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Asia » Philippines » Subic November 25th 2009

'Tis getting close to the season for holiday celebrations, from Turkey Day to Christmas, Diwali to New Year's celebrations... such a fun time of year. Unless you're the depressive types, quite a few military get that way when they're away from home. The time mostly of gorging oneself with ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol, avarice through expectation of gifts, friends and family. It can be quite stressful or joyous. As a kid, I got used to my Dad being gone on boats for many holidays, birthdays too... I've known what I was getting myself into when I joined the Navy. Super duper long distances away from home, missing all those same holidays that I sometimes begrudged my Dad's career for. As I got older, I understood that my anger was selfish and really unproductive ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bataan November 21st 2009

I've learned a lot of Naval history on this tour... names of ships especially. I took the opportunity to go to Mt. Samat, a 90 meter cross shrine on top of the mountain, dedicated to the memory of those lost in the Bataan Death March. I had heard of the Bataan death march but never read the history. In case you haven't, here is a summary. World War II The Bataan Death March began as a plea for life. Men were tired, weak, lacking food and the 70-mile march from Mariveles (on the tip of Bataan) to San Fernando was a trial that tested a man, broke him, or got him killed. On April 9, 1942, American and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula on West Luzon Island in the Philippines decided that they would not ... read more
Goof Balls
Beautiful Carvings

Asia » Philippines » Subic November 20th 2009

On a previous visit to Subic Bay, the mighty RICHARD E. BYRD Sailors had completed a community relations project to work on the women's center in Olongapo City. Money was raised, shoes and blankets were purchased, benches were built, repairs were made, and they painted a good amount of the place. I wasn't on the ship at the time, but heard many times the warm and fuzzy feelings that the crew had from their hard work. Upon confirmation of our Voyage Repair in the Philippines, the talks began again. What are we going to do this time? I knew Jeremy would be coming for a visit and I had no knowledge of the area, since it was my first visit. I was not going to be the one making the arrangements, I didn't want to ... read more
Shake shake shake
Getting Prepared to Paint
Isn't She Precious?

Asia » Philippines » Subic November 16th 2009

Looking around for a legitimate dive shop, I am quite concerned about getting Jeremy "safe" gear. I mean, I have my own, I'll be okay, but every shop I go into treats me like a child and Jeremy lets me do the talking when it comes to diving. Smart man Anyway, I keep getting annoyed, so we go down to have some lunch in the Barrio. It's not too crazy during the day and Blue Rock is a pretty nice spot. In essence, it doesn't have as many hookers and the food is good, though the beach hawkers are just as annoying as the guys outside the pier gate. We see a dive flag. Jeremy had googled diving and Blue Rock had been a listing, so we walk over to check it out. We talk ... read more
Gambling Beach Hawkers
Blue Rock Dive Shop

Asia » Philippines » Subic November 14th 2009

So I've finally made it to the Philippines, or Republic of the Philippines, as it is supposed to be called. When I first heard I would be going to PI, I was both excited and nervous. I've had the fortunate privilege to serve with a good many Filipinos who I respect and would bend over backwards. With the tight knit family groups, rich culture and of course another interesting language I wanted to learn a bit of... I had been prepared for a while. On the other hand, I know that Trafficking in Persons, political corruption and scams are prevalent here. It is even more noticeable in a place that used to be the largest overseas base for the Navy. That is, until the corrupt government got so greedy that the U.S. decided to pull ... read more
Eye of the Tiger

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » South China Se October 1st 2009

This is mostly just so I can post some photos of me and my guys on the ship, but there is a story behind the photos. I will talk a little about that. For you non-military types, well, a ship is broken down into department that work (hopefully) like a well-oiled machine. There is Operations, Deck, Air, Engineering, Navigation, a few others... and then there is Supply. I seriously think they took everything else they couldn't find a normal department to run and made it supply. Food, mail, repair parts, consumable materials, ship's store, laundry. You name it, Supply takes care of it. If you need to find mocha starbucks coffee for the Admiral while you're steaming in the North Arabian Gulf, or maybe Diet Dr. Pepper is his/her fave drink, a Supply team can get ... read more
All the LSes
Me and my Guys

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Padang September 30th 2009

After Pacific Partnership 2009, the BYRD returned to Guam, our home away from home, to offload the riders and materials used throughout the mission. Arriving on September 23rd, we knew we'd only be around for a few days, but were ALL so glad to be back for a little R & R. The ship was supposed to get underway and steer towards Japan for the next few months to provide some logistical support to the ships in and around that region. I'm not super excited about going to that area again, but I enjoyed it last time, it's going to be back to normal operations again. I'm satisfied, that's probably the best way to describe it, with what we'll be doing for the near future. I get on the internet, buy some toiletries and essentials, ... read more
The Harbor
Landing Area
Airlift Assistance

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro September 16th 2009

Majuro, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the flagship, Richard Byrd. It's continuing mission, to explore strange, new islands... to care for people and animals and to boldly go where no Supply Officer has gone before. Okay, that was a little dramatic, you catch my drift. My final place to enjoy my Veterinary experience... I truly don't want it to end. Who says the Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Service can't work together? They should have seen all the fun we had! As the last stop, my boss was really great about letting me go out every day with the team. I really didn't have much else to do, so he was happy to accommodate. Thank goodness for my great boss, because this turned out to be the spot where I got ... read more
So Many Cuties!
Cleaning Instruments

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro September 12th 2009

Who has heard of the Marshall Islands? You? Really?!? I had no idea about them, but apparently one of the islands has an Army base on it. It's called Kwajalein. So, this blog happens to say Majuro, Kwaj (as we called it) isn't listed. Jay had been there many times and was able to tell me about the great diving they have there. There is a large stray population and he occasionally goes out to make a difference. Oh, and there are also some military families and contractors with animals that he can see as well. I must say, it was such a bizarre thing to see the Army having ships, but they did! The pilot that came on board to get us into the atoll was an Army gal, dressed in khaki shorts and a ... read more
Looks like Paradise
Sharks off the Dock
A Little Feeding Frenzy

Oceania » Kiribati » Tarawa August 23rd 2009

The only way I've heard of any part of Kiribati is that the Navy has an amphibious assault ship called the Tarawa. My grandfather was on one of the Tarawa ships, I think it was a destroyer at that time though. Kiribati (pronounced Kee-ree-bahs) is an island group in Micronesia straddling the equator and, until 1995, the International Date Line. It is located in the Pacific Ocean along the edges of the Equator and includes the Gilbert, Phoenix and Line island groups. Most are uninhabited and are the protruding tips of undersea volcanoes, extending only a few feet above sea level. Kiribati's 33 atolls are scattered over an area of 3.5 million kmĀ². The waters surrounding Kiribati witnessed intense whaling activities in the 19th century and the islands were an important battlefield during World War II. ... read more
Boyscout Island
Sweet smiles

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