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11th October 2012

Great place
Looks a fabulous area to visit, had been on my list for this year but not sure we will get around to it this time.
29th September 2012

Nameste from Kasol
Petrica , where you stayed it was my hotel Panchali holiday home my bebsite is www. Where r u petrica , how r u ? Visit some time Kasol to lern more Indian food cooking . By
5th October 2012

Hukam ram
We had a great time at the hotel and its kitchen, trying to learn to cook some delicious Indian food. India is far, so I don't know if I'll be able to go back, but I keep great memories of my time there. Best wishes, Patricia
24th September 2012
View from our balcony...

nice click
niccee click frn oooo so sweet
24th September 2012

bhutan"s beautiful
hi , i am planning a trip to bhutan in mid nov 12 , suggestions are welcome. pl tell me what not to miss , as i have only 4 days in bhutan.
5th October 2012

Bhutan ....
Of course Tiger Nest hike is a must. I still have to blog about it and also about my time at Haa Valley, which I loved. Very quiet, still untouched, but it's a very long, tiring day to explore it. Panahka Valley is very nice as well and worth a trip. Thimphu attractions were not that interesting to me, so can be skipped. Have a great trip.
11th September 2012

Hello from Bombay
Hola....What a Wonderful World....Just started reading your blog and it is going to keep me occupied for some time for sure....Love the pictures and your write up. If I may, would like to correct a few typos....Henna aka Mehndi, the word Mandi means market in hindi......Holy men or Sadhus.... Safe Travels..Ashok
7th September 2012

Punakha, at the confluence of two mighty Himalayan rivers! At the Dzong, I was enchanted by the wall murals depicting he story of the Guru Rimpoche and the establishment of Tantric Buddhism..
3rd September 2012

So Helpful.
Am an Indian and your blog posts are well composed and very descriptive. I was looking at traveling to Kasol or a place close by and your blog has been a great help. Also I'd like to mention that the 'Holy men' are not termed as Shaadu but Sadhu. Anyway Keep writing and traveling:) P.S - You traveled by a public bus. That's quite the dare. Salute to that!
7th September 2012

your comments
I love getting comments from other travelers!!! As for bus in the hills of India, or plain terrain for that matter, it was truly insane. i don't thing I'd dare again. ahahahhah. As for misspelling, I know my blogs are filled with them. Between writing fast, whenever I get internet, and sometimes thinking in Portuguese and writing in English, mistakes are bound to happen. One of these days I might have time to edit. One day.... thanks
26th August 2012

loved your blog.!.
iit's a sad affair that tourists are lcharged that way by the local are so many things wrong over here in india,but believe me,it's equally frustrating for us indians too,and yes the indian men are pathetic,they stare at u all the time,not just foreigners but at all women,all the time....Your journey was a pleasure to read,but felt sorry for all ur trouble.
26th August 2012

Patricia I by chance stumbled on your blog. I wanted to let you know that the news of Komang and Kadek who both have HI reached me 2 weeks ago. You should rest assured that your work here is not done and forgotten because many people are helping out as the word travel. I will be traveling to Bali in a few weeks time and have organised a few suitcases of Petroleum Jelly, and I'm just one person. Helen is one person, as is John and Pak Nyoman. Putu John's email signature: "As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person." - Paul Shane Spear I have feeling you're over your quota :)
16th July 2012

Hey name is Rocky & m form delhi.I really lykd ur review about Kasol.I v been der 1nce n plan 2 make a 2nd mid august.What made me comment on ur blog is the ingenuity of it & ur style of laying it accross to the readers..!! :) Yea U ryt...about safety concerns,completely depend upon where u stand n wat u choose to do.ALso, since kasol has been reciving a lot of attention from tourists,foreigners as well as us indians, and the psy parties and all becoming more concerns have also been pretty well noticed by the police and the administrations..So u can let all ur beautiful freinds acorss d world,kno dat they wolud be much safer now..and wudnt face any trouble...just like u didnt..unless they become foolhardy ;) so they can al cum dwn n have fun n njoy d beauty of d place..!! would love to read more of ur experiences...!all d pics r beautiful n spellin mistakes dont matr( oops...sorry for using text lingo)as long as d mesage is clear. till den tk care...god bless..Om Namah Shivaya.!!
9th July 2012
"Kori Bustard" bird

Actually, it's "bustard" not "bastard.
11th July 2012
"Kori Bustard" bird

It has been corrected. My guide had it written... wrongly. It happens.
11th July 2012
Baby playing with moms hair

What do you mean...
"Film"??? I don't know what you mean but I can tell you this is one of my favorities photos.
31st May 2012

Plural of penis?
Ha ha. I loved your entry. One of the best things about travelling are these unusual occurences. Your blog made me wonder at the plural of penis though. A quick google search yielded penises, penes, and peni. As many possibilities as photo opportunies?
31st May 2012

plural of p....
ahahah Thanks. I had already corrected it. jet-legged...
30th May 2012

Your blog has been very informative and helpful
Hi, I was searching about Kasol when I found ur blog. Its really helpful. I am planning to go there in a week. Can you please tell me which guest house you stayed at, if you can remember ? Your photos are great. Really appreciate it.
30th May 2012

Hi. I don't remember the name, but we stayed at a hotel on the right side of the road, as we entered Kasol. It had about 4 floors. On the blog I mention a GH of a friendly gentleman I met. Hope you enjoy the area.
28th May 2012

thanks for sharing this with us - we hope you are always happy & well ...
29th May 2012

Update on Komang...
Got first update on "our little boy". He is doing much better now with better nutrition and hydration, and also the creams. Trying to feed himself, no more flies on his wounds (fans helping), and doing "poo poo" without struggle. Hopefully more good news will keep coming. We are trying to get him to a children's health care facility. It will be costly and probably he will stay there for a while, so please spread the word. We need all the help we can get. Luv, Patricia

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