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28th May 2012

Patricia you have a big heart
Thank you for sharing this story. We will make a donation today. Thank you for addressing his nutritional needs in additional to all his other issues. I hope you will continue this good work. We are going to Nepal in the fall and hope to do some of the same kind of work. You have a good soul. Carry on.
28th May 2012

Having Big Hearts
Thank you Dave and Merry Jo for the encouragement and donation. We are so fortunate to be able to walk, see, travel... experience life. I'm so glad you'll help in Nepal, a country with so many needy children. (Did you see my entry on the orphanage in Nepal?). Wishing you all the best, P.
28th May 2012

The world needs people like YOU, many people like YOU. Thank you. Hugs from Argentina.
27th May 2012

Hi Patricia, I was very moved and sadened by reading your blog. However, I admire what you have done for Komang and have donated to show my support. Best wishes Máire
27th May 2012

Beautiful Blog, Patricia.
Thank you for sharing your truly human experience. Your life is full of love and light. Helping Children Heal is such a selfless act of kindness.
27th May 2012

A beautiful child and a beautiful heart
Patricia, i am not normally a fan of bali but your blog really touched my heart. What a wonderful thing you are doing for this lovely little boy. Bless you and Komang. Hope to hear updates :-)
27th May 2012

Komang is an angel
Cindy and Nicoletta. Thanks for your support. I took a chance in publishing this blog, not knowing what the response would be. If not done so yet, to receive updates, subscribe to my blog, befriend HCH - Helping children heal on facebook, and visit THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT
27th May 2012

To Patricia somewhere
Patricia, A very moving piece from your blog. Unfortunately, for many it takes learning of Komang's situation to appreciate how fortunate we are, if possessing good health, money in the pocket and a home. I will be interested to follow Komang's progress and assist he and perhaps others in dire need of help. Nick.
27th May 2012

Thanks Nick
good to know little Komang's story is touching hearts. You can help to support his cause (and the other boy I found in a village nearby), by spreading the word by sharing this link: To receive updates, befriend HCH - Helping children heal on facebook, and visit the HCH website as above. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT. (PS: Are you back from Brazil yet?)
20th May 2012
in Medellin con familia Garcez

minha familia
minha familia toda o no e garcez ... e muito legal saber que tenho mais parentes que eu nao conheço !!!! beijos para todos os garcez .
20th May 2012

Which village?
Went to a poor village too in the Punakha area. Which village is this, Patricia?
21st May 2012

Lili. I don't have the name with me here, but it's a very poor area. I am now in Indonesia, about 2 hours from Singaraja, on north north of Bali, helping a very sick boy. See his link on my NGO site:
18th May 2012

Absolutely awesome
Yes, that is another world.
16th May 2012

16th May 2012
In the middle of nowhere

Have You Been on the TSR?
You have been many interesting places. Have you taken the Trans Siberian Railway? I am interested in doing the Vladivostok to Moscow trip next year. Any help. Oh, and I do enjoy your blogs!!!! Very nice, and also great photos.
14th May 2012

Tell me...
I know this is a very interesting place, mainly enigmatic. Can you tell me how much you paid to enter the country and where did you get your visa? Thank you. Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
14th May 2012
Mother's love

What a great portrait!
13th May 2012

You made it!
For a while there, I was wondering if you pushed through with your trip. Some of my Bhutanese friends are here in Manila this weekend! Can't wait to read the blog sequels. Liliram
13th May 2012

Yes and thanks
Yes, I made it! Thank you for all the tips you provided me and for the inspiring blogs. As time allows, I'll keep publishing. :-)
11th May 2012

Uploaded file 108
I have got to lose some weight.
4th May 2012
Morros de Camaragibe em mare baixa

Vive muito tempo neste lugar
Minha família materna é deste lugar passei boas ferias, realmente é um paraíso.
3rd May 2012

Btw you went in which Month? Did rain spoiled your whole charm?
2nd May 2012

Oi Primos que bom q o frio esta indo embora,aproveite os dias com os filhotes bjs monica
2nd May 2012

Same same
Like you, I always feel like a school kid in DC. Peak season or not, I love that those museums are free! Enjoy.....
24th April 2012

This is an article dedicated to the plight of the Street Kids in Kathmandu specifically their addiction to glue sniffing (amongst sexual trafficking, violence, poverty & many others). Do read, spread and pass on - the message of the street kids in Kathmandu. Thanks & Cheers.

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