Patricia Boverhuis


Patricia Boverhuis

As I begin the '3rd 30', I head for Europe this spring. You may find it interesting to 'travel along' much as you did in 2006. Let me know what you think.

Europe » Slovenia June 17th 2015

This was an amazing couple of days driving trough the Julian Alps to Lake Bled, then on to Kobarid. The rainy, cool day gave a somber mood to the mountain lake watched over by Castle Bled built, like all fortress in this area, on the highest, most nonpenetrable rock they could find. On the way up the wet, cobbled path from the parking lot, I couldn't help but wonder how anyone could have made it daily wearing wooden shoes on your feet and a load of food or fuel on your back. Then it hit me: was this a 'strenuous day or a 'moderate day?' If moderate, I'm in big trouble. Our driver took all around the lake shore and Sasha pointed out the fancy hotels - one was once the private retreat of Hungary's Tito ... read more
Rowing out to the island
Lake Bled Rower
Gutenburg reproduction

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 13th 2015

Whew! It was hot in Ljubjana when I got here on Friday and stayed that way until a cooling Sunday evening rain. Naturally, my room isn't air conditioned and the one feeble window manages to open only in the direction that does not allow a breeze to enter. But, not to be done in, I ventured out Saturday for a short trek around town and through Tivoli Park. Sunday, I took myself along the river walk - both sides. Every eatery and bar was manned by excited British soccer fans. Just as you can usually spot an American in Europe, you can't miss a Brit revving up for his favorite team. That evening I finally met with my fellow travelers in Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days. All Americans save one Aussie and all seasoned ... read more
University Library designed by Joze Plecnik
House in Preseren Square
Dragon Bridge

Europe » Belgium » Li├Ęge Province » Raeren June 6th 2015

I can't say 'back home' with Ralph and Ria because they moved clear across Belgium to the German border. For those people who asked me if I was going to Germany, "I'm sorry," I didn't think I would be passing through Germany, but I've been there three times already this week because we are so close to the border. We've been so busy every day, I thought I sent this blog out four days ago. Last Friday we went to a craft fair nearby, Saturday to the three border region where Belgium, Holland and Germany meet. Sunday, Ria and I went to Aachen across the border into Germany to walk the town that claims Charlemagne. His image is everywhere, from the gold bust in the museum to the candy in the shops. The architecture is Roman, ... read more
Craft fair and rides
Ria's house from backyard
Fair poster

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 1st 2015

I only have two pictures of Stonehenge because my camera was set to only expose when steady. Between the wind and my own shaking body, it took me a half hour to get these to photos! It does make you wonder how the early Britons managed to survive on these plains. After a much needed tea break, we took off for Lacock village which looks like something out of central casting. Several of the homes in this village of 200 people have been used in 'Pride and Prejudice' (1995),' Cranford', the earlier Harry Potter films and even the upcoming season of 'Downton Abbey.' We walked through this village like usurpers afraid to make a noise. Didn't see many locals as the day was cold and dreary, but met an intriguing fellow at the local artisan studio ... read more
Stonehenge 2
Potter parents
Movie site 1

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 31st 2015

I finally got an appointment at the Thermae Spa for a massage and a chance to bob around in their version of the Roman Baths. This was a cold, but thankfully, dry day. My good old #1 bus got me to within a couple blocks of the spa - only which blocks? Sunday mornings in Bath are pretty quite. I wandered around the same neighborhood nearly all by myself for twenty minutes ("Alone, I'm all alone. . ." I can't get Spamalot out of my head) until I stumbled on the nondescript square that housed the spa. I really expected them to give me a prize for finding the place, instead I got a rubber bracelet that was to be my only form of identification while at the spa. The first thing you lose are your ... read more
Back of Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge shops
River Avon

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 30th 2015

I finished up a long day with an afternoon matinee of 'Spamalot' and I still have that silly song running through my head. The most fun I've had in a very long time. I miss Monty Python, don't you? No photos of the show, of course, but I should have snapped the Royal Theatre Bath - a lovely venue. It must be great to play there. Better part of the day was spent at the Roman Baths. Briefly, the Romans discovered the hot springs in the first century and built a temple to Minerva and a complex system of bathing rooms as was a part of their custom and society at the time. Discovered in the 18th century, the British have excavated and preserved the Roman structure through the centuries. After a few priviliged (and some ... read more
Roman Baths with gothic Abbey cathedral
The spring
The Pump Room built with views over the baths.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 30th 2015

I devoted most of Thursday to Jane Austen. I visited the center at 25 Gay Street where her family lived for a short time after her father died in 1805 and shortly before they left the area for good. The guides are all dressed in Georgian period costumes and bear name tags like "Lizzie Bennett" or "Catherine Moreland," Very knowledgeable, they led us through the Austen family, parents and children, and their links to Bath. As you may know, there is only one portrait of Jane verified to have been drawn from life - an unfinished, unflattering attempt by her sister Cassandra when Jane was about 35. But the center has obtained a wax figure likeness of Jane that does a remarkable job of bringing her to life in about her mid twenties. The rooms are ... read more
inside Jane Austen Center
Jane Austen Center and former home
Tea Room

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 27th 2015

Made it through the flight. This time I opted for a 'lay down' seat which is done justice in my hasty photo on the plane. The trick to lying 'flat' is that you have to be of average or better height to keep from falling down the rabbit hole at your feet. I finally rebuckled my seat belt between my legs and managed to spend the night in the business class cabin instead of the cargo hold or where ever you go when your feet down touch the ground. Landing at Heathrow was the real challenge, though. Delta must not be a preferred airline as the walk from the plane to passport control was a least a five mile hike. At one point, I saw a sign that said 'Arrivals' - 'Chapel' I thought it must ... read more
Room at Cranleigh
View from Cranleigh window
Back garden at Cranleigh

North America » United States » California » Elk Grove November 19th 2010

Fun time with the girls. . .... read more
with shay
my muffin

North America » United States » California » Elk Grove November 17th 2010

We got to Elk Grove Monday afternoon. That night Roy and I went over to Beth's and when we walked through the door, the place erupted. You can probably tell from the fuzzy photos that I just couldn't keep up with the excitement. Everyone had something to show: Jayna's cheetah pajamas, Katie's gymnastic medals, the latest dance steps. We spent Tuesday doing laundry and "babysitting" the girls while Beth ran some errands. Today - Wednesday - we're expecting Clark (Jon.) He's driving up from L.A. We've got some decisions to make about how to spend our week. Those of you waiting to see us, please be patient. And can you believe the weather? I should have packed a few warm weather clothes! More later. -30-... read more
Katie's Medals
Dancing Shaylynn

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