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3rd October 2009

Thanks for posting this. I have been searching to see if the family at Lupe's was ok. I would love to send supplies to them. Do you happen to know their address?
1st October 2009

our time at lupes
We to have a great time at Lupe's sharing stories with Sala and Nika and their wonderful children, we have photos of us with them all too and we also shared a birthday party for my husband at their bar. I rung them on their cell phone yesterday and found out they were ok. What story were they in on the ABC news as we would love to see it. Thanks
1st October 2009

All Gone
With the recent tsunami I saw Sulu and Lupe on ABC News... everything is gone. I know they are fine since they were on the broadcast, but it really hit home that they've gone through a terrible disaster. They'll continue to be in my thoughts. Miss you guys, take care.
14th September 2009

great story hon
Sounds like you have found your calling after all.. when i retire can i be your vet tech?
18th August 2009

Wow babes, these are some amazingly colorful pictures and descriptions. It's been really sweet catching up by reading all your blogs from the last few weeks at once. wish I could have been there for some of these dives, I can't believe you have over 60+ under your belt now! Those bungalows look like such a sweet place too. It is a shame you were alone. :( Love you, J
26th July 2009

Great stuff hon, thanks for sharing. Those cliffs are gorgeous! Was that you in the helo? What a view. Will you take me back there? Love you, J
12th July 2009

Cute girls!
Hon, Those little girls are sooooo cute! We need to go back!
21st June 2009

our third date
sheesh sweetheart, i knew you were stressed but not that stressed. No worries, I had a great time and we'll hopefully do it again soon... maybe in sept-october? :) I will always love you.
6th May 2009

Nice start!
Hey honey, That's a great blog entry! I totally feel like I was back there and wish I was. Miss sharing a beer with you, our neighbor just isn't the same... LOL! Don't worry, I knew you hugged a lot when you drink when I married you :) Love you, -J
6th December 2008

glad i finally got you into my blog...sounds like you guys had a good time at tday. Germ says that drake is a house. Poor guy . you guys give him such a complex... of course he eats to make his pain go away. Hope you have a good xmas at amandas. Im going to egypt and maybe some poland if money allows. Miss you guys.

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