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Oceania » Guam April 15th 2009

Okay, so this is a little bit late. Did I mention I love going to Guam? It's such a paradise, though things can be a little too quiet. My number anytime I'm in Guam is 671-482-4664. So, this was my first chance to get back to work with the Civilian Mariners (CivMars) and let me just say that they are not given as much credit as they deserve. I've been making friends with quite a few of them, especially since the only other girls that are on the ship are CivMars. Yes, I'm the only gal in the MILDET. Though I don't mind, I think most people know I've always been more comfortable in a male dominated environment. What's so great is that I feel comfortable around these gals, they are equally comfortable in their surroundings. ... read more
Jungle below lookout
AFB Beach
AFB Beach

Asia » Singapore March 8th 2009

When I first heard about Singapore, I envisioned the British East India Trading Company meets old school trade route port. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. This place was like going into one of the burroughs of New York, but on a totally different scale. I flew from San Diego to LA to Tokyo to Singapore where the guy I relieved, Salvatore D'amato (or Sal) came to pick me up. Taxis are the main way to travel besides the SMRT (railway/subway), so with my luggage we took a taxi. What an experience that was in itself. It's after midnight and our taxi driver is falling asleep at the wheel! Somehow me managed to arrive safely at the base. The Navy Lodge was full, so I just stayed with Sal, he had double beds ... read more
Small Building with Giant One
Civil Defence
Sunset from 70th floor

North America » United States » Tennessee December 3rd 2008

We went to Knoxville, TN for Turkey Day. It was divine to go home but definitely a bit too short. Robyn flew in as well and we decided Midnight Madness on Black Friday was for us. It was fantastic, the sales were ridiculous at 75% off or so. Anyway, I am not a writer and I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll post more later.... read more

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