Richard Millington


Richard Millington

Richard and Karen are dropping out for six months. We have let our house in Jersey go, packed in the jobs and are off with Globebusters to ride from Alaska to Argentina, on our BMW R1200GSA motorbike.

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 7th 2009

Leaving Ushuaia is not as emotional as I thought it would be. With most journeys when you turn for home it is a bit sad because you always want to go a bit further. However with this journey there is no-where further to travel. We cannot go south any more and this has been our route for five months. So while turning north is a major step and not without regrets it is the only way we can go. We retrace our route back to Cerro Sombrero in Chilean Tierra Del Fuego for our last night on the Island and then the next morning recross the Straits of Magellan. It is a choppier crossing than previously but just as quick. Our route then diverts and we turn east to head towards our final land border crossing. ... read more
We were popular in Peru...
The road less travelled...
Kevin and Julia

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia November 27th 2009

With a nice symmetry to our boat trip to see glaciers the day before we left Anchorage we take another one to see the Perito Moreno Glacier and friends for the day, from El Calafate. Then we are off through rolling hills and forests on tarmac to our final section of Ruta 40 gravel. Back to the tundra for 60 miles, which, while not the last gravel we will ride, is the last very tough section and so is solely focussed on “don't fall off!” We cross the border at a tiny outpost where we arrive just after two coaches and so are there for some time as they process the 50+ people on each. Bloody Tourists!! We manage to pass the buses on the 20 miles between the Chile and Argentinian borders. Over the border ... read more
Needs a little work...
Torres Del Paine
Not for the squeamish

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia November 25th 2009

The only things separating these two photos are 21,000 miles, 5 months and a hell of an experience!! More to follow with better photos and full update. However first we are off to get very very very drunk...... ... read more
Bahia Lapataia, Ushuaia

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate November 20th 2009

OK No Bullets... From Fuetaleufu we ride straight back onto the dirt and ride some tough but lovely tracks to the start of the Carretera Austral. This is a largely dirt (They are trying to tarmac it slowly) road connecting the top of Chile to the bottom built by Augusto Pinochet's Chilean Army in the 70's and 80's. It was originally only there for the army but opened to the public in the late 1980's. It varies from deep sand and gravel, hard compacted surface two lanes wide, to rocky narrow twisty hairpins. Two stretches of newly graded sand catch at least three riders out as they are soft with no tracks to follow. The scenery is magnificent once again, but I spend most of the day staring intently at the road. Puyuhuapi is on a ... read more
Grey Timber and Red Foliage
Windy Roads - God Bless Them
More Argentinian Mountains

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 13th 2009

Four days off in Santiago were largely spent resting. However we did take the opportunity to go to Cocha Y Torro, one of the largest vineyards in Chile. They produce Castillero Del Diablo, which is prevalent throughout Central and South America as well as Tesco's etc in the UK. The tour was interesting and then we settled down for our tasting, with cheese and four different wines. Educational for a heathen like me. The sommelier's has helped me establish that I don't like wine with tannins but a Merlot is not too bad. Collected the bike from WBM (Not a typo Williamson Barrow Motors, an Inchcape company!) WBM BMW, fully serviced and with new tyres and a new tank bag as the old one's zips had failed. The following day as we park the bikes outside ... read more
Us again!
Argentinian Lake District
Andy's Bike

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago November 4th 2009

From Puno we set off across the altiplano again towards Chivay. This is the highest day so far at 4885m and the highest paved road in Peru. It also has some of the best and worst roads we have seen. The best are lovely smooth tarmac; the worst are tarmac that is so broken up there are foot deep potholes randomly scattered about. It would be better as dirt. The altiplano remains desolate but beautiful in a moon scape sort of way. Occasionally you come across herds of alpaca or vicuña being kept by old ladies, who seem to be a day's walk from anywhere. We drop into Chivay down a deep long descent. Sat Nav says we are 4 miles from town as the crow flies but we still do 16 miles to get there. ... read more
Inca Terraces
Condor over Colca
Moment of Calm

South America October 23rd 2009

Today is the first ride across the altiplano. These high altitude plains are common throughout the Andes. We ride up to 4500m, but unlike previously we stay there or at least above 3800m for most of the day. The effect is noticeable for me but less so for Karen. I feel hung over and tired and have to work hard to concentrate. We stop to don waterproofs which is always a palaver but at this altitude just about finishes both of us off. We are panting by the time we have got them on. One rider, Tony, is so affected he can no longer ride and spends the rest of the day in the van. Another feature of the altiplano is the flocks(?) of Llama, Alpaca and Vecunia. They are very cute but clearly quite skittish ... read more
Farming Peru Style
Machu Picchu
Famous Five

South America » Peru » Huánuco October 17th 2009

We leave for Peru early as the border is only 3 miles away. Its a quiet border only recently opened to vehicular traffic. Its the usual routine and takes a couple of hours. The only worry is that two of the guys went through early and their bikes are not recorded in the police log! We shall see if this is a problem when we come to exit Peru. The first 60 miles of Peru are mountainous and similar to Ecuador but then we cross into the northern Peruvian desert. This is depressing as the shanty towns are made pampas and thatched split bamboo, and the country is clearly much poorer. The rubbish that litters the side of the road is incredible, depressing and voluminous. This stretches the whole of northern Peru, except when we get ... read more
Tunnel in the Canyon
Kids Protest
Peruvian Ladies

South America » Colombia » Medellin October 9th 2009

After a few days rest in Bogotá we spend our last evening at Autogermana for a press and customer event for Kevin and Julia to promote Globebusters to the Colombians. This involved me being asked to speak to the group with an intro and closer in Spanish. Although Max also spoke and did the whole of his in Spanish! Clever dick! The ride to Medellin the next day was spectacular. The scenery was the most consistently beautiful of rolling hills and green mountains, The roads were equally entertaining and following Mauricio and Kevin for 30+ miles of bend bend bend bend was fantastic. Kevin met Mauricio in 2003 when they set the Guinness World Record for the Trans Am trip. We arrive in Medellin, in the dark at 7.30pm. The road emerges almost 1000m above the ... read more
Mauricio and some locals
WIsh you were here?

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 3rd 2009

We have arrived in Bogota safely and due to the Colombian Customs being pretty efficient and very pleasant and helpful we came through the airport and then went straight to the Aduane Offices. By 5.30pm we had cleared the bikes (After a fire drill and them supplying us with complementary espressos) and were on out way to the hotel on the bikes! Brilliant! If you are following the itinerary we left then you will see that because no-one had come through here before as a group we were scheduled to be stuck here for a few days. There was always a Plan B and due to getting the bikes out before the weekend the route is this Thursday 1st October Flown in and cleared bikes though customs Friday 2nd October Take bikes into Autogermana BMW Bogota ... read more
New town Panama

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