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26th November 2013
Thirsty ellies

Nothing like...
Nothing like an animal safari to keep one alert and eyes peeled...as if...if you blink you'll miss something. Great pic of elephants drinking...and great that Kris shares his lunch with the locals.
From Blog: Elephant country
26th November 2013
Thirsty ellies

I like your style!
Sitting here in the hostel laughing out loud--thanks for a good start to my day! And I've also learned that zebra crossings are what Brits call crosswalks, and that warthogs are the most prevalent animal in Africa--good show! Hope you find that elusive zebra rambling by before leaving the continent--best wishes!
From Blog: Elephant country
1st September 2013

"It was 'JAWS'ome." (I love it!!!!)
Great blog!. I agree with you that if more people would realise that sharks are not at all as they look in the movie it would have a positive effect on conservation... even the big-scary-looking-ones!! ;)
29th August 2013

I <3 bucket lists!! I'm looking forward to reading about the cage diving!
28th July 2013

goodbye and hello...
looking forward to reading all about the next chapter! safe and happy moving :)
25th July 2013

Great memories, but not the end...
looking forward to your blogs from China.
25th July 2013

Farewell to Vietnam
Best of wishes for your new life in Shanghai, hope you find it as enjoyable as your time in Ho Chi Minh City!
25th July 2013

Kris & Kate...May life be good to you in the Middle Kingdom...China that is. Take a bow...time for your next performance. Hope to see you in Shanghai some day.
20th May 2013

About to start teaching at this school
Thanks very much for posting this blog, I've just accepted a job with Apollo Education and Training Hai Phong city. Is there anything else you can tell me about this school? Thanks.
From Blog: Hi Haiphong
30th October 2012
Weird things washed up on the beach....

they are said to be a jelly fish
if you google the blue button jelly fish you will get alot of information about them my little sister found one and asked me to find out what it was for her
24th October 2012

Many thanks for your article. It was a really nice read and very informative. I have just landed a contract at the same school and will be flying out next week. Is it difficult to find accommodation and what is a reasonable price to pay for a one bedroom appt? Hope you can help out. cheers, Jonny
25th October 2012

Hi Jonny, You've got a contract with Apollo Haiphong? Cool. The staff there will help you find accommodation. When you arrive, you usually staff in a hotel which they arrange for you. After that they will let you know where to find accommodation. We haven't worked there for 3 years now so things have changed. I've heard some teachers have shared houses, while others have found apartments. As I haven't lived there for 3 years, I don't know about costs. We paid $250 a month when we lived there but that was very cheap. We now pay $600 in Saigon. As I've said, the staff at Apollo always have teachers coming from abroad and are good at helping them to settle and find accommodation.
12th April 2012

I really enjoyed this blog!
Hello Kris I am hoping to go to Cambodia, maybe next year, and this blog has made me want to go more than ever. I know where to buy some books about Pol Pot regime in Bangkok,(I saw a stand selling them in English, last time I was there), where I will likely fly into, so am going to take probably as much interest in it as you do. To the annoyance of many, I take an interest in human rights issues, and bring them up when everybody is chilling out and enjoying the beautiful things in life such as hot tropical weather, cold beer and sun sets. :)
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
22nd March 2012

I'm so jealous of you two!
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
22nd March 2012

Then come and visit
You can run here too....
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
9th March 2012
Happy New Year from Phil and Kris

Hobbit House T shirt, cool! I remember this party, you were the only guys who turned up - and you live in Vietnam!! God we're popular....
8th March 2012

Given that you were born in the Year of the Goat...
I was going to suggest that you rename your blog GoatontheRoad. However, [blogger=184111] already has that name. You should get aquainted!
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
9th March 2012

I saw that blog, but we were first!
Rat on the Road is a combination of the jobs we did before we left the UK - road development and rat catching.....
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
8th March 2012

Nice one;-)
great photos of Kampot - we really love this place!!! Cheers, B&T
From Blog: Enter the Dragon
26th November 2011

Your pics are awesome.....reminds me of Sihanoukville. I think we should combine forces and create a coffee-table book of sensational Asian sunsets...
24th November 2011

Happy belated birthday!
Looks like you had a really nice time - the beach looks lovely there and as you say you now have an excuse to go back to see the things you didn't get around to. We know what you mean, sometimes relaxing just takes over!
23rd November 2011

Ahh that explains it!
PA and I were wondering why it was so difficult to get hold of you both ;) Anyway, hope you are having a lovely time. The other place, where you can see the sun going down over the sea is the stretch of coast between Rach Gia and Ca Mau.
17th October 2011

Rugby bar
You can try asking here [url=https://www.facebook.com/juliebar.haiphong?sk=wall] Julie Bar [/url]
16th October 2011

Hi and I think I need your help please!
Hi Kate and Kris I was just browsing for a bar to watch the rugby worldcup final in Haiphong next Sunday and came upon a link to your blogs. So I ended up reading most of them. You have fallen in love with my country it seems and reading your last entry about Haiphong brought tears to my eyes. I was borned and raised in Haiphong but have left to New Zealand 14 years ago to study and then work. I am in Saigon for a visit and will fly back to Haiphong tomorrow and as you would probably know that the All Blacks are now in the final. It seems ironic for me to ask you if you know any bars in Haiphong that would show the game live next week. My family and friends in Vietnam dont know much about rugby let alone knowing where it'd be showing. So I hope you could help me. And if you two happen to be in New Zealand, dont forget to contact me :) Regards Thanh
4th July 2011

Crimdon's looking good nowadays!
Neil remembers when the beach there was so black that the sand looked almost like pure coal! At least it looks like the weather was nice for you and we are very jealous you had fish and chips!

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