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Oceania » Tonga » Ha'apai July 14th 2009

Don't worry, me either until this trip... Anchoring at Pangai, Tonga was a little bit of a nail biting experience. The water is incredibly clear and the reef system is very intricate. Making the evolution a little more difficult, there was a storm front that blew through the entire day with lots of fog and rain. As I stood watch on the bridge, Kyle looked at me and told me to come out on the bridge wing. He saw two whales breaching, but I didn’t see a thing! What a bummer... oh well, I’ll keep my eyes peeled around the ship. Apparently in Tonga from June to September is the humpback whale calving season, the archipelago’s only real tourist attraction. There are about 150 or so whales that come to these waters every year. I finally ... read more
Blue Waters
I must dive this place
BYRD from the bird

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 11th 2009

Back underway to get to Tonga, we’ve skipped a day! Yep, the international dateline strikes again. On the way out, we had two Mondays and now, they’ve skipped Saturday! What a crock... Friday, Sunday and back to Monday. At least they aren’t skipping pizza night. Every underway Saturday, the cooks make several different types of pizza and MWR committee donates sodas to the crew. The band is going to play again tonight, though I doubt they’ll ask me to sing again. I’ve been pretty sick sounding, feel just fine, can’t seem to kick the nasty, deep sounding cough coming out of my chest. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that I have bronchitis or pneumonia. I went for a jog this morning to try to help, looks like it will take me a week ... read more
Beautiful Reefs
Green and Mountainous
REB at Sunset

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 10th 2009

Outside of Apia (and beyond) I finally get off the ship when it’s still AM! So, Dave, the Navigator (2nd Mate), calls me last night to see if I’m still interested in sharing a taxi to go explore and I say, “of course”. I work a bit in the morning, just trying to get the guys off the ship to enjoy the island a bit. Why are we working on the 4th of July again? So after I get ridiculously antsy, Dave is finally ready to leave... we get outside the gate and I greet a taxi driver with a “talofa” (Hello!). We start asking about the going rate to have a taxi take us around for the day and he tells us he knows the perfect guy. We wait for 5 minutes and Misa ... read more
Fish and Chips
Doggies everywhere
This would be a cool tattoo

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu July 8th 2009

At first that might sound lame, but to be honest, it was gorgeous! Waking up on the 7th, there are many things entering my mind. One... my boss is leaving today and two... my birthday, this had better be an epic day. I open up the curtains in my stateroom and see a Greenpeace ship moored right in front of our ship. Okay, so random tangent here. I'm not necessarily opposed to what they stand for (except in a couple cases, like the nuclear stuff that they're ignorant about), their methods can just be pretty scary to me. Why bother hurting people when you're trying to promote peace. Furthermore, graffiti certainly isn't eco-friendly, but who am I to judge? Anyway, it's a teeny tiny ship, thinking about getting a tour possibly. I suppose I shouldn't wear ... read more
Eating at "Gourmet Seafood"
Us at Papapappai-tai again
Open Fale

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 1st 2009

NOOOOoooo... this doesn't mean I'm mad a Jeremy. Roger and Hammerstein's musical South Pacific is the only exposure to what kind of adventure I'm in for with Pacific Partnership 2009. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair is a song from that movie. :) What were you guys thinking?!? We anchored outside of Apia, Samoa on June 30th. What began as a fuzzy little speck of land transformed itself into a island with lots of green and even more waves and blue reef. But, before I get into that, here’s some things about the transit to Samoa: Pacific Partnership 2009 is now in full effect, with numerous temporary riders on board, from many different disciplines, it’s time to see if we can work together! We have Navy Construction Batallions (Seabees), dentists, doctors, veterinarians, ... read more
The first view
Sunrise pull in

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Yokohama June 9th 2009

Sasebo was quaint, quiet and comforting. Okinawa was pretty much a non-event (as I didn't leave the ship and was only there for 6 hours). Yokosuka was the next challenge. I'd heard so much about it, from the countryside to Yokohama to Tokyo, but it still wasn't what I expected at all. I guess I had some huge metropolitan base in mind, but Yokosuka Naval Base is teeny! I mean, it's probably about the size of North Island, if not a little smaller. There aren't very many ships there either, U.S. Navy ones anyway. Of course there's the Blue Ridge (a flagship) and a bunch of small boys, but the George Washington wasn't in and that seemed to make all the difference in the number of personnel on the base. We moored at the carrier pier ... read more
Is that a submarine stopping to smell the roses?
Hippie girl

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Sasebo May 10th 2009

It's a totally unfortunate event when people can't appreciate a town for being a town. Of course any time a sailor (either civilian or military) pulls into port a little "unwinding" needs to be done, I just can't fathom the need to drink myself to pain every day though. I didn't even find it fun in college! Oh well, I suppose that some people need escapism or some such term. Where's a psychiatrist when you need one? With that being said, I felt the need to really explore things. I course, I'd prefer to go with someone, but everyone has other things to do and who am I that I can't go by myself? So... backpack in tow, I walk off for adventure and water. I haven't been to the West yet... sounds like a ... read more
Pearl Sea
Marina in the middle of nowhere
Shops at the Pavilion

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Sasebo May 3rd 2009

I'm really liking this town, it surprises me how much I can get accomplished here. I'll just say it's my Southern charm, though that's doubtful too. :) I finally have the time to get to know the guys who work for me a little better, so I decide to roll the dice. Am I ready for this? Probably not, but I'm always up for a challenge. Care if I tag along for dinner? "Sure Ma'am, come on." Lots of eyebrows raised. Can L.T. hang? I don't know, the looks just seem to scream at me. These kids have no idea the things I could do in college. It's on!!! They settle on fried rice for dinner, so we go to a nice little restaurant that boasts great gyoza, noodle soups and fried rice. They're not ... read more
Me and SGT
Time for Joe Cool

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Sasebo May 2nd 2009

So I rarely know where to begin when I start out a blog, yet I usually have such grand intentions while I'm out to describe every little detail that I can. I will try to walk myself through the night... you just had to be there I suppose. Getting off the ship fairly early just about every day, I venture into town, walking distance from the base. It's probably about 3/4 of a mile or so to get to the Ginza, or shopping area and it's easy enough to branch out from there. The easiest shortcut takes us through a nice park with a soccer field, a small USO annex and across the Albuquerque Bridge. From there, the Arcade (or Ginza) is only a few blocks away. For my first night out, I tagged along ... read more
Strike a Pose
Whisky bar
An especially good song

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Sasebo April 29th 2009

Finally made it to Sasebo, Japan. This place is such a culture shock and difference from anything I've ever experienced. It's beauty, racism and efficient work all rolled into one. I guess I'll take the good with the bad though. I heard so many mixed reviews of Japan, but most seemed to agree that they didn't like Sasebo. So, I tried to go in with as much of an open mind as I could muster. We pulled in on a Monday morning, getting to the pilot pick up point at about 8am. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm supposed to go up to the bridge to make sure the guys put up the flags at the right time. Honestly, I'm not needed by any stretch of the imagination, but it's really neat to watch the dance ... read more
Me and Sal
BYRD bow
Japanese warship

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