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31st March 2012

My people
I found your blog when i was trying to find pictures of the ovahimba people for a school project. I am a Herero from Namibia currently staying in Canada. why i decided to do my project about the ovahimba people was because I want people to know more about where I come from and the beauty of my people. The ovahimba and ovaherero people are very smiler, they speak the same language all most gut in different ways and they have different traditional cloth. the Herero's live more in the modern way today. I am happy that you took the time to go through that great experience, and the pictures are amazing I love them.
6th April 2012

So very glad...
Tjarirove. It means a lot to me that a Namibian enjoyed my blog abaout The Himba. This has been the most visited blog of all the ones I have posted, and many years later I still get approving messages about it. :-) Thank you for letting me know your thoughts. Patricia
9th February 2012

Beautifully written…short…crisp… hilarious…informative
Thanks Patricia for the lovely blog. Me and my friends were looking for an offbeat location to spend our long weekend and your blog was really informative. Found the place through a site called and when i googled it, chanced to see your blog and boy I was glad I did. Really made me chuckle while I was reading it. Thanks again for taking the trouble for sharing care. Bye.
6th March 2012

Glad you liked it!
Thanks for the feedback. Happy travels.
23rd January 2012

very nice blog
i would like to use it on this site, please let me know, i am traveling again in the second week of Feb. 2012 to kasol contact me via e mail, we can meet in Delhi. Om Namo Shiva
11th December 2011

After reading and seeing pictures of the Himba people, I have become obsessed. I find the women the most beautiful natural women in the world. It is remarkable how they are able to thrive and raise children under the difficult conditions. I live in the US and I wish I could visit them one day. Thank you for the photos.
5th January 2012

Incredible Himba women
I have traveled around the world and the Himba women are truly unique. Amazing that they can still preserve their ways, beautifully.
21st November 2011
View from our balcony...

hi, lokin gud mam.
5th October 2011

I have to say...
Really great blog here, a place I haven't considered! When I make it over that way I will for sure check it out!
4th October 2011
Bagan Sunrise

Reminds me a little of Tikal in Guatemala in the early Morning!!
4th October 2011
Full Moon over Jatiuca Beach

THAT is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen!! ok...I\'m going to Brazil for sure early 2012!! :-D
23rd October 2011
Full Moon over Jatiuca Beach

And nature makes beauty...
... and I am so happy I have the opportunity to witness it. This was truly a singular moment I'm glad I clicked. So nice that you, and others, have enjoyed it. Thanks. Patricia
4th October 2011
La Candelaria

Been there!!
Bogota is GREAT!! that area is where I stayed also the street venders with the Arrepas are the best! and close to all the museums!
1st August 2011

Thank you all for the comments and my sister Andrea for having had us again at her place and heart. About the photos, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be at fantastic places, where is't not hard to just click and capture beauty. Keep in touch.
31st July 2011
Full Moon over Jatiuca Beach

Oh my god!
Absolutely amazing picture.
31st July 2011

adorei as fotos daqui.mortinha de saudades, te amamos. bjs
31st July 2011

Nice, nice, nice
Patricia, loved your blog and your photos. From Burma to are busy. Can't wait to read more about your home land.
31st July 2011

i'm with you!
Taking away from the equation the problems related to poverty, it is truly a special place. I was told is related to its geography and the energy in the water of the 7 lagoons and the seawater (perhaps some hippie stuff but i like it). Praia do Frances is still my favorite place in this world. We are lucky to come from Maceio. x
14th July 2011

loved your info. i am going in november for two weeks.
11th July 2011

Sharing the world...
I always feel that sharing is an integral part of the journey, and this blog has been great by expanded my ability to share. Feedbacks like yours, are much appreciated, as it makes the circle complete. The "babies in the box moment" was unique: the Dad was pulling them. The boy was all smiles as I approached to play with them. The girl cautious at first, and than... buaaaaaaaa. Miss you Fabi.
11th July 2011

Thank you for showing me the world
Beautiful culture, beautiful people. The Bagan Babies in a box, how cute!!!!!! I'm in love with them.
25th June 2011

The riots changed my plans to, but I am so glad I finally made it to Burma. I should publish my overdue last blogs in the next few days. Hope you make it there someday.
16th June 2011

Marvelous blog
Your photography is excellent. We were supposed to go to Burma in 2007 but the riots broke out. We have not gotten there yet.
1st June 2011

nice travel experience have u been to jibhi nd jalori pass .They r amazing places.Waiting to read more of ur travel experiences. take care bye
1st June 2011

Travel Log
Hi Patricia, thanks a lot for sharing the info about your trip to Kasol and the Parvati Valley. I would like to know if you have maintained any travel log which I could follow on my trip to malana valley and the rest of that region in search for all the different experiences I may gain ... Boom Bholenath!

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