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6th May 2013

Você me fez viajar para fora no dentro que em mim existe. As sagradas , únicas e tantas formas de VIDA, e de VIVER. O RITMO DE HUMANIDADE.... Eu te respeito, brava PATRÍCIA.
22nd April 2013

Going in May 2013
Hi thx for a nice blog with good description and photos. I am going in mid may to Kasol . I am driving. I was told by the hotel people that it is about 2 hrs from Bhunter. You blogged that your bus ride took 2 and half hours. The distance is 31 kilo meters and Google maps says I can do it in 47 minutes ! Very confusing ! Still I am glad that I searched and came across your nice blog. Cheers !
3rd May 2013

travel to Kasol
the road up the mountain is horrible, tons of dangerous tight curves shared with buses. Therefore the long time for short distance. Actually, what would prevent me for going back would be the drive up and down.
17th March 2013
Shiva & Bob Marley!!!

great pics, awesome capture of nature
please contact me to share such pics and adventure experiences
26th February 2013

Beautiful Pictures
Hi Patricia Beautiful pictures! Hope you are doing well. It is almost a year now since we've been to Bhutan -- time passes so quickly. Cheers from London Dom
2nd March 2013

hi Dominik...
So nice to hear from u. yes... and I still haven't written about Haa. Will be going to Brazil in a couple of wks. Hope u r doing well. Keep in touch.
4th February 2013

You are living my dream!
Beautiful and well done on the climb up to the tigers day!
4th February 2013

nice photos of bhutan
very nice photos updated of bhutan thanks!
26th January 2013

q delicia! not as busy as the Ganges ;)
21st January 2013

Nice Kasol
Thanks for the info, I am travelling this month to Kasol, the details were helpfull will write to you again after visiting the place. Harsh
5th January 2013

Hey U...
Glad you found me. I enjoyed meeting you 2.
2nd January 2013
At St Mark's

cool blog patricia!
Pretty cool:) it was nice meeting you on New Year's Eve !
19th December 2012

himba and herero culture
the ovaherero and himbas are originally from together. we came from far north of Africa many years back and as we came close to Angola some group says we will rest a bit, others were hungly and says they will request foods there around in Angola and others goes on with the trip until north part of namibia. i think foregners are also looking for history our people particulary ovahimba no vaherero wina.
10th December 2012

I found this blog incredibly informative. There is the story behind these striking people and you are able to tell almost everything that comes to mind when seeing the pictures. When you see a picture of a himba woman, you ask yourself so many things and this blog was able to capture almost everything and the cherry on top provide pictures as well. Well done!!!
12th December 2012

Dear Jabu...
I am so glad I was able to capture enough during my brief encounter with the Himba people, to convey a glimpse to their world. Thank you for the feedback. :-)
5th December 2012
Me and "My girl"

Just watched a BBC documentary on a woman who spent 4 weeks with the Himba People. Afterwards I went to wikipedia which is where I founf your link.
8th December 2012
Me and "My girl"

Thanks for letting me know.
14th November 2012

himba hair
I found site by clicking on a automatically populated search term , "himba hair", Your site is listed on the first page. Great site, thanks!
17th November 2012

Thanks Ashley. Glad you enjoyed the blog.
10th November 2012

hi i went throug your blog..found that you loved parvati valley. i am planing to open a guest house in pulga this year so i would like to thankyou for leeting us know about the problem that you faced in india.hope that we can do better for other travellers..thanks
12th October 2012

All that cheese!
Drooling... Just looking at those photos. Speaking of which, I've got to say these photos look so crisp and clear! And ooohhh, those oysters! Nom nom nom
11th October 2012

nice pics! beautiful country and gorgeous coastline. i was there 6-7 years ago. one day, whilst i was waiting for my friends running errands, i caught myself in a sort of trance looking up to the buildings in this square and, suddenly, i noticed all the bullet holes through the buildings. it made me think about what they went through during the 90s conflicts. it is great to live in a place of peace. bjs e saudades
12th October 2012

Wars and wandering
Fabi. I was in Yugoslavia just before the war broke. It was interesting going back, talking to my Croatian friends about how they handled it. Yes, we are lucky to live in war free places. As far as getting lost looking at the beauty of places, I know well what that is like. I love it. Beijos da prima

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