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8th December 2009

You did it!
Well done my lovelies - you have completed one helluv an amazing experience and both in one piece. Be exceptionally proud of yourselves, of course this will change you forever! What will you do now, I wonder. We wait and watch with interest. I still have about six blogs to catch up on. Take care. Love you both. Gx (and im indoors)
3rd December 2009

Well Done
Well done R&K, I can't believe it's all over, it only seems like yesterday we saw you here in Kent. Have a great Christmas and let us know where you will be living!!
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1st December 2009

Hi Karen & Rich! Many congratulations for reaching your goal! Paul and I have followed your progress pretty well most days and have really enjoyed your blogs! The trip has looked fantastic from beginning to end! We are just disbelieving that 6 months is virtually through already. It feels as though you left Jersey just a few days ago! Anyway, Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2010! We will drink to you having achieved your ambition! Must catch up early in the New Year. We are now home-owners (!) so please come and visit us in Jersey sometime soon! Keep safe and lots of love from Polly & Paul :-) PS Buster sends a big, slobbery lick to you both! PPS We miss you!
30th November 2009

Airport Pick-Up
Yes, of course we'll be at the airport for you. As the time draws closer you can give us your flight information, as they like to change things at the last minute, don't they? Talk to you soon! Original Message from rpgmillington@aol.com Sent at 12:37 PM (GMT-05:00) to jerry@newenglandtheater.org date Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 12:37 PM subject Fwd: TravelBlog PM: Congratulations to All! Hi Guys, Yes it has been great so far and we still have a week of riding to Buenos Aires to go. We're really looking forward to seeing you all. Just wanted to check all is still OK with you are still happy to collect us from the Airport? Thanks R and K
25th November 2009

congratulations and - I'm still jealous
Wow, you guys rock!!! I don't know what I'm going to do without the updates that I've been reading thoroughly - sometimes twice - and being so in awe and very jealous. I hope we can keep in touch much more frequently through normal email or IM channels once you get back from your trip. In the meantime, have a safe journey back and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I now have no idea where to send your Xmas card? Lots o love, Nicky and Tim xx
From Blog: WE DID IT!!!
25th November 2009

Congratulations! we are very happy for you ...... take care ..... and we'll have a drink too to celebrate your successfull aventure! lots of love Gary, Valerie and Margaux
From Blog: WE DID IT!!!
21st November 2009

Ruta 40
The van went through the same sections without problems?
4th November 2009

Lucky B*****D
What can i say mate it all looks absolutely amazing im very jealous be good and take care Butch
3rd November 2009

Hi, really love reading your diary with all the gorgeous pictures. Make us all travelling! Can't believe it's already november! it is going so quickly .... Dad still hasn't understood what a blog is but he really enjoys the emaiil that we print for him. by the way he is at Alan and Grace for 2 weeks (here is alan number if you need it: 01673 818707). We are all fine here. Margaux loves school and I still don't like work! take care and enjoy the last weeks. lots of love xxx Gary, Valerie and Margaux ps: not surprised that Rich is feeling the altitude sickness ... he is always 1 meter higher than everyone else and that is without mentioning you sis!
24th October 2009

Hostal Almenda
At the top oif the hill out of the plaza, run by lovely sisters and very reasonable price
From Blog: Peru,
18th October 2009

hostel in caraz
hello..i am going to caraz on oct 23..what is the name of the hostel where u stayed and what did u pay..thanks..
From Blog: Peru,
6th October 2009

sounds fantastic
Hi Richard Just been reading your blog and looking at the photos,it all looks and sounds amazing (bit more exciting then a day trip to the landing beaches) hope you are both keeping safe and well. the disproportionate amount of pretty girls and the maddest drivers in the world sounds like an exciting mix when on the move. take care ride safe. Butch
18th September 2009

Hi both, am off to Sardinia for a week tomorrow, weather forecast dire!!! But still will try to enjoy it, best wishes hope the humidity has dropped. P
22nd August 2009

Hi! really enjoying reading your adventures ... gave dad copies that he reads continually!! everybody is fine over here and we all get ready to go back to work! please add more pictures ...... to make us dream .. take care.
26th July 2009

thinking of you
Hi, will invite Dad down to have a look on your blog! take care. love Gary valerie and Margaux ps: thanks for the card ... well impressed!
17th July 2009

good luck!!!!!!! sorry didn't get to seen you before you left! the clan says hello. lets just say think its a family thing not to keep in touch, i'm was in auz for a year and you get 3 emails hehe. i'm sure its going to be amazing love you lots em x
From Blog: Bike Drop Off
17th July 2009

I am so excited for all of you.
Wow! I am so excited for all of you. And a huge bit jealous too! Good luck, be safe and have a blast! Shame we're on the East coast of the USA otherwise I'd love to join you, even if it's just to stand on the road and wave a flag as you drive by. Extra special hugs and kisses to Karen and Richard (hope to see you before I turn 50!). Lotsaluv, from Nicky and Tim xxxx

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