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11th June 2015

Byrd tour
Hey Krysten, Glad to have found this too! It was a real surprise. I'm glad you enjoyed it. For us it was not too much. We had a good catch and hadn't finished unloading yet. My fishmaster REALLY enjoyed the tour of the Byrd. He was very impressed. Good for Korean- American relations! I'm working out of Angola but spending all my time offshore. I haven't really seen anything but the road between the international and domestic airports! Hope to get a chance to see more one of these days. If you're interested in keeping up with my adventures, check out my blog Captain Jills Journeys at
11th June 2015

pictures from Tarawa
I thought you might like to see a picture of my tuna boat. I don't know how to upload it here.
10th June 2015

Remember the tuna?
Hi there! Amazing coincidence to see your blog tonight. I was writing an article and trying to remember if there was any local Kiribati beer and google came up with your blog. I saw your comments about me and my tuna boat and couldn't keep the smile from my face. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. My fishmaster and I enjoyed our tour of the Byrd too. I always had a great time on Tarawa. I guess I didn't notice the trash and crap as much as you did, tho I probably didn't spend as much time on the island as you did. I miss those days now. I haven't been on the tuna boats for a while. Lately I've been drilling off the coast of Africa. I have a blog now too. It's called Capt Jills Journeys. Check it out, I know I've written about fishing and Kiribati before. Its at
11th June 2015

Ahhhh!!!! Your story is one of my fave moments in Kiribati!
Jill, So excited you found this! I haven't been on here in ages and have been running around other parts of the world. Now I'm about to move from Cali to DC. I still tell that tuna story, we loved it so so much, you don't even know! I was just so shocked by the sheer amount you gave us and had no way to properly thank you. So... Thank you so much. I'm glad they gave you a tour while I was on the island. It's a least a small reciprocity. How's Africa treating you? That sounds so exciting. Cheers, Krysten
15th November 2014

I would love to meet this girl!!!
28th May 2013
Baha'i House of Worship

Baha'i House of Worship - Apia, Western Samoa
Oh what a beautiful photo of the House of Worship! Would you be willing to share the high resolution image with me? -hopefully yours, Rick
From Blog: Exploring Samoa
24th December 2013
Baha'i House of Worship

Copy away... I don't know that I have the original anymore, I've moved so much! Sorry for the late response.
From Blog: Exploring Samoa
9th February 2013
Betio Memorial

How did you go about getting to betio. In regards to this photo. B Cleary is ,y great grandfather.
24th December 2013
Betio Memorial

I went there for Pacific Partnership on a US Navy Supply Ship. I hope this photo was nice for you then.
26th November 2011

we're planning to visit subic. this was helpful. thanks krysten!
24th December 2013

How was the visit?
Glad I could help... how did it go?
30th June 2011
Dancing a lot

beautiful island
tats my island is nice to always stay there....nice pic
11th February 2011

so grateful
umm theres nothinq to say...but just a word of thanks for u and your team by helping my people for their need which they benn suffered a lonq time aqoo.And yeah this cannot happen if you guys not show up but theres youu.that all and god bless.
27th October 2010

We will have a bigger boat soon, hopefully it will be ready for your return. Your stone fish pic is so cool, what a great find, but photoshop will make all the difference!
14th July 2010

Great evaluation! Thanks ++ USA!
I do not know how the Tourism Department does collect the information that will help transforming Tarawa into a better and more beautiful place. This is one excellent opinion expressed honestly without prejudice by one of our great volunteers. From 1979, no government has so far and ever seriously considered tourism as a potential economic driver. I wish I am a President. I can just spend some time every week visiting these backyards and do something about them asap. Some are pretty straight forward and do not need big formulas. Visit regularly a targeted community and ask for their support in protecting the special sites (foreign cemeteries & war sites). Then regulate the use of those special areas for tourist attraction. Revenue generated from the tourists' visit to these sites over time will contribute to the improvement of the chronic sanitation problem no government has ever been able to address. And the list of measures goes on. If sanitation is a stubborn health problem, then perhaps it is time for the Kiribati people to elect a President who knows better how to deal with this health phenomenon. Sincere thanks to the article author and the U.S people.
29th May 2010

Your post about being in the Navy was really interesting, and I enjoyed reading it! I loved your photos too, and I can't believe there's a butterfly inside the Singapore airport! Seems like an amazing way to see the world! My blog is looking for travel tips, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Continued fun at sea! Heather :)
From Blog: Fond Farewells
20th May 2010

very impressive!!
hey...just want to say thanks so much to u and yre team mates if yre one of the team who visited my country for the construction of Bouta bridge....i really appreciate what u've done for us, I-Kiribati people and THE LORD will pay back what u've done to us...IT'S A GREAT AND BIG HELP I CANNOT FORGET.. am also impressed from what u wrote about Kiribati in yr article....all u've mentioned about the foods, people and so forth in yr artilce including all the diagrams u included...they are all beautiful and impressive to me... again just want to say that i'm grateful and thankful for what u've done to my poor loving country, KIRIBATI..if not for all yr help and contributions, we, as I-Kiribati people, will still find it hard and difficult to reach and approach the village of Buota.. THANK YOU ALL-a friend from Kiribati
7th April 2010

a loud wow guys...nice spot.
31st March 2010

Shore dive
Next time you come, grab your buddy, turn right off the cruise ship at George Town, walk about 10 minutes to Don Foster's at the edge of town, hire a couple of tanks and do the shore dive. Or hop a taxi and go to Sunset House, about a five minute drive from town, and do a shore dive from there. Both good sites and near enough for you to do a nice long dive, have lunch and a drink afterwards, get in a little bit of touristy shopping and get back on board your ship in plenty of time. If you've only got a few hours in Cayman and want to go diving, why waste your time on the boats and the buses to get there just to use up half your tank.
18th March 2010

You know you loved sharing a bathtub with me, DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! Miss you!
12th March 2010

Oh my gawd!
Great story of what sounded like a fantastic time!! But I was ready for a nap after reading it! Its been such a long winter with cold/wet here in South Carolina - worst anyone, no matter how old can remember - that I was actually wishing I was there on some of the less tiring activities!! At least it was warm! But this weekend and next week, just great or so they say. All is well here, back to doing some work soon it looks like, not full time of course. Where are you off to next, fill us in when you get a chance. Love Capt Ray
26th February 2010

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's so small you'll see everything (which isn't much) in the day. Don't let the hawkers scam you and the sun was the least disappointing part of being there. Take it as a beach day and get a trinket or two if you're into that sort of thing. Have fun on your cruise!
26th February 2010

60s to 2000
Jim, Yes, definitely a difference from when you were there. I was on a Civilian Naval Support Ship when I visited and many of my crewmates had been stationed there back in the day as well. It's degraded significantly since the outflux of American moolah, though they're trying to build it back up (hard with corruption rampant though). Take care!
26th February 2010

I am visiting Labadee on March 16th is there anything in particular that i should make a point to see???
20th February 2010

Long Ago
Krysten: Your blog is interesting and somewhat amazing to me: I was there in the mid 60s and it was very much different than your blog details. Are you on a ship when you visit? I kinda get that from your blog. I live in Coalfield, TN and a friend and I just finished a trip back to Southeast Asia, but we did not get back to Subic. That was our homeport while in the area during the 60s. Love to see more phots of the areas where the base was long ago. Thanks! Jim Rivers

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