St. Maarten, May 17, 2014 –Bye-Bye Belair

Published: September 4th 2014
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Photos for this trip can be found through this link.

Not much to say about our last day, but, of course, I won't let that stop me. There is only one photo of the day, and it was one we were waiting for all week. Even before we arrived, Ray said we would see an island or two from our Belair balcony, and so far he was really questioning his memory. Isn't it curious how much we blame on age? If a 40-year-old forgets something, his friends will suggest it's an age thing. When he's 60, he'll believe it himself. By the time he's 90, he comes to expect it. Whenever I forgot something when I was younger, I'd always suggest I remember that I did when I got older. Now, whenever I forget something, I think it's what I've been doing all my life. Unless, of course, I ever forget to remember I forgot.

Our flight, as I seem to remember, was at 2pm, so we left the Belair by 10am. Ray wanted to purchase a third piece of art from a gal at the Marigot market to complete his trilogy. We passed the airport, which gave us a good feeling as if we were staying another day, and quickly reached Marigot but could not find a parking spot. I dropped Ray off in the vicinity of the market, and circled until we found each other again. He was empty-handed when he jumped back in the car, and I figured he couldn't find her –not once suspecting it was an age thing. He did, however, find her booth-neighbor of the first day and learned his artist didn't make it to market. Being a mother of a little baby, it might have been an age thing.

Ray was not deterred. Three weeks after we got home I visited him and he showed me a third piece of artwork that he fashioned after the style of the mother from Marigot. It was quite amazing and completely complimented the original pieces. He could be a star at the Marigot Market if he ever decided to move there, or even be an accomplished forger from his own home.

We dropped off the rental, took the shuttle to the airport, and headed home.


3rd January 2015
Saba Island

Saba Island
We welcome you to Saba, our Unspoiled Queen... The island of Saba rises majestically from her clear azure waters, stretching her summit to caress the clouds... She is like no other Caribbean destination. Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught within a moment. Before you leave her shores you will have experienced the true beauty and community of Saba, made new friends and, like many others before you, a return visit will be the only thing on your mind. So if you have a yearning for a different vacation, consider nothing less than Saba.

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