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3rd May 2011

Chocolat Movie
Hi, after seeing that photo of the river I looked up the Chocolat movie on Wikipedia and it says part of the movie was shot in Beynac. I thought I recognised it. Anyway just a piece of very useful information!
30th April 2011
Preparing for the big party

Oh dear! We were so sure you were going to the wedding, lol.
From Blog: London to Lyon
26th April 2011

Pleased you found everything safe on your arrival home. Always a relief especially being away when these things are happening.
26th April 2011

Not on our plans to visit Berlin and yes we know all about the collections in Berlin. How's little Hooflet? All well and growing fast.
26th April 2011

Yes very lucky, and even luckier when posting cards in a carpet/bag shop but we are very wise now. Ignore them and then they don't know what language you speak. Not so wise in the leather jacket shop but then some of us have birthdays, wedding anniversaries, christmas' for the next ten years. And they are beautiful jackets.
From Blog: Ephesus
25th April 2011

What, they let you out of the room without making a purchase....very lucky!!!
From Blog: Ephesus
25th April 2011

Pergamon in Berlin
If you happen to be heading to Berlin dont forget to check out the altar that the Germans removed from Pergamon and reassembled in the Pergamon museum in Berlin...
24th April 2011

Back home
Chris and Marylin: It was great to have you as our travelling companions. We are back in Virginia trying to recover from the jet lag. The recent hurricane didn't cause any damage to our house and everything is fine. We hope to see you again sometime in the future, either here in the US or in New Zealand.
22nd April 2011

Happy Easter
Good Friday here has been lovely & warm maybe warmer than temperatures you've experienced. Your holiday is full & exciting. Enjoy Europe now. Love, Ann
From Blog: Istanbul Again
21st April 2011

Hotel photos please
Well at least you finally found your hotel !! Whats with the taxi ride ?It is much more adventurous to find your hotel on foot dragging your suitcase behind you over cobbled streets !!Anyway we need a photo of the outside of the hotel as the website doesn't have one and we need to see what saloubrious surroundings you are staying in.Keep warm !
From Blog: Istanbul Again
18th April 2011

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Dad. I hope you have a great day. It sounds like you're having an amazing time. Can't wait to see you in a few days Love Cath
From Blog: Cappadocia
16th April 2011

Thanks for today's email. Yes an unpleasanmt rolling shake last night & was pleased to have my niece here. A friend arrived just as the quake stopped & H was very shaken. We enjoyed an extra glass of vino then a good meal together. My Niece was off to early morning duty. My brother-in-law's birthday so have been to them at Brookhaven where the roads are very holey & more liquefaction. Had egg cartons to leave at the Gardens for Kidsweek & what a challenge finding my way home from there, had to retrace my steps going down Durham & Tuam Sts. Lots out looking & search people everywhere assessing any further damage. Love to you both. Ann
From Blog: Antalya to Konya
12th April 2011

Turkish Traders
What !! you haven't at least been tempted with one carpet to be 'posted back home to your New Zealand address already for you when you arrive home from your trip"
6th April 2011

Fools and their money are easily parted
Just watch out for the gypsies in Turkey !And the rest of Europe for that matter !
From Blog: Hong Kong

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