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North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 23rd 2015

Click here for photos from Day 1, Fairbanks Alaska, an excellent choice. On the other hand, I never thought I’d return from anytrip saying, “Can’t wait to get home to the sunshine.” I often say to whomever would listen that Northeastern Pennsylvania is the second most overcast place on the planet; we’re right behind Seattle on that list. Since humans are naturally happier when the sun is shining, I go on to claim, those of us fortunate enough to live in NEPA learn to find happiness even in gloom. Certainly I exaggerate our climate’s place on the overcast list, but this trip to Alaska has made me appreciate the happiness of home even more. It seems a bit odd that this blog would be (ostensibly) about the photos when it was conceded before we departed that ... read more
Captain Binkley reflecting Discovery I
David Monson at the Trail Breaker Kennel

North America » United States » Florida February 4th 2015

The gallery of birds and shoreline from today's 2 hours The gallery of blue cypress from today's 2-hour tour This was the day. Ray & I were scheduled for two hours on Blue Cypress Lake. Our hopes were so high in our throats they kept us awake most of the night. But it was 6:02 am and now our hopes propelled us toward the meeting spot. The 2-minute drive landed us a half hour early for our 7 o'clock appointment, but Jeanne was already there with her hands wrapped around her coffee cup and told us she had some for us brewing inside. Yesterday we met Jeanne Middleton of Middleton's Fish Camp and her wonderful dog Princess, but this morning was... read more
First Sight
Captain Dan

North America » United States » Florida February 3rd 2015

The gallery of shots from this day What an incredible piece of our planet, manned by the best caretakers imaginable. Last March our friends Jakub & Yvonne Jasinski headed there when they left us at Ray's winter house in Kissimmee. Middleton's Fish Camp, established some 51 years ago, is the only game in town (pun intended and there is no town). The "town" would be a small community known as the Village, consisting of less than 100 residences jammed into 3 small streets that run toward the lake. Blue Cypress Lake is somewhere between 2-3 miles east to west and 7-10 miles north to south, depending on who you ask. We didn't have to ask if Jakub and Yvonne liked the place; we just had to see the amazing photos they got from an early morning ... read more
Penny Gwynn
Sunset Farm

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park October 5th 2014

Photos from this day at Zion national Park Our Bryce/Zion trip was coming to an end. This was our day to fly away with a solemn promise to return. Usually on our last day Barb & I have to get up early, maybe get a last shot of light as we head back to Las Vegas for our morning flight. This trip with Ray & Matt, however, was booked a bit differently. Our flight wasn't taking off until 8:50pm, so, even considering the 3 hour drive and arriving the prescribed 2 hours early at the airport, we'd have until almost 4 o'clock to say goodbye. Although we were mostly packed the night before, we took a leisurely approach to this last day. We packed the car, had breakfast in the Surfboard & Parrot room, checked out ... read more
Slickrock Arch
Hoodoo Meeting
Chore Wagon

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park October 4th 2014

Photos this day at Zion National Park This was another day that Ray decided to skip the sunrise shoot to fight an old cold bug on the favorable battleground between his sheets. Although the advantage of the 2-hour time difference was wearing off, Matt & I were up early enough to get to the parking lot of the museum before the sun. We were also well before the crowd of photogs that usually gathers here for a sunrise pano of the magnificent rock formations behind the museum. On most mornings there are tripods scattered all over the flatland that runs from the building to the beauty. This morning was particularly windy, limiting the number of participants by significantly lowering the temperature. There were only two young ladies there and they had a point-and-shoot sitting next to ... read more
Garden of the Patriarchs
Patriarchal Cottonwood
Zion Mix

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon October 3rd 2014

Photos from this day at Bryce Canyon and a few from Zion Staying at Ruby's Inn is nearly as close as camping right inside Bryce Canyon National Park, and waking up early after traveling 2 time zones west is much easier, so we arrived at Bryce Point in plenty of time for first light. This morning it was only Matt & I. Ray felt a recent cold bug trying to regain strength so he told us last night that he'd skip the first session, and we'd meet him for breakfast. Early mornings are a great time in the parks. There are no lines getting in because most people are still sleeping, including the rangers who'd be checking for passes at the gate and trying not to slow traffic while remaining helpful and treating each visitor as ... read more
Delaware Sky
Humbling Hoodoos
The Crack

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon October 2nd 2014

Photos from this day in Bryce Canyon National Park Most of our stuff we packed the night before, and had sitting by the door when we got up. It was Day 2 of this special visit to Zion/Bryce with my son Matt, and good friend Ray Listanski. We planned on leaving early, but not so early as to make sunrise in Bryce Canyon, which was a bit over an hour away. Besides, I wanted these guys to experience breakfast at The Thunderbird Restaurant in Mount Carmel. The plan was to checkout as soon as the front desk opened at 7, and be on our way. We walked in at a polite 7:04, and I was happy to see an old friend, Kevin McLaws going through some papers behind the desk. He has a way of ... read more
Navajo Trail
The Sinking Ship
Natural Bridge

North America » United States October 1st 2014

Photos from this day in Zion National Park Our first experience with Zion National Park came late at night when barely enough light shone on the magnificence as Barb drove through the twisting switchbacks of Route 9. My head was hanging out of the window and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth as we drove all the way through the park from the West Entrance through the East Entrance and beyond to our destination, Zion Mountain Ranch. That was several years and several trips ago. This year I brought the thrill of this spectacular piece of the planet together with my love of my son and the excitement of a good friend. Neither my son Matt nor even my friend Rayin all his travels has ever visited th... read more
Community Bath
Old Friend
Troll View

Photos for this trip can be found through this link. Not much to say about our last day, but, of course, I won't let that stop me. There is only one photo of the day, and it was one we were waiting for all week. Even before we arrived, Ray said we would see an island or two from our Belair balcony, and so far he was really questioning his memory. Isn't it curious how much we blame on age? If a 40-year-old forgets something, his friends will suggest it's an age thing. When he's 60, he'll believe it himself. By the time he's 90, he comes to expect it. Whenever I forgot something when I was younger, I'd always suggest I remember that I did when I got older. Now, whenever I forget something, I ... read more

Photos for this trip can be found through this link. The Last Full Day can have several different feels depending on the attitude of the one experiencing it. You could try to do all of the things you missed in your visit, exhausting all your energy in full abandon, lamenting the speed of Time. You could concentrate on organizing your stuff, making sure you won't leave anything behind, and essentially submit to the lack of Time. You could work toward a sharing of the time in both activities. You could stick to your original plan and check off the things on your day's itinerary, marking Time in your regimented plan. Ray & I made no decisions regarding our Last Full Day; we simply proceeded in our usual timeless spirit. We had driven through the narrow streets ... read more
Blue Bee-atch
Sugar bird sanctuary

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