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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson March 28th 2013

Photos from this day in Sabino Canyon Jakub's suggestion was to follow Yvonne's suggestion to visit Sabino Canyon near Saguaro NP East. This was one of the spots I researched and wanted to visit. There are trams that run about every 30 minutes up the 4-mile road with 9 stops along the way. Visitors can get on or off at any of those stops. We rode all the way to the top at stop #9. Here we found a trail leading down to Sabino Creek. What could go wrong --a nice path along the creek? Well, the decent was pleasant enough. Jakub spotted a red bird (sorry, you'll have to ask Jakub whether it was male or female, what was it's Latin name, was it indigenous, et cetera). At first everyone seemed to always be quite ... read more
Sabino Canyon
Welcoming Pews
Pulpit Steps

Photos from this day in Saguara The photos from this day are all from the Saguaro National Park West. We met at our place after breakfast, then, following Jakub's suggestion, Barb & I followed the Edge to the park. By this time we knew that if we ever got behind the wrong black Edge we'd probably follow it anywhere. The first photo in the gallery was taken at 10:41am so the morning shoot certainly spilled over into the harsh afternoon light. All of the photos were taken somewhere along the Hohokam loop road (I believe). After a couple hours of roaming the trails and shooting what stopped us, Jakub had a suggestion for the afternoon. He wanted to go to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to try out his new 300mm lens on the birds there. Yvonne ... read more
Laughing Barrel

Photos from this day at Joshua Tree & Lake Pleasant We saw no reason to get up too early on this day because we didn't want to get to Phoenix too early and didn't expect to reach Tucson until well after dark. After the complimentary breakfast at the hotel we finally made it to the park. The plan was if anyone saw something to shoot they would flash headlights and pull over. After driving almost 5 full minutes in the park and after we passed by several spots that I thought we could shoot, the Edge finally pulled over. Jakub said, "Hope you don't mind. I'll be quick" as he pointed his lens at a posing Joshua tree. He saw that I was already rushing into the scene winking a What-took-you-so-long look in his direction. After ... read more
Joshua trees
@ Lake Pleasant
Chasing the moon

Photos from this day in Joshua Tree We arose early enough to get to the Pinto Basin when the light first appeared in the park. Our target was the Cholla Gardens to capture some backlit teddy bear plants. When we finally got to the parking lot there was a sign telling us the area was closed. We knew there was somewhere in the park where road repair was taking place and 30-minute delays were said to be expected. It was too early for road construction so Jakub noticed a ditch on the other side of the road that didn't have a No-Parking sign, and I was happy to see we were going to shoot first and answer questions later. These spiny cacti seem to shoot needles that stick to every part of your clothing, including boots, ... read more
Cholla Garden
Nasty Needles
Flowering cactus

Photos from this day in Joshua Tree This trip was centered around spring break because that was when our friends Jakub and Yvonne Jasinski were going to be available. From the beginning Jakub dubbed it our CAAZ trip because it started and ended in California and mixed in a few good Arizona days along the way. We all left on the same day, but they departed from Philadelphia and we flew out of our local airport. The Jasinskis flew into San Diego and made their way to Yucca Valley, stopping for the first day and night at Anza-Borrega. Barb & I landed in Palm Springs and headed north to Yucca Valley, making a note to photograph the thousands of wind turbines just outside of town when we returned on our last day. ... read more
Outstanding Standout
Rock Rest
Roadside Attraction

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 23rd 2012

PHOTOS FROM THESE DAYS AT WEST FORK & FLAGSTAFF Not much to this day. We checked out early enough to make a last stop at West Fork on our way to Flagstaff. Then the rest of the day was walking around the town with my Olympus PEN camera. Our West Fork stop was short. We retraced some of the way I'd gone with Larry Lindahl, now so long ago. The structures found in photos 3 thru 7 are of what is left of a production crew's digs for the 1922 Zane Grey movie Call Of The Canyon ---er, I read something about a Mayhew's Lodge. The Reader can do the research if necessary. In any event, I heard a woman ask the party she was strolling with, "Is this an old Indian village?" I augmented the ... read more
Inside the wine cooler
West Fork
West Fork

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 22nd 2012

PHOTOS FROM THIS DAY ON SUGARLOAF WITH TOM KELLY Our first time in Sedona was quickly coming to an end. This was our last official day. Tomorrow we were off to Flagstaff for the day, then flying out at 5:30am Tuesday. But this was Sunday, Tom Kelly's day off, and my day to take advantage of his generous offer --just how generous I would soon find out. Most of our morning was spent drying my boots, which is not an easy task considering that the Arizona air doesn't admit much moisture. Tom Kelly is the cheery photographer you'll find in the back space (with the expensive stuff) at Rollie's Camera on Main Street. He is a knowledgeable craftsman animated by a very giving spirit. Couple all of that with his love of hiking and you have ... read more
Red Rock around Sedona
from Sugarloaf
not all is Red

North America » United States April 21st 2012

PHOTOS FROM THIS DAY AT V-V, BORED ROOM & LOOP The V Bar V section of this gallery (1 thru 13) belong more to the preceding one. It was included with the late-day stuff just to get a better balance of numbers in each group. After our morning drive down Route 179 and back we played around town awhile, then laid around the hotel room. My favorite shot of the so-called boredom is number 19. Notice my shoes still drying out from my fun with Larry Lindahl. You can also see a bit of his new book on my first read through in photo 18. Arresting our rest was the rest of the day. On our scenic drive around the Red Rock Loop yesterday I noticed a few trees I wanted to meet. They are on ... read more
Bored Room
Split O' Pinon

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 21st 2012

PHOTOS FROM THIS DAY AT THE CHURCH, BELL & CASTLE We didn't mind getting up early and getting there before it opened today because today we started at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. I just wanted some shots of what was around the structure more than what was in it. There were a few others there who either had the same idea or didn't yet know about Sedona's 8-o'clock rule. By the time we were heading back down to our car the attraction was officially open and the crowds were starting to gather. We moved south with a quick stop at Bell Rock --not a hike to, around, on or up it, just a quick we-were-there shot and we were moving southwest again. This time to Montezuma's Castle.... read more
Bell Rock
Montezuma Castle

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 20th 2012

PHOTOS FROM THIS DAY AT PALATKI & HONANKI We returned to Palatki making sure we called for a reservation. We arrived when the light was high and harsh. For reasons I forget we were not allowed up into the ruins; we could only shoot them from a nearby hill. From there I got this 15-shot pano. We then made the short climb to the pictographs. We were told that the Honanki ruins, just around the corner, might allow more access to their ruins. They did -kinda. After maneuvering the rental out of the dusty environs of historical ruins we took a pleasant drive around the Red Rock Loop and headed back to Picazzo's. Now that is a place I recommend. Bellies full, we made a quick stop on Upper Loop before heading home for our nightlife. ... read more
The Grotto
Rescuing Light

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