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3rd January 2010

Good Times
Hey Girly! Great to have a running partner for our fancy vacation! I have NEVER worked out or even contemplated working out on a vacation before this one! Thanks for the buddy motivation! Glad you made it home safe! Love ya!
2nd January 2010

Dunn's River Falls
Too bad about the concrete. The last time I went up it was very slippery but don't remember when that was but know that Butch and Kenny were still in high school so must have been the 80's. I also remember guys chasing Butch and Kenny around trying to sell them drugs on the street. Happy New Year! Ellie
1st January 2010

Culture shock is necessary
Thanks you two! Yeah, it amazes me at many tourists naivete when they go to a new country... unimaginable to me that people thought this was a real Haitian town. That donkey ride sounds cool, I'll have to keep Cap Haitien in mind if I ever do that again. :) Love you guys, happy new year!
31st December 2009

Fake Town
How cynical to create a fake town so that most ordinary Haitians cannot profit from their own entrepeunerial spirits. Ray and visited Cap Haitian on a cruise ship in the 70's and took a donkey ride high into the mountains to the Citadel built by Henre' Christophe after the Slave Rebellion. It was a cultural shock for most from the ship but having grown up in Appalachia not so much for Ray and me. The tragedy of Haiti is one of the sadist stories of civilization and some insight can be had by reading Jared Diamond's COLLAPSE. Happy New Year! Love, Ellie
31st December 2009

Krysten, I always had to answer the question "why would a Navy guy go on a cruise for a vacation?" All I could say was "there is no comparison between this cruise ship and what happens on it and a US NAVY Submarine!" Miss Ellie and I love cruises. On our first one we visited Cap Haitien and bought this wooden mask thingy, its still on our wall after all these years! Sounds like you're having some well deserved and truly enjoyable time off. Love your blog as usual. Well done on the run, you still look as great as ever. Love Capt Ray
30th December 2009

TG they're okay @ Lupe's
It was good to read your article, reminisce with your photos and read other's contributions and updates. It is such a beautiful island, the Samoans are beautiful people and David and I are pleased to hear Sala and Nikka and their children are safe. We commend them on their enthusiasm and determination to rebuild and live on despit the devastation of the Tsuname. God bless Samoa... Sydney, Australia.
18th December 2009

Lots of love
Capt Ray, don't even think about it! You guys have always been so supported and the best adopted counterparts I could ask for! That's why I tell everyone that you guys are practically my Godparents. I just get tired of hearing the "bring the boys home" when so many sisters and daughters could use the support too. Love you guys and happy holidays. Wish I could come for a visit!
18th December 2009

Thank you for your support! It means a lot. Feel free to subscribe to my blog, I'm taking a much needed vacation and will be writing from the Caribbean next. Happy holidays!
18th December 2009

You can only offend people who cant see things clearly or those people that benefit from this culture of corruption, which are less than human anyway. Keep blogging. I enjoy reading your blogs.
17th December 2009

Krysten, what a story, and you tell it so well. Now of course I am sorry we didn't send you anything for Christmas or Thanksgiving although we talked about you during Thanksgiving Dinner because you always came when you were here and we missed you! You are a strong woman though, very talented and georgeous and that's still a threat to most of the world for sure, and some of the Western World. You seem to understand that and work through it without accepting it because its truly goofy! Anyway, we love you and miss you and love these travel blogs and your ability to tell it like it is. One of your great talents! Love Capt Ray
17th December 2009

Thanks for your comments! I hope that my blog wasn't offensive to you or anyone else from the Philippines. I think the country is so beautiful and the culture/people is richly colorful as well, I just wish it could advance as it should without the restrictions of corruption. It's hard to understand how someone can "work for the people" yet not see that they are simply barring the way for their success and departure from deep poverty.
16th December 2009

If you were "frustrated and disappointed" with corruption. I was simply disgusted and crushed after working for three years for anti-poverty efforts in the Philippines. Solving poverty is hard enough, but when you are doing it in an atmosphere of corruption deeply woven in the fabric of the society, then the battle is a no win situation. That is why I just left my country. I thank and pray that there are people like you. I hope your passion will not be diminished as mine did.
9th December 2009

Wrong Year!
Mo: I was there in 2008 goober, check the date!
7th December 2009

Miss you!
I am really sad we missed seeing you while you were in TN! :-( Maybe next time...
7th December 2009

Write a book!
Krysten, I swear, you are good at writing this blog. Maybe you should consider keeping really good notes, no one like you has written a book about deploying on a Navy ship. Or if they did, it wasn't very good! Anyway, I'm so happy to see you are having fun, must be lowering your stress level, etc! We missed you at Thanksgiving, so badly that we went to Greenville with Butch and EC and had Thanksgiving with EC's parents. Very nice! Take care, we love you, Capt Ray and Miss Ellie
29th November 2009

Krysten, are you out of your mind!! You know these guys or gals or whatever "go Off" sometimes here in the states!! Well, at least you made it alive to write the piece!! Its so nice to see you and Jeremy together, about time!! (I bet you two agree)! We miss you and love you, take care so far from home. Capt Ray
3rd November 2009

thanks for the pictures I enjoyed browsing though your pictures and notice the ones at Lupes bar owned by by my family. OMG my little cousins a all grown up miss them so much Im so glad that their all safe after that tragic tsunami, but the good news is that the Bar is up and running again thanks again for the uploads..miss my home
13th October 2009

Hey honey, i got a little of your distaste from your earlier pictures and discussions, but nothing to the level of this blog. That was very informative and heartfelt. I can just see you cradling this little puppy while those people were laughing, man it makes my blood boil! Glad you are who you are my love. -Jer
12th October 2009

Sorry I don't have an address for them... the ABC news clip was just a general one about the tsunami... only caught part of it on the ship. I'm still at sea doing humanitarian operations for Indonesia. Sorry I don't have more info.
9th October 2009

Great blog!!! If you like, come back and visit mine: albumdeestampillas blogspot com Thanks, Pablo from Argentina
3rd October 2009

Thanks for posting this. I have been searching to see if the family at Lupe's was ok. I would love to send supplies to them. Do you happen to know their address?
1st October 2009

our time at lupes
We to have a great time at Lupe's sharing stories with Sala and Nika and their wonderful children, we have photos of us with them all too and we also shared a birthday party for my husband at their bar. I rung them on their cell phone yesterday and found out they were ok. What story were they in on the ABC news as we would love to see it. Thanks
1st October 2009

All Gone
With the recent tsunami I saw Sulu and Lupe on ABC News... everything is gone. I know they are fine since they were on the broadcast, but it really hit home that they've gone through a terrible disaster. They'll continue to be in my thoughts. Miss you guys, take care.
14th September 2009

great story hon
Sounds like you have found your calling after all.. when i retire can i be your vet tech?
18th August 2009

Wow babes, these are some amazingly colorful pictures and descriptions. It's been really sweet catching up by reading all your blogs from the last few weeks at once. wish I could have been there for some of these dives, I can't believe you have over 60+ under your belt now! Those bungalows look like such a sweet place too. It is a shame you were alone. :( Love you, J

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