventures and am generally very jeaous! So happy for you guys though, sounds like you're having a wicked time! Happy very very belated b'day too Kate - you know I'm crap :)
22nd November 2006

I went to Thailand for my holiday and done most of the things you done. Its fab isnt it? now I am divorced and am helping my new boyfriend write about the bridge over the river kwai and put the facts into a presentation. Its bringing back memories of the fab but all so different holiday that I had in 2001.
18th November 2006

yeah, it was just a dicky tummy. I felt rubbish for 2 days though!
18th November 2006

Love it!
I loved the blog guys... will definately look into it when in Thailand .. Thanks again for the heads up on VN! xx
18th November 2006

You got Cholera in New York??
Or was it just a dicky tummy and are you being typically dramatic??
17th November 2006

Wow, reading this is bringing back so many memories of when we went to Thailand! You're doing the same things we did and saying the same things about it! Spooky! Great to read how you're doing (esp when I'm supposed to be working!), even though it's making me want to leave this miserable country. Did you slide down the rock into the pool with the bity fish at Erawan? Love Lisa xx
16th November 2006

I don't eat invertebrates for fun you know....
I ate a fly the other day but that was by accident. Actually, I think I sort f inhaled it more than ate it. How come you get to goto Thailand and eat invertebrates without dying whereas I goto the civilized megopolis, New York City, and immediately get cholera? I guess I lack the tough northerner constitution. Is elephant camp like celebrity fat camp?
15th November 2006

Glad you guys are having a good time, the pictures are cool! This site is a great idea, it's nice to see what you're up to. Don't forget Pudsey is very exciting too - I've been walking the dog in the rain!!! Where's our postcard? (you managed one from Peterlee) Have a great time and take care, will post again soon Love - Helen
13th November 2006

Can't believe you have actually gone!
Glad you got off at last. Hope the trip lives up to expectations. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.
8th November 2006

a comment
Your delay must be most frustrating, the rats and I hope you get to Thailand soon. Here's a useful tip: when you get to Bangkok, if you are going to a temple and someone says its closed and that you should go on their boat/rickshaw/bicycle instead, say "yaaarr boIIocks, haway!" ...and do a merry dance.
3rd November 2006

Where's Kate?
Common Kate! Where's ya pics? You ain't been in the wild long enough yet to be embarressed about having a pic taken! Seriously guys - I envy you! Wish I had the guts to up sticks and wander around the world myself! Instead, I like my security and go for lovely vacations instead! A different experience altogether I'm sure! I look forward to reading all about your journeys! take care both! x
2nd November 2006

Check you out
Kris your beautiful white rentokil suit p*sses excellence! Why are there no pictures of Kate asleep in a sombrero hat? I'm hoping the bo-Jangles pictures make it - Helen xx
2nd November 2006

Beaut outfit dude
All the best guys, you will have a great time. Just one question, will the blog not let kates picture on, or has she got really hairy since i last saw her?
25th October 2006

Species name change imminent
Soon to be known as Mouldy Langur monkeys once Kris gets near 'em!
23rd October 2006

Those monkeys look scary
I wouldn't wanna go anywhere near them. Look at those teeth!

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