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4th May 2011

thank you Mark for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the blog
23rd April 2011

a huge thank you
Hi patricia Loved your blog's, and so well put together, it is nice to read uncomlicated blogs, and your pic's reminded me of my time there, these type of reads inspire me, so thank you. (i love the true backpacker scene)
22nd April 2011

Muito Legal!
P. Cali, Mais uma vez, voce captou imagens fantasticas do outro lado do mundo! Muito obrigado pelo passeio. Aquela fruta parecida com jaca ou e champedak ou e cheena. Abracao...."Peda de Formaia"
22nd April 2011

thanks so much for sharing this blog entry with us on TB, a really interesting blog and wonderful photos!
22nd April 2011

Inle Lake served as a mirror. The place was so picturesque! Poor, very poor, but amazing how the people seemed so serene, just like the lake. Thank you for your comment.
22nd April 2011
Intha Village.

beautiful picture!!!!!
15th April 2011

a very interesting blog and wonderful photos.
12th April 2011

Shwedagon Paya
David. You're right. The Paya is a place not to be missed, and I visited on my last day in Myanmar. My report on it is still to come, after a few blogs on Kentung, Inle and Bagan. Unfortunately we can't blog from Myanmar, and since I returned a few days ago, I haven't found the time yet. Soon... thanks.
12th April 2011

Hi Patricia, Been reading your blog with interest. As you rightly say, Yangon is nothing to write home about. We were there twice in 2009. But I am surprised that you haven't mentioned the Shwedagon Paya, which was an unbelievable experience. If you did miss it and you are returning to Yangon to fly out of Myanmar, you really need to see it, both during the day and evening. Not to be missed!!!
8th April 2011

enjoy th decay
your initial thoughts on Yangon match what i remember of it. once you get out of the big hot city i think the decay becomes part of the atmosphere. maybe our blog of Burma will help you - [diary=85949]
3rd April 2011

Wow. You had so much nict trip in Tibet. plesae got to this website thanks
18th March 2011

Following - March 18, 2011
Have a safe trip. Can't wait to see where you go. Love, Alison
3rd March 2011

hello my frend, i read ur blog abt kasol,its really very nice,2morow m leaving for kasol. thnx alot
9th February 2011

How did you do it?
How come you got to take pictures of the monks inside the monastery? I really wanted to but I was told it was prohibited.
9th February 2011

The Joys of Sharing
It's always humbling to be acknowledged and so I thank you for your kind words, but what I really hope to accomplish in sharing, is to inspire others to also reach out to the communities they explore when travelling. When it comes to Tibet, and some other countries, many travellers don't have the chance to interact with the people of the land like I did. So, it's a pleasure, and almost a duty, to share, so others can learn. Happy travels and discoveries.
8th February 2011

I agree
it "felt" as beautiful and peaceful.
7th February 2011
Enchanting peace.

Beautiful photo.... so calming to look at. :)
7th February 2011

Great work!
I just want to commend you and your foundation for what you've done and are doing. I wish you all the best! By the way, I enjoyed learning more about the Tibetan culture. I just wish I had more time to interact with them and inquire about those during the period I was there.
7th February 2011

The Joys of Sharing
Thank you so very much for your feedback. It means so much to me to know that my experiences, and also taking the time to share them, have been meaninful. You inspire me too as you continue to be a traveler, discovering so many lands. I haven't been around the world yet. Be on the look out... I'll on the road again in a couple of months. Obrigada, Gracias for your words.
7th February 2011

You inspire me...
Of all the blogs I enjoy on Travel Blog, Your's has given me the most to aspire to. I read each one with anxious anticipation to the next. While it is true I am an old geezer, It is also true I have been around the world more than once. From Mauritius to Alaska to Chili to Australia to London to Guatemala to Spain to Ecuador. And lots in the middle!!! You have given me hope to pick up where my youth left off... THANK-YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7th February 2011

Thanks ...
Thanks for the good wishes for HCH. I off to Myanmar soon and hope to do a little work there. I hope you make to Tibet someday. It's worth!
7th February 2011

Hello Patricia, I envy you after read your story. Tibet is one place I want to visit. Such a quite and peace. Good luck for your NGO and Happy traveling.
6th February 2011

Awesome pictures... I was just going through the travel blogs about Kasol then I find yours. Planning to go there soon.... Peace
2nd February 2011

Sorry, but I went by bus. It was a super comfortable one. The hotel I stay at wasn't nice.
1st February 2011

First timer in Shimla needs help
Hi , Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get from Delhi to Shimla by train in the 1st wk of March, and a super beautiful place to stay for a wk or so ?

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