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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak January 15th 2010

My two girl besties on the ship and I are about to part in our professional relationship. Brittany is a 3rd Mate and Sarah is a 1st Mate, Merchant Mariners who have kept me in touch with my feminine side while forward deployed. We're the only gals our age in an already miniscule ratio of women to men on this ship. Brittany leaves in a few weeks and I depart at the beginning of March. Sarah is pretty pissed about us leaving her, but she can definitely hold her own without us, so we're not worried... just a bit sad. Our fun times range from a mani/pedi to a much needed beer, dixie cups of wine to a 5 course meal. These gals aren't high maintenance but still like to be girly sometimes, I can ... read more
On Vacation!
The beginning

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina January 11th 2010

Well, another story without photos... but another example of what a small world we live in... Still being in Singapore, I've composed my evenings of mostly three options. First, if I'm feeling tired from a day of work or just in the mood to keep things low key, I walk over to an internet wifi spot here on base and check email, write a blog, research my departure route for when I transfer, etc. Go back to the ship early and get some extra sleep. Second option, I'm tired of the food on the ship (same fruit and veggies day in/day out), and I feel like hopping on the MRT (train) or walking to a nearby hawker stand or mall. I make a couple of hours of it, maybe drop by the Starbucks to use ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel December 25th 2009

Feliz Navidad shake shake shake shake shake shake, think Julio Iglesias here. I think I was looking forward to Cozumel the most, just because it's finally time for me to see Mexico, besides a nasty border town. It's Christmas, I speak Spanish, and the tours sound kind of lame, so why don't we just go explore on our own. We'll be okay... Walking off the ship and through the shops at the pier, there are swindlers everywhere and I'm not in the mood. One guy catches us on our way out to the street. You want a scooter to explore the island. I stop. Hmmm... what comes to mind? Subic Bay and the jet skis that miracuously break down when you're out in the water and they try to make you pay for it because "you ... read more
No, I didn't.
Rocky Shore
What we do best.

A day of diving planned... the only one on the cruise due to the holidays and short port periods. P.S. Never dive with a cruise ship. That's a note to self and to others who are experienced divers. On many different levels, it wasn't the way I like to dive. This may be boring to the non-divers who read this, just a warning. Cruise ships cater to laziness, lets be honest here for a moment. Going from point A to point B is taken care of through money. It's a requirement for many people's vacationing... not all, but many. Certainly not my requirement, I am satisfied to have a fruity drink and a spa. Now, is diving a lazy sport? Not in my book, though the ability is there to some extent. It's what I ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios December 23rd 2009

As is the story with most islands, I've been wanting to go to Jamaica for quite some time now. I've listened to the music of Bob Marley and heard of the laid back lifestyle of Rastafarians and Jamaicans in general. Montego Bay and Kingston top my list in terms of towns to go to, so I was pleasantly surprised to have Ocho Rios as a port of call on the cruise. I'd heard to be wary of people selling drugs at the pier, but that was the extent of the negativity I'd heard of. Ocho Rios means "Eight Rivers" and is on the Northern coast. It is definitely full of tourists and caters to the cruise lines, tourism is one of Jamaica's major income. One of the famous Sandals resort is there, along with many ... read more
View from the Balcony
House on the Hill

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Labadee December 22nd 2009

After our departure from Miami, we spent our first full cruise day underway. It was quite relaxing, getting acquainted with the ship that isn't a ship (it's more like a floating mall) and enjoying the good food and entertainment. We pointed toward our first port of call, Labadee, Haiti a.k.a. the Fake Town. C'est vrai? Yes, I said Fake Town... authenticized with a few native Hatians and what have you got? A cruise island town built specifically to rake in money. Haiti seems to instill a lot of fear into people, and I can say that it's with good reason. With a history rich in violence, it seems that people have much to fear as an outsider or an insider. Between uprisings, civil unrest and coups up until about a decade ago... well, you can google ... read more
Red Roof Buildings
Brand New Pier

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach December 20th 2009

Flying from Singapore to Hong Kong to San Francisco to Boston and then an hour drive to Kittery, Maine. Why in the world would I then fly to Miami? Well, first off, it's colder than &$*($(& here. Oh, I could go on and on about the blessing that I wasn't with Jeremy when he moved to Maine. Holy crap it's cold here. At any rate, I flew out to meet Jeremy and explore his cute little town of Kittery, Maine. Yes, it does have some redeeming qualities but it is insanely cold and I've been used to tropical weather for the past year. Talk about body shock... I had to dress up like a snowman every minute, I even wore my coat indoors at times. It was certainly a long transit to get there too. ... read more
Dragging Luggage
At the Port
Girl Sandwich

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam December 12th 2009

With all this time sitting in Singapore, I decided it was high time to get more exposure to spirituality going on around here. I've long commended Singapore in its mecca of cross-cultural flavors. I set out with Brittany to walk the streets for 2 days, exploring as many spiritual centers as possible. We started at the Yishun station, only a few miles away from the ship. It's the drop off point for the bus that runs from the ship to the train statin every hour. Of course, no walking tour is complete without stopping at Starbucks. It's very warm in Singapore, but it was an early start for us and the Starbucks is next to the station too. Around every corner, it seems there is a spiritual center of some sort. Just on the bus ... read more
In the Temple

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo December 11th 2009

Lately, it seems that my travel blogging can't keep up with all the fantastic photo opportunities I've had. With the holiday season, traveling to more "first-time" locales and my first vacation in a while, I'm trying my best to catch up with my blogs. At times, I want nothing more than to just post photos, but I feel so accomplished every time I write a story to go along with it. I'll get on with it... Finally departing Subic Bay, as I was ready to get out of Dodge, we made our way towards Singapore. Now, typically I cannot discuss ship's movement and scheduling and the like, my favorite phrase on this topic is "Loose lips sink ships". It's true though, anyone who remembers the USS COLE (not that it had anything to do with ... read more
Pensive Look
Random Carving
Garden City indeed

Asia » Philippines » Subic November 27th 2009

There are a multitude of activities to do on base in Subic Bay, it's a good thing, else I might have succumbed to the disturbing activities off base... NO! Not those that I've discussed previously, I'm talking about spending way too much money on massages everyday. That's the only other productive, though still possibly shady, activity that I will participate in off the base. There's a yacht club, zoo, marine world, a few nice restaurants and a cute little beachfront area. While Jeremy was still around, we decided to check out the Zip-line company. I invited Steve along, one of the watchstanders who is also an Army National Guard Major. He's the SAR swimmer who filled Kyle's SAR spot on the ship. He's a great guy, with a quick wit and just enough country to ... read more
Shoo fly!

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