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Europe » France » Île-de-France April 30th 2014

Photos from Day 6, Conflans to Versailles Day 6 was the first day we started seeing the effects of what the regular flyers complained about on our flight over to France. May 1st, May Day, is a national holiday for practically all of Europe. It is Labor Day to celebrate the workers, and most everything is closed. Although this was the last day of April, the locks on the Seine would be closed tomorrow and we must get back to Paris by tonight. Remember the grumpy old rich guy I mentioned earlier on this trip? Well, he was the only one I heard complain that he wished he knew about this before booking this week. Never mind that this holiday is nearly as old a custom as working for a living and that his ignorance was ... read more
Royal Chapel
King's View
Garden Guardian

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen April 29th 2014

Photos from Day 5, Normandy Beaches Normandy, the jackpot of the trip, the hook that promised to bring the Americans... Normandy represents a time when all of France liked us Americans, except, of course, the Germans who occupied her. 148 of the 150 passengers on this cruise were from the USA. The two exceptions, Ron & Shiela, wereexceptional people. They said they were from Yorkshire, and from their accents I'd say they were talking about the county in England. I'd see them here or there throughout the trip, and each time seemed to be a moment of reverie when I drifted off musing to myself and (usually Ron) would intercept and seem to share the feeling. Wish I had more opportunity to sit and talk with them. There was about a 2-hour bus ride from Rouen ... read more
Ageless Plea
For the one that got away
Longues Sur Mer

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen April 28th 2014

Photos from Day 4, Rouen Ah, Rouen, my favorite place. Loved the feel of this place, and the way the French pronounce the name. Some would say "Wahn," while others rolled an R at the beginning, and only rarely would you hear two syllables. We arrived here mid morning giving me a chance to ride on deck to watch our ship sailing under the Gustave Flaubert Bridge where we made a U-turn to dock facing back down the Seine. Of course, I wasn't able to get any great shots of it –the gallery has photo 4, but if the reader would like a few more, just ask or look it up online. The tide clock in photo 5 was right outside our stateroom and there was a brasserie right next to it. Our group met our ... read more
Lost without a lollipop
Le Gros Horloge
Organ & Alter

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 27th 2014

A Viking River Cruise from Paris to Normandy with a 3-day extension in Paris was our 35th Anniversary to ourselves, and, man, did we treat ourselves well. Well, the best treatment really came from the folks on the cruise, both the crew and the fellow passengers. We usually fly out of the local airport and usually around 6am, so it was quite unusual to drive to Philadelphia and fly out at 4:30pm, which is happy hour when with Ray Listanski. It also seemed rather unusual to fly from there to France via Toronto. We let the flight arrangements up to the folks at Viking, figuring it would be easier to have them include airport transfers on their side. So we flew throughout the night hearing grumblings from the regulars that the flight was so packed because ... read more
Docked at Vernon
Church parking
Tour des Archives

North America » United States » Maine » Deer Isle October 13th 2013

Photos from 10-14-13 - on the way to Deer Isle Once again referring back to the Our House gallery, photos 18 & 19 were taken outside our basement entrance while we waited to leave for Deer Isle. When Jim mentioned Deer Isle as his choice for Jakub’s suggestion, my mind raced with many questions, suggestions, and the possibility of going to Stubdude’s a day early. No, that would be no good. There’s noway I’d want to leave this group experience before I had to. Coincidence or whatever, Stubby’s first nam... read more
On the way to Deer Isle
Deer Isle Bridge
Crab House

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol October 13th 2013

Photos from 10-13-13 - Pemaquid Lighthouse Long before we left home, VB made an event page for the trip, and on it Jakub made a suggestion. There were 4 couples going for 4 days, and he suggested we all take a day to decide where we shoot. My choice was Pemaquid. No one slept in this day because we might not be back till… well, we didn’t know. Even though it was a bit over an hour away, we were down in the rocks shooting by 6. Before my first shot and before the moment I’d forget about things like eating, I was way too cold to create. So I hustled back to the car for an overkill coat. Comfortably numb, I ... read more
Saddle Rock
Wavey Granite

North America » United States » Maine » Rockport October 12th 2013

Photos from our Harbor View House - 7 Harbor View, Rockport, ME Our house was a very, very, very fine house. No cats in the yard, but great views of Rockport Harbor. You can walk out the backdoor into the ocean. From the computer room where we all processed our photos to the magnificent ocean-filled backyard where we captured more, from the spacious common areas where we gathered to laugh to the luscious dining area where we savored our lobsters, this was the perfect spot to headquarter our fun. Again we must thank Yvonne for such a magnificent choice. Photo 4 is a reflection of our dining room table showing the view out the window. Photos 17 & 20 were taken on a concrete dock below our house. We were trying night shots and those are ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » York Harbor October 11th 2013

Maine has been foremost on the list of October outings since 1991, and each visit has been centered around my cousin and his wife, Stubdude & Juno. Usually I’ll bring one or several friends to enjoy the fun, and the last few years have had the bonus of my daughter Celeste; but her mom always refused the 12-hour journey. This year’s visit, however, was attached to a photo excursion with 3 other members of the Northeast Photography Club, their wives and mywife. Woohoo! Barb had only been to Maine once with me in the 1980s. We had a great time taking Stubby back to his place in Bangor. He lived down the street from Stephen King and made his own beer. Now, ... read more
Nubble Light
Walking in Cirlces
Warginal Way Walk

North America » United States » California » Palm Springs March 30th 2013

no photos for3-30 & 31-2013 They were going to Madera Canyon to shoot migrating birds before heading back to San Diego airport, and Barb and I left this part up to spontaneity. Did I mention that Jakub brought seed to leave outside his window overnight to attract quail for early morning bird shots? You gotta love a guy like that; he pays his models well. When originally setting our plans, Barb and I weren’t sure yet where to spend this last night. Barb wanted to stay in Palm Springs from where we would fly on Easter Monday, and enjoy the town; I suggested we leave the Joshua Tree option in the mix in case there were places we missed or must revisit for better light; or we could stay the extra night in Tucson for similar ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson March 29th 2013

Photos from this day We were in time for the 9:30 show at the Biosphere. As stated many times in other parts of the Stories Of The Photos, this isn't a good place to learn about things like the history of place, the textbook stuff on flora and fauna, and, in this case, the story of the Biosphere. Here you can learn about things like our guide boasting of having special birds within the enclosure, and how Jakub was the one to find the little critter and point it out to the group. So that’s all I got on the Biosphere part. Mount Lemmon was Yvonne’s suggestion. You may have noticed that one of Jakub’s best suggestions was to follow Yvonne’s suggestion whenever she had one. It was a long, winding road to the top, and ... read more
Biological Experiment
On Lemmon

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