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20th August 2017

Welcome Home
Has been such fun and very entertaining travelling along with you. Hopefully your next trip will be to Christchurch and on to Amberley. We have just finished the new bathroom so all is ready and waiting for you. xx
21st August 2017

Home safe and sound this time
Great to be home. Taken a week or so but now rested and ready for the gardening. Would love to have had Ray in the front seat with us while driving in Italy. So much fun. Pleased you enjoyed coming on our trip. Might have to drive north one day. Not sure when. Daughter Philippa and family are moving to Auckland this weekend. Already booked flights for early October. Will catch up soon and share travel stories. How was the cruise? C & M
16th August 2017

What will I read now
Oh no - no longer can I live vicariously through your blogs and dream of the places we have been and those we have still to venture to. We come home big brother. Look forward to catching up and seeing your photos - I can recommend Photobox
16th August 2017

Yes we are home
Pleased you've enjoyed following us through some wonderful places. We enjoy going back to the first blog to remind ourselves how lucky we were to visit such great places. Home to the frosts and sunshine.
12th August 2017

The Heart of France
the city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, best hotels, resort in this city. this is very beautiful city of france.
12th August 2017

A great city
Thank you for your comment. We have visited Paris five times and still feel there is more to see.
6th August 2017

Good to have you safely home and thanks for all your photos and comments !
9th August 2017

Just a few more blogs
Thanks Peter and Ann. Home, tired, pleased to be home, many great memories. Just a few more blogs to come. Pleased to have entertained you. Chris and Marilyn
1st August 2017

Good to know they still play that timeless song.Shame you didn't get to Anfield and listen out for 'You'll Never Walk Alone"
1st August 2017

Not a football fan
Walking around football stadiums isn't on the itinerary and as this was an exploratory visit we wanted to get a taste of the city. Perhaps it might feature on another trip, who knows. We certainly enjoyed our brief visit. The sunshine came to the party as well.
12th July 2017
France is the awesome country for traveling and enjoyments , there are many places for living and fun, thank you for sharing your experience.
12th July 2017

Having fun in France
Thank you for your comment. Hope you have enjoyed our trip as much as we have. Sadly our French experience is will soon come to an end. Maybe we'll be back to continue our journey through other parts of France.
16th June 2017

Just catching up on your blogs, hoping to enjoy swordfish on our cruise, I know it is on the menu. First had it on the cruise 10 years ago and would have to be a favourite. So pleased that your trip is going so well and you are enjoying great weather. It has been quite cold here so we are looking forward to slightly warmer temps for a few days next week. Like Marilyn both Ray and I are fighting off colds before we fly away - people are so inconsiderate they really should keep their germs to themselves. Catch up soon, take care xx
16th June 2017

Last night sea bass.
Hi fellow international travellers. Bit behind with the blogs but in Padua and visited Venice yesterday. Back again today to visit the islands of Murano and Burano. Thought of you both when you visited on your last cruise. The busy season hasn't quite started but yesterday was hectic. Fortunately Marilyn's cold didn't last long and we're both well. Some days weary but getting some good down time. Had baked sea bass last night, beautiful. Had the whole fish, just as well it wasn't groper size, about 30 cm. Enjoy your swordfish. Mine was a 10 mm slice. Such a beautiful fish when alive and well. Enjoy your cruise, must be starting very soon. Chris and Marilyn
28th May 2017

Love those washing nachines
Don't you just love those washing machines. You put all your clothes in and hope you can get them out by the time you move on. Doesn't pay to risk using them if you are only there for a one night stay. Ah - how I remember the Sicilian traffic. Reading your blog has promted me to get out my diary and check out our adventure in Sicily. Amazing how it is similar to your blog. All about the crazy traffic and the GPS being no help. Piana dele Albenisa is worth a visit if you are nearby the area. They make a specialty sweet canna long thing there. Very yum
28th May 2017

The washing
We have the cleanest coloureds and the brightest whites (something they say for Persil or Rinso). The drying conditions here are perfect though. Three hours to was 30 minutes to dry.
20th May 2017

Very Envious
Your blog is making me very envious of your time in Italy, we would have loved to spend more time there 3 years ago. Love the look of the Antipasti, I note you never said what followed. I hope in Naples you did the decent thing and tried the namesake pizza. Travels are sounding wonderful so far, keep safe and enjoy.
21st May 2017

Oh the food
What followed, oh boy, we did manage the gnocchi, the salmon for him, and the salad. No dessert this time. Yes we had a Margharita (sp) in a wonderful street in Napoli. That was lunch, no dinner. Wait for the pics on the blog. We are having a ball. Would love to have Ray in the front seat with me while we drive through towns in rush hour. He would have a blast. As for the Ferrari parked along from the apartment last night. More later.
18th May 2017

The Middle East man
Perhaps that Middle East man had you in his sights to pick up a dozen or so of new immigrants when you reach Sicily.Are you sure he wasn't checking your number plate when you drove out of the agents yard?Hope you both took your waist measurements before you started so they can get the right size seat for you on the plane trip home!All that food,my goodness.Photos of the car to come?
19th May 2017

The new cars
Wait for the next blog. Marilyn is driving the Peugeot and I'm driving the other vehicle. It will be very useful when I bring it home. Not sure what they'll think at Ophir. Waist line got even bigger in Naples today and we haven't had the gelato.
18th May 2017

Those hawkers in Rome were there just to soften you up for.....................Palermo ! You are right they should try NewZild on you except they have probably heard of our little haven downunder.And we hope they never do too!
19th May 2017

I wonder how much these characters make when they sell a ticket to an attraction. At least some are trying to make a living night like the beggars. Haven't seen many yet.
15th May 2017

Queenstown to Rome
With all that time to spare in the air between Sydney and Dubai you could have arranged a search party to find that poor mans glasses.Hope there wasn't any hanky panky going on with the Italian man in seat next to you from Dubai to Rome.Now you have sim cards for Europe you won't get lost again as you will be able to bring up Google Maps.Will cost you a bit in data usage but save time and keep the peace once you figure out which way to hold up the phone screen,LOL LOL LOL
16th May 2017

The big flight.
No hanky panky in broad daylight. We spent the time waiting to hear the crunching of broken glass. On the road today with GPS so navigation should be better. We were within 50 metres of the apartment and turned left instead of right. I blame the number of Metro exits. Always been my problem. Another hot day today - high 20's. Catch up soon, maybe when we are on the Amalfi Coast.

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