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Nicole Donwen

Just wanted to try this out while on my travels so I can end the email list. It'll be so much easier. Also I wont be bothering those who aren't interested.
This is being set up for the time that I'll be traveling to Thailand and surrounding countries. I'm excited about the future lands, the people, and anything else that may come my way.

North America » United States » Texas » Selma October 5th 2010

I know it's been a long time and now it's time to let it all out. I came back from China last Feb. Instead of returning home to Cali, I wanted a vacation from a vacation. I went to Pensacola, Fl first. I went to visit Boobalitious Jenn and the Florida crew. I t was an amazing 2 wks full of loud laughter,dancing, fist pumping, salt water, green mushy plants, floating, and sooo much more amazing great times!!!! Thia is also where I met Howse. Then it was time to go home of responsibility land of Ventura. Oh boy! How exciting! I was returning to finding a job, getting a place, transportation, and more. As time passes by something is just wrong besides not having the above mentioned. I was missing Howse. I love Ventura but ... read more
the trio
howse 005

Asia » China » Anhui » Bozhou February 2nd 2010

New Year's I guess I forgot to add this in the Christmas and New Year blog. It was great and simple!!!! We took the BETC gang out to dinner at Mr. Muscles, and his name does fit!!!!! He's really good to us, cheap and great food!!! I think to feed all 12 of us was about 280 RMB which is about 40 bucks and then split between Greg and I. Totally cheap!!!!!!! And that's with beer!!!!!! We lost a few after dinner cuz it's late and we head back to Greg's place just because it's warmer then mine. These guys dont spit on the floor, lucky for Greg!!! We start playing charades. They've never played charades before. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine them playing Cranium or Pictionary, they'd go wild. It was hilarious watching them especially the ... read more
Max and I
Me & Monica
Sweet Sophia!!!

Asia » China » Anhui » Bozhou January 29th 2010

So here are the juicy details of China. Well I’ve stated before about having to have a visa that we got in Bangkok, As well as the price difference between Greg’s visa which was about a hundred bucks. Then there’s my visa which was about three hundred bucks. Yeah, really! Also the fact we had to give it to some stranger on the street who will give it back to us the next day cuz the the Chinese Embassy was closed and our flight was booked. Now that was probably the scariest part of my trip. We get the visas a little bit later then planned which made me sweat and now we’re off to China. Seriously China just scares me. I've traveled to many places and I never thought China would be on my list. ... read more
What DO You Need Delivered?

Asia » China » Anhui » Bozhou January 6th 2010

So here's the simplicity of the story made sweet and simple, so I try. About a month before Christmas I start looking for ideas to make a tree. At first I didnt even know that Christmas trees existed and then later I find It's a erected Cypress tree. No way! So I stick with the plan to make a cylinder type tree. I buy chicken wire, string, tools, and other stuff. Bad idea with the tree. Actually it was a good idea but limited on tools and magic pretty much. I know my work has a tree so I decided to "borrow" it. Trying to keep it low budget and creative i made most of the decorations. Also the fact that I had NO IDEA where to get the real Christmas decorations added to the fact ... read more
My FLat

Asia » China » Anhui » Bozhou December 23rd 2009

What am I supposed to do being so far from my family and friends on this wonderful holiday? I am in a country that doesn't really acknowledge the day yet alone celebrate it. Well, there's only one option...give them an experience of a Western Christmas PArty. DONE!!!!! Invitations went out last week stating it's Western Christmas Party, bring ur local favorite dish to share, and to RSVP. It's Wednesday now and I have heard nothing from one of the two schools that IO work at. I did hear form the people I work the closest with. So I am guaranteed at least 10 people. I also invited the entire English department of a 8,000 student school. I don't even know how many people just post the invites everywhere, talk to people, and we'll see. I'm a ... read more
Look closely

Asia » China » Anhui » Bozhou December 7th 2009

So we're off to Phi Phi Island for a quickie. It's one of the last wknds in town before I'm off for China. We got a total of 3 of us to go but ended hanging out with many once we got there. It was Limited Conor, Beautiful Marieke and Just Me. It was a crazy time. Once we figured it all out we're off on the bus to get to the ferry. Conor asks if I can hold his stuff. It all fit in a small zip lock baggie, you know the size of a sandwich baggie. Umm, ok. Where's the rest of ur stuff? "What else do I need? I have me shorts, me toothbrush, me camera and me wallet." He's Irish and freakin hilarious, by the way. The ferry was kind of cold ... read more
The BoyZ.
The BoyZ
Conor and Marieke

Asia » China » Shanghai November 27th 2009

Tis is just another quick note that even though they have no idea what Thanksgiving is here I still miss it and feeling a hole. I miss everyone and love you guys!!!!!! Eat and drink an extra bite for me! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I am so greatful for all of you!!! N... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket November 24th 2009

I know there's a lot of stories and pics coming ur way but I havent had internet in my flat for a bit. Now that i have it and i have free time then why not tell u about it and catch up. China's still coming. Just a few more Thai Thai stories. One of the best things I couldve done while in Thailand was to rent a motorbike. Why not? I got me some back home street skills. Back home is nothing like Thailand as far as motorbikes. It cracks me up cuz they trick these little bikes out. They make a little custom action to help them stand out. Standing out is a definite need here for the bikes. At the signals all the bikes come to the front of the line, they dont ... read more
The plan
Almost there

Asia » China » Shanghai November 12th 2009

This si super fast entry that it is freakin snowing today!!!!!!!! I left beautiful paradise for the seasons. I dont have anything for this kind of weather so freazing my bum off is the way it's going til this weekend! Really? PAradise and snow? It's really fun here! i enjoy teaching the kids with a Chinese translator. All I do is just play game s with the kids. It's that simple. I live above a market so I get to see the fresh killings of chickens daily, the local fruits and veggies. I get to see the meat that is sold on the same block. They even sell dog here! It's nasty. I dont get to see the killings of that, thankfully! Just been super busy with teaching, eating, discovering that I am learning something new ... read more

Asia October 28th 2009

YOYOYOYOYO This is just quickie that I dont have facebook here in China AND i dont have internet access all the time! Damn this country!! It's worse then T.I.T this is thailand). All is good and more blogs to come when I have better access to the internet Gotta teach Missin you!... read more

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